Eliza: “Stepping Beyond Duality”


Eliza: On Stepping Beyond Duality

This past weekend, I spent most of it stretched out on my bed in my little rented room.  And I seem to have manifested a cat… there is a beautiful little Siamese fur lady stretched out next to me.  She was apparently a stray, loose in the Hammock, an area located north of Flagler Beach, on the NE coastline.  My landlady brought her here and the little fur being has taken to both of us, hanging out with me when we’re alone in the house.

Having a companion, even a furry one, is a nice thing, as a great deal of my “time” is now spent resting, in between bouts of mowing the swiftly growing St. Augustine lawn in the yard, walking to the grocery / bank and back and being ferried about by obliging friends and acquaintances (still no wheels).

I do have some of my art gear now and have been doing quick little sketches of my furry companion.  Feline bodies are a challenge, being both muscular and soft at the same time.  I’ll be starting some paintings soon, too.

It has been a challenge to let go of the need to “do” something of late.  Being active in a responsible job until lately (some four months ago now) I’ve had to let go of quite a bit of conditioning to feel like it is okay to simply “be” right now.

Fortunately, my health has been good.  I’m actually more pliable and toned (and tanned) than I was before I left Walla Walla late last February.  Still, when I began to have a little dry cough last week and some accompanying fatigue, I knew it was time to concentrate on resting and eating lightly.  Having been subjected to second hand smoke (Mother smoked) this lifetime, my lungs seem to be a weak spot in this physical vessel.  And all the high heart chakras activations that we’ve been receiving of late tend to also activate any physical, emotional or mental limitations that need to be recognized, integrated / healed and transmuted.

A couple of days ago, I downloaded a copy of Robbie McKenzie’s eBook, “Metatron: This is the Clarion Call – All You Need to Know”.  I’ve been slowly working my way through the book, utilizing the meditations contained within it and soaking up the messages from Archangel Metatron.  He… the archangel, is part of our Higher Self and involved in teaching those who are open to stepping beyond duality (light and dark) into Oneness.

It seems it is time to move beyond concern for the Game that has been going on for untold millions of years in this Galaxy and others.  At least it’s time for me to take that step.

I’ve grown tired of the claims on both sides and the continual need for drama as well as accusations and judgment on either side of the fence.  And there is a fence, of perception, within duality and the playing out of various roles in this seemingly very real adventure / play that humanity and others have been involved in for beyond our conception of “time” and “space”.  I am willing to “See” that either side strongly believes in the rightness of its “cause”… and yet there is no “right” or “wrong” within the One.  All energy is neutral, and emanates from Source.  The “dark” and “light” are different “sides” of a long game of self-discovery, one that is coming to an end, at least in this Universe, with this current cycle.

The story of the creation of this world and others and the need for Source or “God” to experience itself by breaking up into fractals and fragments, has been related elsewhere.  All that we need to know to make our own choices in this period of time has been presented for our benefit.  I have made my choice and will continue to make choices as I grow and expand in my consciousness in the moment.

I appear to be held within Stillness so that I might heal and have time to contemplate my next steps.  At this point, I do not know where I will be in a few months.  It is apparent I still need “time” to process and prepare and so I am exercising a new found patience with myself, letting go of the need of the ego to “perform” and “do” in order to validate its existence.  I am learning to simply “be”.

It is a good time to honor the needs of the body for rest during this period of intense upgrades and integration.  I can be thankful that my circumstances allow me to do just this now, in the home of another starseed.

I welcome comments on how everyone is dealing with the energies or not.  Honor your own contribution, small though it may seem to you, to the evolution of humanity during this amazing cycle.  Just being here and adding your higher frequency vibration to the Whole IS a contribution and aid to this ascension cycle.


Eliza Ayres

P.S.  I’ve been observing the continued violent outbreaks of weather in other regions of the States and around the world.  West Virginia, an already economically depressed area, has been devastated by heavy rains, as has parts of Texas and other states.  Where I am located in Florida, we are experiencing an unusually dry “wet” season.  What rain has come has been short-lived, although the humidity continues relatively unabated.  Meanwhile, the Southwest, Southern California and the Northeast are sweltering in high heat conditions.  I guess the byword now is to expect the unexpected as the cleansing of the planet is occurring now, everywhere.  It is not a judgment, but simply a fulfillment of the planet’s need to heal Herself and rise into her full magnificence into the 7th Dimension.  I hope people can come together as community and help each other move through whatever changes present themselves, with as much ease and grace as they can personally muster.  Humanity often amazes itself as it rises up to meet a challenge and this is a time when that innate strength is dearly needed.

Photo Credit:  Fairchild Oak, located near Palm Coast / Flagler Beach area in Florida.

2 thoughts on “Eliza: “Stepping Beyond Duality”

  1. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    I to have been resting recently. My body is achy and needs to rest to assimilate the energies. Ito am glad I do not have to work, for the moment, and can allow the energies to do the changes.

  2. I am 70 now so I too am lucky not to have to work. I so appreciate the times when I can just come home, close the door and take my time to adjust, integrate, rest and sometimes just stare out of the window.
    5 years ago it took me 7 months to find a home after moving from one side of England to the other, but I can look back now and see that all was Divinely timed. I often think it would be nice to have someone to share things with, but there is no way I could have done all the inner work with a man friend around.
    I love reading your blog, it has such a lovely flow to it.
    Blessings and love to you as you continue on your remarkable journey. Ann xxx

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