Journal Entry 07.02.2016


Journal Entry 07.02.2016 – Second Stage

Worked on the portrait a bit more, this time with water-soluble oil paints.  Oils blend better.. and they can get easily muddled if you get carried away.  Still, I like the quality of the paint and the brilliant colors.

I listened to Bill Ballard’s latest video last night.  Reflecting on the past seven years, it seems my life has followed the sequence as well for the Years of Tribulation.  I had just moved into a house before 9/22/09, having been abruptly given notice by a former property manager.  And this past year, I moved out and completely away from the State of Washington.

The years of tribulation are part of the transitional period between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius.  Bill tells us that this is also the end of all the old prophecies, found in all holy books worldwide.  We are definitely moving into entirely new territory when the final three months of this tribulation end in September 22, 2016.

Be mindful that your trials and tribulations may not end on any particular date; it depends on your dedication to do the work in clearing, releasing all past karmic relationships and debris.  And it depends on your ability to adapt to a rapidly changing world, all the while keeping neutral… and enjoying what life presents to you.

I found myself getting deep into a creative space working on two paintings today.  It feels good… and the best possible use of my days right now.

Best wishes for the holiday weekend and keep safe.


Eliza Ayres



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