Journal Entry 05.29.2016


Journal Entry 05.29.2016 – Reinvention

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I’m about to go on the road, again… this time sans kitties and friends.  I’m in the market for a car, hopefully a Honda CR-V and will likely be doing some extensive camping this summer, while exploring the US of A.

As one friend put it, my two cats have quantum jumped… without me.  Both have ended up in good homes.  And it is easier to travel without them.  I do miss them, but now is not the time for a pet.

Depending on the flow and how spirit moves me, I hope to consolidate my belongings in South Carolina, getting rid of more items that I no longer need or want.  My body is rapidly changing with the healthy introduction of more exercise and sunlight so many of my work clothes will no longer fit.

I think it would be fun to get a Plein art easel and do some paintings while on the road.  And of course I intend to do quite a bit of photography.  God bless digital cameras as there is practically no end of photos that can be taken short of filling up a memory card.  Any journal entries will be made depending on whether I get internet service during my travels. Most motels have decent WiFi and even some campgrounds have it as well, but probably not the ones where I will be camping.  I prefer the primitive camps.

All limitations have been lifted and I’m about to set to fly.  If you’re interested in meeting me, let me know via email and I’ll let you know if I intend to be in your area some point in the future.

Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

14 thoughts on “Journal Entry 05.29.2016

  1. Sounds great, Eliza! I’m glad your going to keep photographing and painting. Willyour travels bring you to Vermont?

    • At this point, Akankhap, I don’t know if I’ll make it north to Vermont. I know it’s really pretty there in the summer. Right now, I don’t know where I’ll head except for Beaufort SC where my things are stored.

      I’ll keep in touch with you and let you know what develops.

      Thank you!

  2. Yay, Eliza!!! I am so excited that you are starting to soar!! Good for you! I am feeling exactly the same way.

    • Great! Vermont is alos especially beautiful at the end of Sept for about 2 weeks at the height of foliage

      • I’ll keep it in mind if I’m still on the East Coast. I’ve seen the photos. Stunning.

  3. Are you coming out west? California Palm Springs?Let me know I’d love to meet you! So happy to learn you will be painting 🎈 Billie

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    • Hi, Billie. I don’t have any plans to go to California in the near future. Taking one day at a time. Thanks!

  4. Blessings to you, dear Eliza, as you continue your journey. I have been with you for a long time…Thank you for your sharing; it has added much to my own perspectives. I send you my love as well. Judy with 2 kitties in western Washington.

    On Sun, May 29, 2016 at 4:10 PM, Blue Dragon Journal wrote:

    > Eliza Ayres posted: ” Journal Entry 05.29.2016 – Reinvention Due to some > unforeseen circumstances, I’m about to go on the road, again… this time > sans kitties and friends. I’m in the market for a car, hopefully a Honda > CR-V and will likely be doing some extensive camping th” >

  5. Wishing you all the best on this next part of your journey.. Sending you lots of love and light, Fiona xxx

  6. Hi Eliza, i am very happy for you that you are now ready to fly. Fly high and feel freedom in whatever you choose to do and express. well done !!!!! Lots of love and good wishes Celia

  7. Hi Eliza

    I enjoy reading your blogs and I get it. I am working with a colleague, Julie Anne Hart, through which a tribe of wise elders channels and more recently star nations from Venus. They communicate with me via Julie and help me with the work that I do. I live in a very beautiful part of the peak district national park and I have built a touring site here. I also have a conference room inside a barn that will be used more and more for imparting wisdom and healing. My purpose is to bring more and more people here because the land is so magical and healing. My 19 year daughter is opening up now and has been told she is a starseed. I believe I have my own star nations entity that works with me (the name Imelda) and she calls me her star sister. I believe I will open up eventually and receive direct communication. My touring park is at if you want to have a quick look. There are some good pictures on there and I have just bought a new camera so I can take more photos.

    With Love

    Sue x

    Upper Hurst Farm

    Hulme End


    SK17 0HH

    01298 687273 (business)

    01298 84661 (personal)

    Please like us on facebook


  8. Hello Eliza, I was relieved to see your post today. I find myself worrying about you if you don’t post in a while. I usually know when you post before I check; I seem to be tuned into your energy. I was actually feeling quite anxious today wondering how you were doing since it’s been a while, and then I realized you had posted yesterday and I hadn’t checked email. Was so glad to read your post. Your painting is lovely!  I hope your new direction gives you the opportunity to paint, camp, and do the things that make you the happiest.   I live in Grovetown, Georgia, just outside of Augusta, Georgia. If you are coming this way I would look forward to meeting with you somewhere, having you over for brunch, lunch or dinner, whatever is the most convenient for you. There are campgrounds nearby – around Clarks Hill Damn/Strom Thermond Lake. That is about 20 minutes from where we live. We spend time at the lake areas pretty regularly, but I haven’t camped there before, so I’m not sure what the camping areas are like. I think there are also plenty of campsites in areas farther down the lake as well, going towards Thomson, GA.   I may be able to come to SC if you are not coming this way, but I’m cat, dog and bird sitting for a friend until June 14th.    If it feels like the right thing to meet, let me know if you are coming this way, or if it would be easier if I came your way.   Sending you love and blessings, Kimberly Wojcik  

    • Thank you, Kimberly, for your kind concern. It just so happens that things have shifted rapidly and I will be staying, for the time being, in Florida. I just rented a room in a quiet neighborhood within walking distance of stores, restaurants and services. And have moved through whatever was emerging for clearing last weekend. It was intense, I will admit, but short-lived. I do remember how long it took to work through issues years ago. Now it is a matter of days, if not hours and sometimes minutes. I’m well, just tired. And once I do get a car (I have some financial issues to iron out) I would still like to go camping and exploring parts of the East. It is so different from the West, but while staying near Atlanta, I fell in love with the Georgia woodlands, with all the wild flowering trees and shrubs and singing birds. I especially love the tall pines, which in the area from which I recently moved, only live in the mountains due to low rainfall in Eastern Washington. I will certainly keep in mind your kind offer to meet.

      I didn’t write for awhile as Internet was intermittent and poor at the beach and for many days I just didn’t feel like writing. I was going through massive internal shifts.

      Much love, Eliza

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