Eliza: “Waves”


Eliza:  “Waves”

Soon after I arrived back “home” this morning from my long walk, I felt a strong energetic wave pass through my body.  This is nothing new as I’ve been feeling these for years, but the waves do seem to be intensifying.  I briefly felt nauseous as well, as my body sought to adjust to the onslaught of unseen but felt energies.

What can one do to combat the effects of these energetic pulses?  Nothing; your body has a huge capacity to adapt and adapt it will (or not) as the energies continue to batter our world.  We and our mother, the planet, as well as our solar system, are currently undergoing an upgrade.  Some people know it as ascension, but it is also cyclic in nature, as all universes and their smaller components undergo cycles of descension and ascension.

I have found that eating smaller, more frequent meals alleviates much of the nausea, but if you’re still feeling off, either take a walk or lie down and rest.  And drink lots of water to allow any release to flow through your physical system with ease.

Just months ago I struggled with a second bout of bronchitis, yet now I’m able to take a good two hour walk through a gently rolling environment (basically Georgia woods suburb with tarmac).  I’ve taken to enjoying the numerous birds, their songs and calls, as well as observing the flowering of native trees, shrubs, vines and plants.  Having time to be out in nature and reaping the benefits of good exercise is helping me heal faster… which aids with my ability to adjust to the increasing frequencies of our planet.

I know that I’m not the only person dealing with these energies.  Being a sensitive makes me more aware as waves pass through… and as awareness grows, I know that I’m not going to die from these changes (smile).

As more of the general population begins to wake up, the more sensitive will also begin to feel the effects of the intense energies.  Those of us who have gone through layers and layers of this transition can assist others, simply by accepting just how far we’ve come.  We’re not the same people that we were even two years ago.

With the effects of the latest full moon… which powerfully effects emotions and tends to dredge up age-old “stuff” that needs to be released… we feel the flow of our own emotions and that of the collective even more strongly.  So, it is important to take care of our body and allow for some “down time” if needed when it all gets to be too much.

Hope everyone is doing well, meeting the challenges as they arrive.  The wild roses and jasmine are blooming, so springtime is progressing here in the South.  Observing the cycles of nature have always brought peace and joy to my heart, despite whatever is going on in the world.


Eliza Ayres



2 thoughts on “Eliza: “Waves”

  1. Thank you! (Sometimes I feel so alone in the empathic, blue ray, sensitive area, including self-doubt, and under-achievement feelings)
    There are so many writers who project only positivity, success and I don’t know what else to call it.
    It has been said that I come from the Clarion or Pink Ray of Compassion, recently, that is.
    I did walk into this body. So, anyway, I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your journey.

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