Eliza: Continuing to Shift


Eliza:  Continuing to Shift

It’s Mother’s Day and I’m sitting here in a motel room writing an article, a Dragon in the cave.  I’m neither a mother nor is my mother here.  She passed in 1999 at the age of 84.  It’s been awhile, but sometimes I wish I could share some of my adventures with her.  And then I’m thankful that she doesn’t have to see what has become of our world, in its present chaotic state.

My life continues to shift and change, to become almost miraculous and certainly synchronistic, especially as I learn to let go of expectations and be in the moment. Yesterday was an amazing day in many ways.  People speak generally of clearing karmic patterns and collapsing timelines, but I’ve been living it in a very intense fashion.  How does collapsing millions of timelines in a few moments sound?  It’s possible and being done now.  We’re talking whole states now.  All negative descension timelines are being actively collapsed as there is no longer any energy available to support their continuance.  Personally, I got to shift, release and collapse some 250 years of individual timelines… whew.   And the collapse of the individual timelines subsequently leads to the collapse of any other related timelines, hence the beginning of end of the old paradigm. And it is easier than it sounds, which is amazing in and of itself.  Remember, our former elite have been notified at etheric levels that there is no more time for them.  This will take time to play out in the physical, but the end is nigh, of life as it has been known upon Earth during the past several thousand years.

Inner power emanates from and through the High Heart, straight from Source.  Once you are “connected” or reconnected, there is no going back.  Before this kind of work can be attempted, you are required to come into a complete state of self-acceptance.  It is a step-by-step process, guided from within and takes dedication, surrender and a willingness to look upon self with compassion and disinterest.  It involves an acceptance of every aspect, dark and light, across the entire spectrum of duality, without judgment, and without fear.  In sharing some more of my “past” lives, I hope to illustrate the extent of duality that even starseeds can experience, both during the process of descension and that of ascension.

Slink on a Oak branch

Imagine driving down the highway with your companion (who is attempting to drive near the posted 70 MPH speed limit) reading the Akash and telling me about the “past” lives of this entity.  The first was as a woman who cleaned for the artist Van Gogh and watched his work, observed and drew with bits of art materials that he gave her.  This was an obscure lifetime, one unknown by others except by the local villagers and hidden by history.  Frankly, I haven’t had many female embodiments.  Yet this obscure woman was privileged to witness the embodiment of genius in the person of Van Gogh and his development as one of the greatest artists of all time.

Then, as we neared Savannah, Maria received a message to drive to the center of town, which was far from our destination, to an old cemetery.  She told me that I would “find” another lifetime, as a marker to a grave.  Arriving downtown, we parked and then walked a short way and entered a really old cemetery, from the 18th century, with its crushed oyster shell walkways and beautiful trees.  Maria told me that I would find what I was looking for among the graves.  Immediately, like following a homing beacon, I pivoted and went straight to a well-marked grave, that of the first publisher in the new town of Savannah, Georgia.  And then I walked to several other graves of men who would have been my contemporaries and viewed them quietly.  I felt an overwhelming sense of grief at seeing the grave of one of the men, like I was viewing the grave of a long-lost brother.  And I was proud to view this beautiful, gracious Southern city and all that she has become, vital, prosperous and thriving, still on the bank of the beautiful river that I loved.

Then, while driving around, I mentioned that I loved the water, so we joked about pirates.  With a start, Maria looked at me with wide eyes, and said, “Oh, no… not another one.”

Immediately a name popped into my head, that of a notorious folk hero of early New Orleans, Lafitte.  He was a pirate, privateer and a survivor.  He acted as a smuggler, privateer and pirate, as well as assisting the Americans with naval / gun support during the Battle of New Orleans.  He was also a sweet-talking rascal who could talk, gamble, drink and wench himself out of all kinds of predicaments, including imprisonment by the Americans, British and Spanish at various times.  He is rumored to have died in a sea battle and have been buried at sea, which explains why I enjoy pirate stories and stories about sailing ships so much…

Now, many folks reading this tale of mine would question how I could live and experience such a multiplicity of lifetimes within pretty much the same time period.  I asked this question of myself and the answer immediately presented itself…”You are a multi-dimensional being, an Ascended Master.  You or your higher self, pick a certain timeline and enter as a fractal of your entire being and excel in that life.  You experience the essence of the particular community, country and culture and make an impact on it.”


In the case of Van Gogh, I was also in training in order to bring into this lifetime particular gifts obtained in the presence of that great master, one of the most beloved of all painters of any period.  And as his cleaning lady and cook, I acted as a protector of sorts.  Apparently I was a mute, perhaps a deaf mute.  According to Maria, I was also killed in a sacrificial Illuminati ritual after the death (and possible murder) of Van Gogh.  Did I know too much?  Did I see something that the enemies of Van Gogh did not want known?

Maria reminds me that I have already ascended at least once from 3D, as Lady Clare, the twin of Saint Francis.  The power of such an individual reincarnating once again and becoming activated as a starseed once again, is limitless.  Of course, you wouldn’t know that by looking at me… or yourself.  And the “power” doesn’t manifest all at once.  It takes time, as clearing continues and mastery is gained.

Another lifetime that popped up during the course of the day was one as an herbalist / mid-wife who was accused of killing two sons of an Anglican priest.  Is it any wonder that I do not appreciate the narrow-minded and misogynistic views of some church leaders?  I did not kill the boys.  They died of congenital complications during a difficult and drawn out birth process.  I saved the mother.  Nevertheless, the distraught father cursed me through the ages… this was during the 1600’s.  I had to leave the community to avoid being accused of witchcraft.  Since that time, I have had no other female incarnations until this present one nor have I borne children in this lifetime despite being a healthy female.

My father also passed in 2000.  When his soul crossed over, I felt its gratitude for my having taken care of him during his declining years.  Maria informs me that he is part of my “team”.  Recently he reminded me of a scene from my childhood, of my patent joy in seeing a large field of flowers, filled with wild iris and dandelions.  My parents were upset with the invasive dandelions, but I was charmed by their bright yellow faces.  My father, through Maria, reminded me of those flowers and that long-forgotten moment of joy.  Now, when I see yellow flowers, I think of my starseed father who is still watching over me.

Why do we enter certain families as starseeds?  In part it is all about genetics.  Through both my mother and father, I carry a genetic code that extends back through the time of Yeshua and beyond, of the Family of Michael.  There is more than one line.  Mine is a part of the Northern European line.  There are others.

Sometimes we enter a particular family or become a part of a family through adoption or marriage, so that we can, as starseeds, clear the familial karmic and genetic lines, primarily because the human family members cannot do it for themselves.  This is because part of our mission is to clear the karmic debris to afford humans, who have been immersed in the karmic circle for so long, the eventual opportunity for them to enter the path of initiation, ultimately leading to ascension.  For these souls, ascension will not take place within the scope of this present lifetime as their genetics do not support it.  Right now, it is the starseeds and their resulting hybrid progeny who have the opportunity to ascend in this lifetime.  For the remainder of humanity, their time will come later, as we are preparing the seed bed for that harvest, as did many who came before us.

Sunrise at Singleton Beach

When I told Maria about the overlapping of a few lifetimes, she explained it from a multidimensional standpoint even as my own intuition informed me of the answer.  Remember that outside of the space/time continuum that governs 3D Earth reality, space and time do NOT exist.  Therefore, as a multidimensional being, one can choose specific lifetimes and experiences in order to gain knowledge and tools that can be incorporated in another lifetime, most especially THIS one as the present foci.  While these lifetimes appear to be experienced all at once, there is a supreme lifetime where the focus of the Soul is once again on the goal of ascension.  The primary purpose (or one) of THIS lifetime is to clear and collapse those descension timelines, as they are no longer needed.  This we did yesterday.  And as a side effect of collapsing one KEY timeline, you end up collapsing thousands, perhaps millions of others, encompassing the physical borders of a timeline that is a state.  Yesterday, we, in effect, collapsed the State of Georgia timeline, something that encompasses the whole misbegotten descension timeline of slavery, the Civil War, racism, etc.  And don’t get me started on the Civil War… and another timeline that emanates from Scotland, that of the Rebellion of ’45 in the Highlands, Bonny Prince Charles and the overweening dominance of the British Empire.  I carry Scottish genetics from both parents…

There is a clue here, in case you are wondering who you might have been (are) elsewhere… what genetic lines do you carry through your family?  And remember that humanity is one being.  We have all lived and experienced being a part of every race, culture and country that has ever existed upon this planet… that is if you have, like me, spent some time here.  What cultures or memories draw your interest?  This interest is a clue to other experiences, in other times and places, and in totally different ways of living.

An ascending being leaves an energetic signature in the Akash, a record that can be read by anyone with clairvoyance… an open “third eye” or activated pineal gland.  The ascending being also affects the entirety of creation of that particular culture or planet, whether or not the person is known by the general population.  If you think about it, seriously, how many people actually knew Yeshua in person?  Just a tiny fragment of the population that was under the Roman rule during that time period and only those individuals who were intimately involved in his daily life and ministry, actually even knew of the Master’s presence, outside his own family and community. Yet, now, some 2000+ years later, who hasn’t heard of Yeshua and his mission?  Very few.  The same thing applies to Buddha and any other being who has managed to ascend out of 3D.  The awareness of this great deed only enters the collective consciousness well after the soul involved has departed and usually in the form of rather confused doctrine and mythology.

The particular “mission” that is currently underway has been in action for thousands of years.  Ascension of a planet is no easy task.  Each starseed who has volunteered to be here has had to undergo a process of descension in order to be able to survive this dense frequency, stepping down gradually through various star systems and through different lifetimes on this planet, even as the planet descended into density.  We left signs and physical evidence throughout various lifetimes to give our future human selves hints about things that were bound to be hidden and suppressed during the long dark period while the human population was subjected to rule by a violent and subversive elite.  And our future Galactic selves work with us on a daily basis, poking and prodding the sleepy starseeds who have fallen under the seductive charms of 3D.

Activated starseeds in turn activate everyone and anyone whom they meet in the course of a day.  Don’t be surprised if you see yourself answering questions from some total stranger about energy, healing and so on.  Learn to become more open about the “real” you, the one who has been locked within.

The time for those starseeds who have successfully activated and cleared their chakras to now embark upon a planetary mission has arrived.  Energetic twins (not Twin Flames) will be drawn together to complete various “assignments”.  One never knows where they will be sent next or what the next day will be bring, which is part of the appeal of this new way of living.  We are in service to humanity and more importantly, to the planet, to our Mother, Gaia.

Pelican Patrol

Twins will present an energetic balance of opposites, male / female, although the twins may be either male or female.  These individuals will be fully or nearly balanced within, fully activated and dedicated to the path of service and ascension.  Personal ego and human ambition now takes a back seat to following inner guidance and intuition.  Strong inner gifts begin to come online as one accepts this new role.

For me, the key was / is in coming to grips and understanding that I AM a Master.  Yes, we’ve been told this for years by numerous channelers and teachers, but until you actually accept this as being real and move through that final resistance and human conditioning, the actual sense of Mastery will not manifest.  We attract who we are.  When we fully accept and love who we are, miracles unfold and the Universe will present us with everything that we need in the moment.

Learning about these overlapping lives and seeing how the experiences of one could augment and strengthen the abilities and knowledge of another, I can appreciate the complexities of what has been undertaken here.  Planet Earth is indeed a strict and challenging school for souls.  Only the bravest of the brave are here, playing out various roles.

As a multidimensional being it has been and is necessary to play both “sides” of duality.  Primarily, it is the “darker” roles that one undertakes during the course of descension and the “lighter” roles are a part of ascension.  Human judgment does not enter into the planning, as these are “roles” that the soul plays as a part of human experience.  For starseeds it is a process of transforming or stepping down their powerful energetic bodies into a tiny physical vessel, as only a tiny portion of the whole can be embodied.  Other fractals take up residence in other vessels and through multiple points of view and ranges of experience, the soul begins to understand how human culture works.  As the soul, having taken on the Veil of Forgetfulness at birth, begins to remember their true origin, the experience, gifts and knowledge from the other lifetimes can also begin to bleed through.  And each of us, as part of ALL THAT IS, we leave ourselves various prompts and reminders along the projected path of each separate lifetime.

Thus it was that my starseed father handed me a volume about Edgar Cayce to read when I was but a young teenager, which prompted my remembrance and acceptance of the suppressed knowledge of past lives.  Human beings have been intentionally conditioned to fear death and to seek to be controlled so that they might be “safe” under the illusionary protection of the very entities who are seeking to use their energy for food and who desire to destroy the planet and most of its existing population and lifeforms.  When you know that “past” lives exist, you no longer fear death.  You understand that “death” is simply a passage, from one state of being to another one.  And you can no longer be controlled by fear, something which is upsetting to those who would feed off your energy.

Looking at that gravesite yesterday brought it home to me that, yes, as my team and that of Maria have been attempting to convey to me for quite some time, I AM a walking Ascended Master, embodied here and now upon this earth plane.  And I am by no means alone.  Yet one must attain or level up to a certain frequency to really, really understand and accept this knowledge for one’s self, for we as human beings have been carefully conditioned to think ourselves as inferior beings, not capable of great things.

The next days, months and years will occasion the gathering of the soul families and those who are meant to work together in service.  The tasks will vary, but clearly the time of living in solitude and isolation are done for me.  I am ready.  Are you?  And be prepared to live lightly, for one does not know when one will be called into service in some far distant place…

I have purposefully shared some of these lifetimes and others in my writing as an illustration of the complexity and beautiful interweaving of themes and experience that each lifetime presents.  Be grateful for life.  It is a wonderful thing to experience physicality, despite the pain and suffering that sometimes is a part of the experience.  If it were not for my father, I perhaps would not be here at all.  If it wasn’t for my parents accepting my soul as a future child, I definitely would not be here.  Despite any problems and issues I had with them, my parents guided my first years upon this planet and to them I offer up my undying gratitude and love.

Shades of Autumn

Lastly, while I AM now aware of my potential Mastery, I am quite human and still have moments where I, too, undergo the relentless clearing and physical pain as my physical vessel undergoes its transition from carbon to crystal base.  I require a lot of down time in order to accomplish this transition, to rest and integrate the new knowledge and awareness that is beginning to flow in an ever-increasing stream.  Full self-acceptance and self-love is becoming a reality.  I laugh more and enjoy the little things in life, like the fragrance of a flower encountered while on a nice long morning walk.  I’m picking up my old hobby of painting which, I am told, will become more important in my life as I do have some natural gifts to develop further.  I am truly beginning to actually enjoy being here.

In joy and in service, I send blessings to all those who wish and are able to accept them.


Eliza Ayres

©All Rights Reserved, 2012-16, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, www.bluedragonjournal.com

Photo Credits:  Mine, from various locations and trips…






20 thoughts on “Eliza: Continuing to Shift

  1. Good afternoon dear Eliza.

    How are you in the east? Nice to read this latest post of yours. I can relate to what you write and love your “be prepared to live lightly!”

    As the cleaning lady of master Van Gogh, I assume you lived in Auvers-sur-Oise, north of Paris; did you?

    And did you ever meet the reincarnated being who was Van Gogh back then?

    Wishing you and Maria a lovely day!


    • Bon jour, mon ami!
      I guess I would have been a resident of the village Auvers-sur-Oise. And no, I don’t think I’ve met the reincarnated Van Gogh. His focus would probably be on something quite different than making art in this lifetime… or not.

      Living on the East Coast has been quite different. Georgia is actually quite a beautiful state. I love her forests, although you can have the muddy streams and rivers for the main. And I’ve been down to Florida, too, a couple of times. I love the beach. Have been doing a ton of walking and generally getting into much better shape than I was while still working.

      Nice to hear from you!

      • Thanks dear Eliza.

        Yes, I can understand that southeastern part of the US is very different from Wala-Wala.

        I assume you do not miss it, do you?

        Yes, Auvers-sur-Oise makes sense. A small village I visited about 10 years ago. All about Vincent and his life.

        Would you be interested in connecting / re-connecting with Vincent? I mean the person he his in this lifetime?

        Love & much Light my dear

      • Gilles,
        I don’t miss W2, just the nearby mountains.

        As to connecting with Vincent, if you know him, I certainly wouldn’t mind meeting him. I love his work and was honored to see a live show of a spectrum of his work while living in California as a young person.


      • Thanks Eliza.

        I can understand why you like Vincent’s art!

        I will see if he is around. He’s on FB but hasn’t been active for a long while.

        I will let you know privately when I reconnect with him.

        So, no more news about the marquis de Lafayette these days…which means you had at least two lives in France 🙂

        Have a lovely afternoon, the two of you!

      • Oh, I had more lifetimes in Mother France and ancient Gaul. Maybe I’ll get there someday…

        No more info on the Marquis. This info is more about understanding why I’m drawn to certain information, movies, books, documentaries, periods. It assists in understanding more of the wholeness of myself Now. Fascinating. And once a story is understood, there is usually no further need to investigate. The lifetime is cleared, collapsed… done. And there are numerous others, although I don’t think it is necessary to visit all of them, only those that have some importance or influence on the current lifetime and life focus.

        BTW, Maria is now able to “see” an entire lifetime, from start to finish. It’s not a gift that she enjoys, as it can be emotionally draining and highly distracting when she’s trying to do other things. This is the ability to read the Akash. All of us will have this gift activated at some point. Then there will no ability to lie or hide things from others who also have this ability.

        I’ve had some of this ability for a while, although I need more connection to drop into another lifetime at will. I don’t usually “see” the lifetimes of others unless there is some kind of previous emotional connection.

        Each of these “new” abilities takes a high degree of mastery and a strong sense of responsibility. And the ability to discern when NOT to say anything, especially to someone who is unprepared to learn or accept the truth about themselves.

        Resting today. Traveling, again, tomorrow. Blessings, dear brother.

  2. Dear Elza,
    I found your memory of Van Gogh fascinating. I have often wondered whether i had a similar one with Beethoven, with whose music I resonate so strongly.

    I have forwarded it to some friends with whom I share the Cosmic Disclosure by David Wilcock and Corey Goode on Gaim TV . Do you know it?

    I look forward to more of your journey and your beautiful art and photos.
    Much love and Light.

    • Thank you, Akankha. I also look forward to painting more. And sharing more of this amazing journey as it unfolds.

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  4. Nice sharing, Eliza. Thanks. And look forward to seeing some more paintings of yours, in your new life stage of life, and location. 🙂

  5. I just love your writings! Your story can be so mind blowing and fascinating all at the same time…….I always look forward to the next post. Thanks for taking the time to teach us so much!
    Love and Light

  6. Dear Eliza,
    “It’s been awhile, but sometimes I wish I could share some of my adventures with her. And then I’m thankful that she doesn’t have to see what has become of our world, in its present chaotic state.”
    Why do you not think she is looking over your shoulder at those times you think of her?
    I would think since we live for ever, she would be right there with you. And she sees all I would say that is going on now!!!
    Blessings on your getting to one pure spiritual life line.

  7. Your story is so amazing and fascinating dear Eliza, I know you don’t need admiration, but I do admire your resolute and lovingly taking the next step. Together now with Maria your life and journal-ling about it get an impact on me I can hardly handle but I can’t stop swallowing your writings about for example our being multi-dimensional. I read about it, but you make it so real and possible to experience perhaps by myself….what a truly beautiful picture of our future you describe for me to create!
    Thanks and Love!

  8. Dear friend, your story reads like mine in so many ways. Timeline lifetimes, in fact I write of this in my recent;y published book `Journey of Pahl’ – pt 2 of my epics. All remembered clearly but written in fictional terms. So very many lifetimes ….

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