Eliza: Going Nuclear


Eliza:  Going Nuclear*

Life with Maria is interesting, unpredictable and ever changing.  Being in the physical presence of a fully activated starseed, who is also fully aware of her rapidly expanding powers and awareness, can also be daunting at times.

The other day we visited a local “health food” store.  Just before we got there, a strong energy wave hit me, pushing me deep into 5D.  I was barely functioning when we arrived at the store.  Maria basically told me not to speak to anyone or look them in the eyes as I was going “nuclear”… making a huge quantum jump.

As it was, being in a store and making a small purchase, I was compelled to speak and meet eyes, but did as little as humanly possible without being rude.  And then I stood in the corner by the essential oils basically blissing out to the classical piano piece that was playing.  I wasn’t quite “here”.

Experiencing 5D is all about “feeling it”.  Initially, as Maria describes it, there is still the appearance of 3D world all around, but sooner or later as you activate and rise in frequency, you begin to “see” codes, including our DNA, streaming like many-colored strands, sparkling in the sunlight.

Understand that the world we experience every day is simply an agreed-upon collective hologram, which doesn’t really exist.  Trippy stuff, you must agree…


I’ve learned more about some of my “past” lives, although several timelines have completely collapsed.  You’ll know when a timeline collapses when you no longer “feel” any emotional charge associated with memories or if you happen to see a movie or read a book related to the “time” period.

In an earlier journal entry, probably nearly two years ago, I wrote about remembering several major lifetimes.  In one I was the woman who was St. Francis’ twin, Lady Clare.  And I knew that I lived around the time when Yeshua ben Joshua walked upon the earth, as an “Elizabeth”.  While I thought I was the biblical Elizabeth (mother of John the Baptist) Maria informed me that she “saw” me as the cousin of the young Master, another Elizabeth.  As this Elizabeth I was raised by Mary and became effectively a sister of Yeshua, one of the family along with his brothers.

Along with several other women, we anchored the codes that made it possible for our beloved brother to pass through his trial and crucifixion, and on to his ascension into the Light.  We held our brother in a circle of unconditional love and Violet Flame, sending him healing prayers and energy to give him the strength to pass through his trials.

To know this information was to realize the part that my multidimensional soul has played upon this planet in preparation for these days of transition, where, finally, the Light is victorious and the planet is moving into the long-promised Golden Age.

Know that even with this knowledge and my friendship with Maria as soul sister, she is constantly testing me and bringing my remaining human conditioning into my immediate awareness.  In effect, she is now mentoring me through an intense and greatly shortened series of initiations.

Maria has reminded me that the time is short for the individual to make a choice, to change or transition.  The Universe has a way of testing one’s dedication to making the necessary changes to continue into the Light.


This morning, Maria began to speak of the process of awakening, which is very different from actually ascending into 5D and higher.  She said that the awakening process begins first with a feeling.  Note that, the process begins with feelings, so it is important to listen to your body as this is how your soul begins its initial communications with each person.

With awakening there is a trigger, something that creates a feeling that something is “off”.  This is a heart awakening.  Typically, this is when people begin to realize that something is really wrong with the world and suddenly see the things that conspiracy theorists have been harping on for years… like GMOs, fracking, Luciferian / Satanism, New World Order and depopulation agendas (through pushing pharmaceutical drugs and vaccinations on an unsuspecting population), endless war, government-sponsored terrorism and militarism, banking corruption, political corruption… etc.  It is a long and daunting list, but the very extent of these now revealed, in-your-face secrets are very effective triggers to wake people up.

The second phase of awakening is called the “hooking phase”, where you begin to go down the rabbit hole with all the information overwhelm.  Pandora’s Box has been opened and you can no longer go back to being a placid mind-controlled slave again.

The third phase of awakening begins when you make decisions that lead your living style in more positive, soul-affirming directions, like changing your diet.  With each conscious decision, a pyramid is built, leading the individual step by step upward.  With each conscious decision, there is a corresponding increase in light quotient, like 1/100th of 1/100,000,000th percent.  It’s tiny, but it’s progress.

As the individual climbs the stair steps, if there is an urge to return to what once was you’ll find yourself getting sick or experiencing accidents.  If the body is in pain, there is something in your subconscious conditioning that has not been looked at.  For more information on the karmic or underlying thought-forms that are held in each part of the body, review the works of Louise Hay.

Pain exists as a teacher in 3D.  There is no pain in 5D and above.  As long as you experience pain, you are working through subconscious programming.

The body is a divine vessel for the soul.  You are harming it by being unwilling to do the necessary internal work in order to clear all karmic detritus, whether individual, collective, genetic or otherwise.

Once an awakened one begins to gather tools, such as the Acturian Declaration of Sovereignty, the Violet Flame and other tools, the process of awakening accelerates.

Despite my soul’s apparent prominent role in some time periods here, I, too, have to do the work.  There is no instant cure or wave of a magic wand that will relieve one of the responsibility to do the work.  It is the path of initiation, one that has never been easy, although during this transitional period many gifts and graces are being bestowed upon those who humble themselves and ask for assistance, from their “families”, the Angels and ascended masters, those who act as our unseen guides and mentors.

One time while we were driving on a long trip, Maria asked me to trace her galactic and cosmic roots.  I found her in Atlantis, as a goddess teaching the priestesses.  I found her on a Pleiadian ship.  And I “saw” that she had entered this galaxy through the Acturian Portal (described in the works of Judy Satori).  She had undergone the process of descension from the Andromedan Galaxy to that of the Milky Way.  Then she asked me to find myself in Andromeda.  I paused for a moment and then “saw” myself as a Teacher, advising the Volunteers who would be soon leaving to go to the Milky Way and through the process of descension in order to embark on their various missions.  I was an ascended master based in the Milky Way Galaxy assisting volunteers for Earth.

The description on my page “About Me” that comes from the work of Barbara Marcinak, “Bringers of the Dawn”. Apparently it has been my role to assist many worlds, even as many other volunteers have done.  We are the bringers of the dawn, introducing the Light into darkened worlds that are on the edge of transitioning into their Golden Ages.  We are specialists and go where we are called.

As we catch glimpses of our self in Akash, we can begin to identify our major soul “color” or “Ray”.  Mine are blue and rose.  I AM a protector and my role here has been largely to anchor the Light into the grids, although mostly by just being here physically.  Given that I descended deep within the matrix, especially during my last job at the prison, I’m making up for lost time in a way.  Although “awake” for some years, I didn’t really begin to activate until I began to write about my experiences and my soul journey here some four years ago now.

As initiates and way showers, trailblazers and so on, it is now necessary to not only talk our talk, but also to walk our talk.  We’re here to demonstrate that life can be filled with abundance, peace and joy, but until we discover these things within our own hearts, our work is ineffective.  As the frequency level of the planet rise, the old ways DO NOT work any more.  Reiki is no longer Reiki and other tools are no longer effective.  It is time to find out what does work and the only way to do that is to go within and discover the secrets locked within your own multidimensional DNA codes.

The frequency of the planet has risen.  Denise LeFay tells us that the Old World is dead; that it died on 12/21/2012.  The only reason that it appears nothing has changed, is due to the collective unconsciousness of the unawakened ones still sustaining the appearance of 3D.


I have now begun to experience 5D.  I can still drop down into 3D rather quickly if I allow old human conditioning to overtake my thought process.  It takes relentless self-scrutiny as well as devotion and a deep sense of self-love and compassion to undergo this process.

I see that I am still a Wayshower, albeit a humble one.  I can share with others the story of my journey, which, in turn, demonstrates that it is possible to overcome any apparent challenges with grace and ease.

With ascension, the ego takes on a different role.  It is now the heart’s turn to direct and guide the vehicle, of which the ego is a part.

Through Maria’s generous sharing with me of her own journey, I now have glimpses into what is possible for me… even in the near future.  In turn, I will be able to assist those persons who will eventually find themselves in my presence, to undergo their own course of initiation.

Each of us has different roles.  As we embark on the path of initiation, one that we have walked numerous times before, our gifts begin to awaken.  As we “hit” a certain frequency level, the gifts associated that that frequency come online, as does the ability to understand how to use these gifts responsibly.  And if you encounter someone like Maria, you may not be able to fully understand what she is saying until that expansion manifests within… through your own efforts.

In closing, I want to mention a couple of powerful dreams that I had recently.  The first one was of Mt. Rainier erupting, as well as a mountain that appeared to be either Mt. St. Helens or Mt. Adams.  Before waking, I also received a vision of the entire Ring on Fire activating like a string of fiery rubies, all along the Pacific Coast, from the Aleutian Island chain to South America.  The Kundalini of the planet is moving, from Nepal to the Andes.  Mother will make the necessary adjustments.  It is wise to learn to listen to your intuition so you can move to safety when the earthquakes begin in your vicinity if you live on the backbone of the continent.

My second dream was rather startling.  I “saw” several men getting their chests opened in a rather graphic way.  The next day I woke up to the news that the megastar singer, Prince, had been found dead in his residence.  The death of this well-known and loved light worker is bound to be a trigger for the opening of many a closed heart, especially for our Divine Masculine brothers.

Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and into a whole new world of beingness.  No one can do it for you; you must take the steps.  Ascension is both individual and collective.  Those who dedicate and power through the necessary inner work will accelerate their soul growth in this lifetime and move onto other assignments when the time to leave approaches.

How long I will be here I do not know at this time, but I hope to meet some of you in the future as my work here expands.  Meanwhile, I’m going to focus on enjoying those moments when I go “nuclear” and continue to expand into a full awareness and remembrance of my blessed multidimensionality.


Eliza Ayres

©All Rights Reserved, 2012-16, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, www.bluedragonjournal.com

Photo Credits:  Mine, taken on a trip to Florida





8 thoughts on “Eliza: Going Nuclear

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  2. Hi Eliza,

    I have been following your blog for a while now and I totally resonate with everything you have written. Thank you very much!
    I have something that I would like to share with you but I can’t attach it on here. send me a quick note and I will send it to you.



  3. Now…your leaps and your bounds. Thank you for sharing the journey!!!

    side note: I think the whole family of elizabeth (JB mother)( mary’s sister) is connected as …….. JB was Jesus cousin too. just a thought!!!

      • If you are familiar with the interesting book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene was also Yeshua’s cousin…and twin flame/wife…with equal powers and abilities if you like…in the book Anna shares what Eliza speaks of…how a group of women held space and energy for Yeshua during the crucifixion…in the book he survives…they take him off the cross…and he spends some time amongst them during his “ascension” process…Mary after a few years goes to the south of France to continue her “work.” Joseph of Arimathea was Mary’s father…and he was the one who took Yeshua to Britain and that area “Avalon” when Yeshua was 13…he remained in the British Isles for 3 years…

        Appreciating all your sharings, Eliza…Judy

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