Eliza: On the Road, Again

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Eliza: “On the Road Again…”

I’ve been somewhat a gypsy the past few months…nearly three now since leaving Walla Walla in late February.  My mail has had a hard time keeping up with me.  I’ve traveled through 13 states now, most recently Georgia, South Carolina and Florida.  It looks like Florida is going to be home soon… details later.  If you had told me a year ago that I would be living near the beach… any beach… I wouldn’t have believed it possible or even desirable.  I’ve gone through so many internal and external changes that it is all a bit hard to comprehend at this moment and the changes just keep coming.

Today, I’m taking a break, dictated by my body that didn’t want to travel.  A combination of an intense headache, body aches, diarrhea and nausea are keeping me grounded, giving me the opportunity to write this little update.  It is okay to listen to the body and give it the rest that it needs to get through this transitional period when so many bodies are being upgraded from carbon-based creations to the crystalline light-body.

Understand that right now it is only the starseeds who are undergoing the change currently AND, more importantly, only those who are “activated”.   The human population will not be undergoing this change… yet. We’re here to undergo the transition, first as pioneers, and to set the steps (information in the form of light codes) into the global and collective Akash… that will be able to accessed and downloaded by humanity in the future when their DNA has been aligned with the higher frequencies available in the New Earth.  This work is being done to free humanity from the never-ending karmic circle that they have been stuck in and to allow the continuation of human evolution.  And even then, there will be souls who still choose to undergo further experiences within a descension cycle, who will undergo that process… elsewhere.  There is no judgment.  ALL return to Source, despite whatever roles they have undertaken as an individualized consciousness during any and all planetary embodiments.

Humanity has been kept in a descension cycle and is now being set free as a collective.  Remember (or you will eventually)  that ALL of us volunteered (and/or were chosen) to come here to experience descension and all the experiences possible during a descension cycle.  It isn’t because we are “bad” or “failed” at anything.  We CHOSE to fall.  We ARE the fallen angels.  And now, at least some of us are undergoing the process of physical ascension to aid our brothers and sisters so that they might, also, do so in future incarnations.  In order for this process to fully complete, it will take seven generations, which allows the physical bodies of the race to upgrade at a pace that won’t destroy them.  Remember… the final stages of ascension are VERY physical and can take a toll on the body vehicle.  Sure we’re light beings, but the body is of earth earthy and needs time to adjust and evolve.  And so it is… one individual at a time, one succeeding generation at a time.  Anyone with discernment can see that the young people of the Second Wave are very different from those born into the First Wave generations.  And the children born to the Second Wavers will be even more refined, independent and self-motivated, completely tuned into their individual “missions” even as very young persons.

As a starseed volunteer who has been through numerous difficult and challenging lifetimes on this dense planet, it is taking a while to deprogram and release the timelines and “past” lives in order to successfully make this transition.  Each of us is so entirely unique… so remember not to attempt to base understanding of your journey on mine.

I’m getting glimpses of other lifetimes as they come up, and working on intentionally forgiving all who were involved and whatever their roles.  The goddess of Compassion, Kwan Yin, has been very much in my consciousness lately and I feel that she has recently become a part of my ascension “Team”.  We are given assistance when we request it.  You just need to ask and release your pure intent to the Universe.

Despite any bodily discomfort I might be feeling today, I’m actually doing quite well.   When emotions and feelings come up for clearing, I can do so quite rapidly.  I’ve been told that I’m going through the bipolar stage of my starseed activation.  This stage is where you can be feeling happy one moment and then spiral quickly into anger, frustration or feeling lost and depressed.  The happy moments are edging out the angry and depressed ones, but it takes mastering the emotional body to get through this stage.  That is why we have been given tools like the Violet Flame and other color rays, declarations of sovereignty, etc. so that we might get through what can be a very difficult stage for one like me who has been so left-brained, logical and self-sufficient.

Coming into a state of neutrality, where you don’t place a value on one emotion or feeling over another, assists in letting oneself to just experience the moment, allowing the emotions or feelings to move through the body.  You might be able to associate the feelings or emotions with a specific happening in your life now; however, most of what is coming up for me, are echoes or bleed-through of karmic issues that are just now coming up for resolution, clearing, and release.  No judgment is needed, in any case.  What is done is done.  All who have served as volunteers have gone through a process of descension and are just now entering the ascension process.

If you have, like myself, ascended in one lifetime here on this planet (my lifetime as Sister Clare) the light codes of ascension are locked into your DNA, the portion that is multi-dimensional and accompanies you from lifetime to lifetime.  Hence, I’m undergoing a swift, intense period of activation that involves being in the physical presence of another fully activated starseed.  Believe me… this is NOT an easy process, but a necessary one for all those who are being currently prepared to step into world service.

I’ve been getting lots of great exercise, walking on the beach and swimming.  Except for today… I’ve been feeling better than I have for years.  My body is gradually loosening up and gaining in tone and strength… all without having to go to a gym… and a whole lot more fun.  I’ve seen pelicans patrolling the shore, dolphins feeding and playing in the waves, the sun coming up over the horizon and have felt the strong, steady… and very welcome… sea breezes.   The coast of Florida is quite hot and this Northern girl has had to adjust to both heat and humidity.  And it’s only spring… So, it’s really nice to walk through the surf, sit in the breezy shade or take a swim.  I can see myself only becoming younger in spirit as I adjust to this new way of living, besides finally getting a good tan.

Finally, learning to live in the Now is way different than being deeply submerged in the Matrix.  Forget about thinking.  Information arrives when it is needed.  I still tend to over-think things and then just end up getting muddled, confused and even experiencing a panic attack.  It’s all about release and letting the spirit move you.  Human ego and its plans and equations do not enter into the picture anymore.  Entering into and being in world service means letting go of any personal agendas and being open to internal guidance, very much in the moment.  Expectations are let go.  Plans go awry or are let go completely.

Dreams and deep desires can still be held, those that emanate from the innermost heart… and still require being fully released to the Universe.  Spirit has its own timing and it doesn’t have anything to do with keeping a human-based 3D schedule.  You are… as I have been and still am in the process of doing so… required to completely release and be released from all previous human conditioning, whether it be from this lifetime or others.  There is no guilt involved; we were required to take on human baggage in order to descend into this dense frequency; now, we’re being required to release it so that we might ascend with ease and grace.  Ask for assistance; your guides are eagerly awaiting your permission, for even if you do not respect the sovereignty of other beings, human and non-human, they do.  Per Cosmic Law, your “angels” are required to wait for YOUR permission to assist you, whether to heal, release, clear or upgrade.  Ask and you WILL receive… just let go of “when” or “how”… or even “why”.  Healing comes according to Grace and can be instantaneous if you but have faith and endurance.

If you are confused as to what method to follow to ascend, don’t be.  Your internal intuitive guidance is what you need. The information that you need will be made available when you need it and can come from anywhere, anybody… anything, even movies, and stories.  We’ve been reminded on numerous occasions that everything we need for the journey is within.  I’m learning, too, that everything you need for a physical journey can easily fit into a suitcase and a couple of beach bags.  Travel light and go far.

These next few weeks are going to be quite busy so I may not be able to write much.  Internet connections are not always available as we travel, but keep an outlook for future entries.  Big changes are on the horizon.

Many blessings to all who wish to receive them.  Namaste; I bow to the divinity within all of you.

Love, Eliza

Photo Credit:  A molten sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, taken by yours truly.

6 thoughts on “Eliza: On the Road, Again

  1. Thank you, dear Eliza, for keep us informed. May you have inspiring and fulfilling journeys, both inner and outer! Keep sending your wonderful photos!

  2. I am so glad and happy for you. You are free now.Enjoy your new life. …I wish  I could leave this reality that I create but not yet. In many ways I envy you. ..I look forward to reading your blog..You are loved always. .

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  3. Thank you, Eliza, your updates are a wonderful combination of inspiration and calmness and I enjoy them very much. I think your Sun picture is a lovely representation of the mystery and the trust as the light falls into the wave-forms of the ocean. Love you, B.

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