Eliza: Dealing with Bleed-through


Eliza:  Dealing with Post-Traumatic Syndrome Bleed-through

Apparently in many of my life times, I’ve worked against the accepted paradigms, enforced by whoever was in power.  For that I’ve been beaten down, destroyed and killed lifetime after lifetime.  As with anything, this kind of energy is carried through the etheric body from embodiment to embodiment.  As a result of my experiences, I have carried the feeling that I was failure, that I didn’t “do” enough, and that there wasn’t enough time to complete what I thought needed to be done.

Of course, one might dismiss this knowledge, believing that it was simply my ego that wanted to be satisfied, but I know this is not so.  I have genuinely felt like I wasn’t succeeding enough even in this lifetime to overcome what I deemed to be a failing of discipline.  There was also the existence of a reoccurring theme in this present lifetime of not being able to accept the disciplines and belief systems of others and to become a follower of some leader or guru.  I was a persistent, insistent and extremely intuitive rebel to the core.  For many years, little did I realize that this intuitive and rebellious nature of mine was what was giving me the strength to continue a deep inner journey of self-discovery into my own true nature.

In olden times, when there were the great healing temples, priests and priestesses could address such dilemmas and train one to overcome and release these ingrained karmic patterns.  However, in our “modern” times there is a denial of the continuity of life and consciousness beyond the doorway called death.  Most people do not accept the possibility that they might live again.  Most are so beaten down by their dreary lives that they cannot look beyond the next paycheck.

I’ve noted the tendency to feel like I haven’t done enough; that there isn’t enough time to complete what I’ve come here to do and so on.  It is a common theme among those who have suffered through the dark centuries, yet continued to do light work despite opposition even unto death.  Still, knowing intuitively that the work would continue, we returned again and again.

Now that the light has been successfully anchored upon the planet and the world is slowly moving through an intense transitional period where the last effects of darkness are purged, exposed and transmuted, it is time for the light workers to release the pain and suffering that still darkens their dreams and dims their spirits in time of exhaustion.

It has been a long and difficult journey, extended through numerous shortened lifetimes for myself and others, yet victory is near.  Gaia is being freed from the bonds of strife and destruction.  Despite current appearances to the contrary, I know this to be true.  Now is the time to release our last burdens, too, and give them up to be received for transmutation, integration and transformation into the light.  Now is the time to forgive our tormentors of old and to release all sense of failure and disappointment.

Sometimes when I see the endless slogans urging for positivity, light and love, I feel so world-weary and cannot feel the joy that one might expect at the end of a long fight.  There has been so much loss, so much disappointment, and so much grief.  Yet, it is time to let it go, to let the grief dissolve in the light of the returning and rising sun.

I know that I speak to those who feel out of place among some of the more shallow practices and beliefs of the New Age movement, a movement designed to create followers and to continue to disempower people.

Now is the time to own up to one’s responsibility to do the work, to recognize what was once deemed a weakness… a concern for others, a concern for the state of the world, looking beyond the needs of self and personal comfort in a desire to see fairness and abundance for one’s fellow creatures.  Now is the time to allow for healing to occur, first on a personal and individual level as an awareness of one’s continuance through many lifetimes, within many dimensions and timelines begins to surface.

It is not necessary to know details.  Sometimes it is best NOT to know them.  Yet gathering the themes of your “past” existences, whether here or elsewhere will assist in defining your level of experience and hence understanding of human nature and life here upon this extraordinary planet.  And as you begin to understand your own “mistakes” and sufferings, you will begin to feel more compassion for that of others.

Humanity is bound together by bonds of experience, of suffering and yet a will to live and prosper despite all opposition.  If it were not so, no man or woman would be alive today.  We endure and in so doing prove our detractors wrong in their determination to destroy us.  Despite the fact that I have lived and died numerous times and can remember many of those lifetimes now, I am here once more, defiant of the readily accepted societal “norms” that have been pressed upon the population by those who seek to corral, enslave and destroy the majority of mankind.  They will not succeed and their time is short.  The cycles are turning again them.  The reign of darkness is broken and will withdraw, through Divine Degree and Cosmic Law as the cycles overtake and release the bonds that have bound humanity to the wheel of karma.

I can see, now, that through my stubborn persistence and desire to see humanity and this beautiful planet free, I have persisted, as have my companions, other starseeds and volunteers.  I am not originally of this planet, yet have made her my home and project for a long time.  I’ve been told that this is my final lifetime to embody here.  Only time will tell.  Meanwhile, I continue to work on my little in-house clean up, freeing my finer bodies of the last remaining debris that stand in my way to true mastery and freedom.

Understand that what is deemed a weakness, may, indeed, be a strength and source of inspiration.  If nothing else, find a way to express your journey through creative means, whether song, dance, writing or art so that your essence can be shared with those who accompany your journey, even if they live in an entirely different culture than your own.

I have walked the sands of the Sahara, sailed across the oceans, flown in World War II, lived as king and pauper, studied in the ancient temples and ridden fine horses across the open wild spaces of the West.  Many of those who read these words may have shared a lifetime or two with me.  I greet you, my brothers and sisters, for we are One, eternally bound through the love within our hearts that further connects us to our Mother – Father, the Light of Source.



© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com

Photo Credit:  The Shoals on Line Creek, near Peachtree City, Georgia, after a heavy spring rain.

8 thoughts on “Eliza: Dealing with Bleed-through

    • I resonate deeply with your shared experiences!! I sense a connection with you, we likely know each other !
      I also am finding my multidimensional awareness expanding daily & healing similar alternate life traumas. I feel this is my final incarnation on this Planet too. It has been a long haul thru dark density & resistance so celebrating the return of Light & liberating change.
      Thanks for sharing your soul,
      Many Blessings.

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  2. Eliza –
    I meant to write just after reading this blog, but well… I was so pleased to read it because in so many ways it echoed my experience. With the recent full moon so many waves of sadness appeared in me, and for the first time I allowed them. I embraced them like a mother to a distressed child, and that felt good. For the first time I was “big” enough to accept the totality of my being in all its intrinsic messiness. My whole life I had been running away from that.

    Now, a few days later, the waves have subsided and yes, the introspection remains (they say it`s a natural element of regrogrades) but a new understanding has moved in… not an understanding of the mind, but the heart.

    I cherish and am enormously grateful for souls such as you and Maria who walk beside us in all the strange adventures of this Transition. It is important, for too many people walk this path alone – or rather they feel themselves to be alone. We are more enmeshed in this that we know. As this understanding seeps into our awareness, we are richer and more grateful. Thank you.

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