Journal Entry 07.05.2016


Journal Entry 07.05.2016

Well, I survived the 4th of July once again… after listening to a barrage of fireworks from the neighbors for hours last night.  Can’t say that it is one of my favorite holidays and given the revelations that are coming out in regards to American “his” story, the untold and repressed history, not all Americans are pleased with their country either.

I just got done with another painting session.  Now I’m working on three paintings.  Working on more than one allows the others to dry, especially since I’m working in oils these days.  I do get rather lost in the process of painting and seem to get a lot of paint on a canvas in a hurry.

Here’s my latest stage of the portrait of Artemis:


The bluish tone of the photo is partially due to the poor lighting in my “studio”, the garage.

I’m also still working on my sunrise painting, although any photo I take of it seems to be blurry:


Shaky arm while shooting, I guess… Still, you can see the colors.  It’s hard to capture the wonderful sheen created by water bubbles on glistening sand…

And I roughed in a landscape, taken from an early morning scene near Burke’s Beach, Hilton Head Island.  I’m not sure why, but I took a ton of photos while at HHI and very few since I’ve been in Florida.


I’ve been waking up feeling very tired, but still manage to get in a morning walk.  It’s important to get outside for at least part of the day, the earlier the better, as the temperatures are beginning to heat up into the lower 90’s now in the afternoon.

I’ve been pondering over moving to New Mexico, as I find Florida not very appealing to this Westerner’s eye.  Oddly enough, I have a road map of New Mexico in my belongings.  It’s something to consider as I don’t really have any roots right now and options are open.  Any ideas, Universe?

Meanwhile, I’m taking each day as it comes, refraining on making any decisions right now as apparently I’m still in need of a lot of rest.  Walking, painting and some gardening seem to be just right at this moment in time.

I don’t have anything momentous to share and perhaps that is just as well.  I have been a bit pompous in some of my presentations in the past.  I’m really quite a simple, low-keyed, quiet and reserved person on the surface.

I hope this week finds your dreams beginning to take shape and manifest in your life.  From what I’ve been reading and scanning in alternative news, a lot of amazing changes are on the horizon, for this country and many others as well.  And the outlook is positive, despite what you might read, hear or see on mass media channels.

Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres










6 thoughts on “Journal Entry 07.05.2016

  1. Thanks for your good wishes, dear Eliza, about things opening up this week.

    For you as well!

    Looking forward to hearing more about a possible move to New Mexico. Interesting destination I never visited.

    The Universe will respond, in due time! 🙂

    Love & much Light, my dear

  2. Dear Eliza,
    New Mexico – that fits! I feel confident that that’s your place! Mountains, First Americans, lovely places to paint, many spiritual people and places. Less humid. That’s my vote!
    I like the Hilton Head painting very much.

    • Thanks, Akankha. NM does appeal. I was quite taken with the colorful beauty and rugged quality of the Southwestern mountains when I passed through SE Utah, Arizona and NM. And I would love to connect with First Americans if possible, being very respectful, of course. The cooler temperatures in the mountains is extremely appealing, too. Different country to explore and people to meet. I’m stewing on this one… slow simmer and letting it go until the Universe indicates “a go!”

    • Hi Eliza, I live in Northern New Mexico, and love it. I don’t have a place to offer you to stay, but I know the area if you have questions. Much love, Gigi

    • Eliza,
      Sedona, Arizona! One of the most spiritual places on the planet with all of it’s amazing vortexes! It’s a small town with an unbelievable landscape to inspire your paintings, lots of local food, vegetarian and vegan cafe’s, Whole Foods and moderate climates with all seasons. Red rock mountains, crystal clear running rivers and lots of hikes. There is a lovely “new moon” ceremony that takes place on the top of the red rocks every month where some gather for a drumming ceremony to welcome the new moon and energies. There are wonderful crystal shops filled with so much energy it makes your head dizzy and plenty of places to relax and read a book. It deserves your research at the very least!
      Love and Light,

      • Thank you for your input, Shawna. I will look into this area, too. I would certainly visit if nothing else…

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