Another Layer ~

I’ve been experiencing this new layer of the onion for myself. Be kind to yourself. Take a walk. Soak in a long warm bath. Watch a funny movie. Be kind to yourself… and others.



Once again with the pull of the full moon, another layer of inner density has surfaced to be cleared.
Do not be overwhelmed with the intensity.Be gentle with yourself and allow whatever is needed to come up and through you.Layers you have not been able to touch until now will ask for liberation.Understand that these were more well kept hidden secrets that you did not know how to process and have blocked your flow.Remember what it is as a passage..allowing it to pass through and out, as you thank yourself for having gone through whatever you did to becoming who you are today.
Rejoice in the feeling you are allowing your liberation..your renewed flow by enabling this process.If tears flow..let them..emotions too..embrace all parts of you..the past gives way to the new..the rediscovered true you in the making..bless this moment as truly beautiful and take gentle care of yourself as…

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