Journal Entry 07.06.2016


Journal Entry 07.06.2016

Here’s the next stage of my landscape painting.  It was taken from a photo of mine, “The Folly at Hilton Head Island”.  The landscape is muted as it was winter time.  The marsh grasses become quite green and colorful with late spring and summer.  The Folly is a brackish waterway that cuts HHI in half and is surrounded on one side by marsh and on the other by a white sand Atlantic Ocean Beach, Burke’s Beach.  I thought the reflection of the cloudy sky in the calm pond water was stunning and have attempted to capture that magic with paint.  Hope you like it.  And I may do some drawing on the painting once it has a chance to dry.

The great thing about art is that it is always a work in progress.  As I’m blending paints and observing my subject, I’m always learning, although not in an intellectual fashion.  I do have a book on color blending but very seldom read it.  I tend to work from observation and intuition and practice.

While I did have formal art training in college, I really haven’t done a lot with the art for years, so this is a voyage of discovery every time I sit down or stand in front of a blank canvas.

Committing to doing something creative, whatever form it may take, requires a certain amount of courage, trust and a strong need to explore that which is formless and to bring it into manifestation.  In a way, I am utilizing my feminine power of creation from the void (the blank canvas) and bringing a vision into manifestation (the finished work).  It is a wonderful blending of both essences, feminine and masculine, of my being.  And doing artwork or other creative endeavors strengthens one’s intuition and awareness of the world.

I know that I “see” things with different eyes than most other people.  It’s a gift that I am now sharing with all of you in hopes that you, too, will have the courage to do something, anything creative for your own soul development.

Being an artist in our world has been relegated mostly to those who have “talent”.  My paintings are not at a professional level, but cherished by those who have been gifted or bought a piece.  I’m not in this for the money, but for the joy of creation and sharing my gifts with others.

I am still biding my time in Florida, waiting on Spirit to guide me when and where my next move is to take me.  Thank you to those of you who have responded to my query of a week or so ago.  I’m still looking for a place or places to settle and aware that I need to continue to move outside of my comfort zone in terms of possibilities.

I think I needed this time in Florida (since it is where I have temporarily landed) to sort things out, get my paperwork for retirement and social security benefits started and just chill after being on the road and living out of motel rooms for so long.  My days of being a gypsy are not quite over and perhaps will continue for some time until I discover that magic place that I can call home, at least in the physical sense.

Meanwhile, those of you who do have a place to call home, be grateful for what you have as it can be taken away in an instant.  Gratitude for whatever presents itself into your life is the best way to cope with the constant change that is entering all of our world to some degree or another.  Witness the devastation that recently occurred in West Virginia due to severe flash floods.  Weather and geophysical (earth changes) can occur without notice, anywhere on the planet.  This is a living world, undergoing its own cleansing cycles, through the agents of air, fire, earth and water, our beloved elementals.

And yes, I have become very aware that “home” is where the heart is, within…. as well as where my suitcase is presently stashed in a more physical and practical sense.

Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres


1 thought on “Journal Entry 07.06.2016

  1. Thanks for this. I do have talent and formal training as well, but have barely developed it since college. I was working on a painting of a ship for my father years ago….he likes ships. but we had an argument and I lost my inspiration. The painting sits in his garage, half-finished. I took my paintbox home, so if I am ever to finish it, I have to bring it with me when I trek by bus for a visit. He is 85 and it haunts me that he may never see the finished painting. I have an idea to start a new one for him in more muted tones as the ones he already has. The one I had started has rather bright blues in the sky and ocean. We’ll see if I get a chance to work on this during the summer.

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