Journal Entry 07.08.2016


Journal Entry 07.08.2016

Worked on yet another painting, this time in acrylics.  The scene, taken from one of my photos, is of Singleton Beach in a late winter afternoon.  This is another beach located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  The beach faces a vast estuary that is filled with sea birds.  The tide was low, so the mudflats were exposed with shadows from some of the taller nearby shrubs overhanging the beach.  There are low-lying islands covered with rough grasses used by the birds for nesting and shelter.  The beach is very shallow and the muddy flats go out quite a ways.  There are also a lot of oysters.  The whitish dots in the painting indicate piles of shells, mostly oyster and scallops piled up in heaps and cast into lines by the tides.  It is a beautiful place and not as heavily used as some of the other beaches on the island due to the muddy sands that can suck at your feet as you cross them.

Looks like I’m really getting into the painting thing right now.  Feels good.

In Joy,

Eliza Ayres


5 thoughts on “Journal Entry 07.08.2016

    • Thanks, Dick. It seems like every painting takes me deeper into creativity. I’m seeing things now in an entirely different manner, looking for design, color, texture and ambiance. It’s fun and work at the same time.

      • Growth and work can bring an unusual joy for me. The work part is the bugger.

  1. I’m so glad you are making these beautiful paintings and that doing so brings you joy. It does to us the viewer, as well.

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