Eliza: “Betwixt and Between”


Eliza: “Betwixt and Between”

Last night I had a dream where I was standing in a canyon speaking to another man (yes, I was male in the dream) when I noticed a line of archers pointing their arrows at us, about to let fly.  I quickly moved behind the curve of the canyon out of range.  Then I found myself in a cliff-side house, the house of a stranger.  I was enjoying the beauty of the house and setting, wondering about who lived there when I looked out the window and saw a military contingent moving in on the area below.  There were two columns of soldiers marching, followed by a troop truck (which looked more like an open wagon) carrying at least eight men, all heavily armed, all standing at attention and dressed in white uniforms.  To myself, I murmured, “Uh oh, armoured car,” even though the vehicle didn’t look like any armored car that I am aware of in this timeline / dimension.  My dream self was very intent in quickly leaving before discovered, but I woke up before anything else happened.  Upon waking I thought of my connection with the Marquis de Lafayette, but couldn’t quite make out the correlation.

What manner of threat is it that threatens me today?  Nothing apparent is threatening me, at least at first glance, as I have found a temporary refuge in a rental room in a quiet, safe neighborhood where people greet perfect strangers with a “Hi!”, and a wave.

In the last three months, I have been stripped methodically by circumstance, of most of my belongings, my cats and most connections to my now past life as a medical records technician in a state prison.  I do not have a car, companions or even a local bank account (at least for another day or so) or the means to leave this area since I also don’t have a credit card.  Apparently, in order to obtain a rental car, you need to have a local license AND a nationally recognized credit card.  I do not have either since I have been traveling or have not had a credit card for over seven years.  I don’t even have a credit rating.  The system has rules and demands that people follow them, so I will all the while realizing that none of this is real.

I am being tested.  It is a test of faith and trust that is being demanded of me.  I am to have faith that all is well and that things will go forward when it is the right moment for them to do so.  Before that happens, it is being demanded of me to completely surrender.  Having to walk over a mile to the grocery store does demand that you simplify your eating and buying habits.  I used to buy enough food for a week.  I can’t do that now, especially when I’m sharing a kitchen with strangers.

I have not been without a car since I was in college.  I bought an old Comet for $350.00 when I was close to graduation, so I could drive my sister and me “home” to California.  Oddly enough, I recently sold my old (23 y.o.) Toyota Corolla off to a co-worker for the same amount.  I miss that old beastie; it was super reliable if a bit scruffy in appearance.

Another huge change is living with other people.  Save for my family members, I have had only two roommates during the last 30+ years.  I prefer to live alone.  Now I’m sharing a house with a young man and Air B&B renters.  And before I moved into this house, I was sharing room with a dear friend.  My circumstances may change again soon, but unclear as to when or how.  Meanwhile, I’m in a state of betwixt and between, one normally felt when wandering between dimensions just before returning to one’s body and waking up.

It is apparent that for many of the First Wavers, at least those who have been actively participating in the ascension process are experiencing similar losses or readjustments to their former life styles.  I have heard from a Facebook friend that she will be losing her home, has no car and is facing an indeterminate future.  I know that we are not alone.

It is not unusual for people to lose everything in a few minutes or days due to natural catastrophe.  This is happening all over the world at present due to severe weather, war, famine and other causes.  However, what is now happening to the First Waver ascension initiates is something very different.  We are being prepared to enter a new level of world service.  Nothing of what has gone on before can follow us into the new timelines that are unfolding before each of us.

We are being asked to rest, let go of all fear and to trust that all will be alright.  We are being prepared to release the last vestiges of matrix control and fear, so that we might be able to respond to the quiet inner messages of spirit, with clarity and calm.

Surrendering completely is what is required of everyone who is presently on the ascension path.  Those who are truly on it know who they are really, fully multidimensional star beings, not of this world.  We are here as teachers, avatars, healers and catalysts for those who would be awakened and activated.

Ascension is not exclusive to star seeds, but it is demanding.  Look to the trials and travails of the saints and teachers who have gone before us, of which Yeshua, Buddha, Kuthumi and others are examples; they did not have it easy until they fully surrendered too.  And once that occurs, spirit takes over and runs the show.  Ease and flow become a pattern in life.  One moment, one day at a time; there is no more planning as that emanates from the ego’s desire to control its outer world.  We simply put out a desire or wish… and then fully release it before anything can manifest.  If it doesn’t, it is not time or was simply not in keeping with what was best for all involved, for the highest good of the Whole.

As a First Waver, my role has been to act as a light anchor.  Simply by being here, I and others of my generation raised the frequency of the areas and families where we lived.  We were here to prevent or ease the possibility of huge earth changes.  We were here to clear the genetic lines of our families.  We were here to aid those whose souls were too locked into the karmic patterns of thousands of lifetimes and generations, who were unable to help themselves.  We were here to free our brothers and sisters who volunteered to come here long ago as part of the Earth experiment.  And we were here to assist in freeing a planet, so it might ascend back to its rightful place as a universal living library.  In its stones, plants, animals and humanity, this lovely water planet contains the DNA records of this Universe and many others still unknown or undreamt of by humanity.  There is so much to discover within our own bodies, within this world, and within each of us.

The Second Wavers have a different purpose.  They are here as system-busters.  They will bring in the new because they despise the old.  They are the warriors and the leaders of the new world.

The Third Wavers are coming in as fully awakened individuals, aware of their power and purpose for being here.  Allow them to be free of the clutches of the old dying system so that they might pursue their dreams without interference.  It is the job of their parents, the Second Wavers to protect, guide and let go these talented, powerful beings that will and are anchoring their full light and presence into this awakening world.  The planet will be forever changed as a result of their gifts and presence.

I hope that sharing my experiences brings solace to others who are also undergoing dynamic change and transition within their own lives.  It will be okay.  We are guided and protected.  Simply ask for assistance and it will manifest within your life.  When you give your permission, the Universe must respond in kind.  Only be prepared for surprises and rapid changes in direction.  They will come.  Adaptability to change is a must in this swiftly changing world.  Those who can adapt and change will do well.  Those who resist will find change coming anyway.  What is resisted persists within your life, within you.  Allow the Violet Flame to wash away your fears, anxiety, anger and depression, as it has mine.  Accept the fullness of your inner power and blossom before the world like the beautiful being you are within.  May peace, abundance and health fill your life and gratitude fill your heart for you are loved and blessed more than you know.  You are the boots on the ground for Heaven.  You are both wanted and needed to be here, now.

Namaste, beloved ones.

Eliza Ayres

8 thoughts on “Eliza: “Betwixt and Between”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Your words are so comforting – we’re not alone! I, too, “lost everything” in order to be prodded further into awakening. 6 years ago I was stripped of my home, my money, my assets, and my marriage, to embark on a journey of survival and uncertainty while raising 2 young boys mostly on my own (one of whom is so cosmically special, I can’t wait to see the role he’ll play in New Earth!). Trust, unconditional love, and surrender is definitely the name of the game. I want so passionately, so deeply to fulfill my mission here…. so I just keep hanging on. My love for Gaia is staggering. It is all worth it!! I love your articles… I love you. Have a beautiful day. 💜

  2. I send you comfort and peace, and an adventure that will bring the understanding needed. And yes, trust is where we’re at now. Love, B.

  3. Thank you Eliza! I so appreciate the knowledge and perspective I gain from your posts! If you ever make your way back West to spiritual Sedona, Arizona….I would love to make the drive from Scottsdale to meet you in person! I am a starseed, as are my 2 children. I’ve been told that my oldest 6 year old has come here directly from the Paleadians with a big mission for our planet. I want so much to forfill my own mission here in this lifetime but also to properly support my two little starseeds who came here with specific missions to assist in the changes of the planet. It’s a lot to process and commit to! But your blog helps me to take a big breath and remember to trust! Thank you for your writings! ❤

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