Journal Entry 06.29.2016

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Journal Entry 06.29.2016 – “New Beginnings”

Well, June is nearly over and summer has arrived in Florida… although you can hardly tell the difference.  It’s hot everyday and humid.  Some days are hotter and humid.  Others are slightly cooler, by a few degrees.  That’s not very much variation for someone used to the wildly gyrating weather patterns of the Pacific Northwest.

I’ve read that the planet Mars has just gone direct.  While I know a little astrology, I’m certainly not an expert (this lifetime… been there, done that).  Still, I did notice an upturn in energy this morning.

I got up and did my morning walk.  My pace is getting faster and I’m feeling stronger, day by day.  You need to remember that I experienced another heavy bout of bronchitis last winter, so any gain is a good one.

Another beginning… I set up my new portable French easel.  Once I have wheels I intend to do some plein aire painting, although I can certainly do that in the yard outside.  I have a little space in the garage for a painting studio.  One must start somewhere…  Last week, I had gathered up some of my art materials out of my storage unit and now finally got to work.  I even worked on a little piece, “Sunrise Beach”, 10 x 12, acrylics.  It’s not done yet, but a start.

I’ve never attempted painting waves before, not having lived anywhere near a coast until recently.  My first attempt is a little lumpy, but that’s the joy of painting and expression; trying out new things, including textures, colors and materials.

Also did some laundry, mowed a bit of grass and tidied my room.  Some times it is the little accomplishments in life that add up to make someone feel good.  I love my simple life.


Eliza Ayres


Photo Credit:  Burkes Beach, Hilton Head Island, winter dawn; Acrylic painting, beginning stages…getting the canvas covered!














1 thought on “Journal Entry 06.29.2016

  1. That’s a great start, Eliza! You certainly know how to use colors! I love haring about your simple life and your adjustment to such a different part of our great country.
    Much love,

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