Eliza: Fourth Anniversary of Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza:  Fourth Anniversary of Blog

WordPress notified me today that it has been four years since I started up this little blog.  Much has changed in our world; much has changed within me.

I guess I’m in a pensive mood, not sure where life is taking me now.  Living in Florida, in a strange state, in a strange environment… and feeling detached from all previous portions of my life.

So much has been stripped away from me and I intend to let go of even more belongings… those I didn’t succeed in releasing before my move last February.

I’m going to put this out to the ethers… I’m looking for a home, where I can live quietly and do my artwork.  I would love to find one or two more awake souls who wouldn’t mind sharing their home with a writer / artist.  A bit of garden and pleasant surroundings would be an added plus.  I do not have pets now, but love animals of all kinds, shapes and sizes.

I will probably stay in Florida for at least a couple of months, during the hot weather and move in early autumn.  I still intend to buy a car in the near future so I can be responsible for my own transport.

I am now “retired”, on a fixed income, but would be willing to do some gardening and other household chores to balance out any expectations for rent beyond what I can currently afford.  I’m not looking for a “relationship” right now, having enough to do with evolving within.

I’m not one to proselytize or lecture others on their perceived faults or need to “wake” up.  I’ve encountered my own shadow and am slowly letting go of the need to pump up my own sense of self-importance.  I am letting go of all the trappings and labels associated with the New Age philosophies that I have written about in this blog.  What I have been in the “past”, what I am in other dimensions and worlds means little here.

With a new sense of inner calm, I am intent in savoring what small delights lie in enjoying the remainder of this lifetime, here on this beautiful planet, among her people, and natural surroundings.

I am a thoughtful, responsible and tidy renter.  Let me know via email if any of my fine readers would be willing to take me on as a roomie, housemate or similar arrangement.  What was intended in my coming here to the East Coast has not worked out for me and I am quite willing to admit it to myself and to you all.

I am safe, content for now and not in a hurry to move.  I get along well with my current landlady, yet do not feel that this place is a permanent settling point.  Perhaps I am meant to be a gypsy.  At this point, I do not know.  What I do feel is that I am open to exploring more parts of the United States and perhaps more of the world.

I am not here to heal, teach, save or activate another soul.  I am here to be an expression of my Soul and to live a quiet life.  I honor my own personal sovereignty and that of other living beings, including our planet.  I enjoy chatting with others in an informal setting, not before the multitudes.

If you are open to having me either visit or live at or near your home town, contact me via email (bluedragonjournal@gmail.com) or private message (Facebook).

The days are a blank page upon which I stare… I shall put down what moves me to joy and share it with you as I go through this indeterminate transitional stage.


Eliza Ayres






10 thoughts on “Eliza: Fourth Anniversary of Blue Dragon Journal

  1. Happy 4th, Eliza. For 3 of those 4 years I’ve following your work, and for this, all of it, I wish to hug you and thank you ! So much.

    Now, as i read your post, for some reason I feel to give you this link. I’ve been reading Ann Kreillcamp’s work for a good while, and it just might interest you. She is “one of us” (dunno how to better put it), but her main focus is on permaculture and the little community she’s growing.

    Plenty of posts and pictures too on her blog, to give you an idea. Maybe it would be worth a visit ?
    P.S. I see a notable amount of us right now kinda… in the middle. Endings and awaiting what comes next, as in thinking of moving.

    Many hugs, and may you be filled with serenity ❤

    Link : https://www.exopermaculture.com/

    • Brianna,
      I actually already follow Ann’s blog and noted the sense of community she and her friends are developing. I’ll give it some thought. Just going through major releases right now. The Universe placed me where I am now… and I need to let the process proceed without judgment. Thank you.

      • Ha ! Great. Let the process… proceed, and when up to it, talk with her. One thing may lead to another.
        That being said, you know, my grandmother settled in the US, after leaving communist invaded east Europe. And she never took a permanent home anywhere. She had her belongings (few) in a fixed place, with a friend (actually a trailer in his yard, in Texas), and traveled all across the USA. She spoke about freedom, and she went everywhere she was invited.
        I tried to make a long story short. To point out that even nomadic type life can suit someone, at some point in time.
        Granny was a bit over 60 years old when she moved to the Us and did just that 🙂
        Another batch of hugs your way, and all my gratitude for sharing so honestly everything ❤

  2. Courage Eliza! You are certainly exemplifying that quality that many of the more timid of us wish were more easily come by. Not only with your gypsy life, but also putting your life on the blog – that’s big unto itself! You already realize that “timing” is everything, so your landing spot will make itself known when it’s ready. In the meanwhile, peace and joy and as much adventure as your “Eliza Soul” wants for now.

  3. Eliza,I live in Midwest part of Michigan a small town called Portland, in the county of Ionia. My husband and I have a manufactured home in this community or some may call is a mobile home Park, I feel that phrase gives these communities a bad name. Anyways I have two rooms that need to be filled with Love and would be honored to have you with us. I’m more awake then my husband but he is slowly waking up. I to like to paint but sometimes it’s just by number or by gray print on canvas. We have two feline family members Abby shes 6 now,Sammie she 8 and the Aunt to Abby,they love people and laps more Sammie then Abby. As you know Michigan gets Snow and is nothing like Florida or even Washington State for that matter but we do have prison here but they are further away from us here in Portland.

  4. Dear Eliza,
    Thank you for 4 years of your informative blog. I do hope you keep it up no matter where you land. And I wish you the best in finding the perfect place for you! I’m sure you’ll find it – your openness helps!
    Much love,

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