Journal Entry 07.01.2016


Journal Entry 07.01.2016

Started another painting… this one inspired by a friend’s Facebook photo.  She is called Artemis.  Funny thing, this is the first “white” person I’ve ever painted.  All previous portraits have been of Native Americans. Artemis has porcelain skin with a slight rosy cast (blue in the shadows), brilliant dark blue eyes and dark, dark brownish black hair.  I enjoy doing portraits, although they aren’t usually very realistic in appearance.  Need more practice with the brushwork or a steadier hand.  I might explore this theme a bit more getting more abstract a la Modigliani.

The nice thing about my “schedule” I can do as much or as little painting / drawing as I want. What a treat!

Have other paintings and drawings in mind.  The creative juices are flowing and it doesn’t matter if other folks do or don’t like what comes out.  I’m enjoying exploring with paint, color and texture.

For Norte Americanos, have a great 4th of July weekend.  Time and dates have little meaning anymore and I left “holidays” behind long ago.  Now I’m living for my writing and artwork, as long as I stick around this imploding planet.

By the way, I have been experiencing intense Kundalini episodes while “sleeping”.  Woke up with a sore spine, which was alleviated by taking my now usual morning walk.  More integration of higher energies, although I am feeling profoundly peaceful now.  Little bothers me right now since the Universe has given me a place to heal and rest.  I am grateful.


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