Eliza: Are You Feeling It?


Eliza:  Are You Feeling It?

In recent years, I’ve become aware that I’m an empath.  With my native clairsentience (clear feeling) I often feel what others are unwilling to express… self-doubt, frustration, depression and so on.  It is often an interesting game or ordeal to separate what energies or feelings are mine and what is not… that belonging to the so-called collective of humanity.

In recent days, I have felt a bit lost.  Perhaps it is due to being at least temporarily homeless and having no daily schedule or goals to pursue.  Whatever people say in terms of their expectations for retirement, I’ve found that while it is nice to be able to set one’s own schedule, it is also important to set goals, albeit small ones to maintain a certain sense of accomplishment.  Simultaneously, releasing all expectation and whatever dreams one might have had, creates a sense of paradox, and occasionally, some confusion and self-doubt about the direction that one’s life seems to be taking.

Last week, the planet was jostled severely by three large earthquakes, two in Japan and one in Ecuador, along the coast of the South American continent.  The emotional reverberations, like a clanging bell being rung in alarm, echoes within my own heart.  Personally, I don’t carry any sense of fear of earthquakes – I grew up in an area located a couple of miles from the San Andreas Fault in Northern California – but I sense that people in general are beginning to be alarmed that something big is going to happen on the North American continent, as well.

There is also a growing awareness that our systems, the ones currently in place, in this nation and others, are highly corrupt.  The corruption is now in your face, with coverage even appearing on mass media sources, as well as in alternative news.  Our political system in the United States is patently corrupt, something that most American voters can no longer deny as they watch their own political parties manipulate the ability of voters to even enter the polling places.  And if people can vote, their vote doesn’t count towards delegates, but is reassigned to the parties’ apparent choice with the added buffer of so-called super-delegates.  It is crushingly apparent that our so-called democracy isn’t working – and never has worked – for the people of America.

Further revelations seem to be erupting daily into everyday awareness and it is shaking the collective to their core.  The realization that assigning leaders and giving up personal power and self-determination no longer serves the individual or the collective is beginning to dawn on the average person.

Of course, I’ve personally been aware of many facts and so-called secrets for years, having dedicated time researching and reading on the Internet and keeping awareness that all is not as it seems on the surface.  Now that surface is beginning to roil, like the river in Wyoming that suddenly has turned into a hot tub due to the reopening of underground vents.  The fear of the people, long stuffed down into the collective subconscious is now surfacing to be dealt with… and those of us who are empaths are feeling the effects and dealing with the bodily aches and pains that surface as a result of handling the burst of negative repressive energies now emerging for transformation.

Does your body ache inordinately?

Are you experiencing headaches, muscular tension in the neck and occipital regions?

Are you experiencing digestive issues, including excessive gas, constipation alternating with diarrhea and nausea?

Are you feeling lethargic and without any apparent ambition?

Are you experiencing a surfeit of energy and requiring longer hours of sleep?

Do you wake up frequently at night, at specific times?

These are just a few of the symptoms that I have been dealing with of late… even for years, as my awakening has proceeded.

Of course, I was, more or less, “awake” when I landed on this planet.  I’ve experienced visions, déjà vu, colorful prophetic dreams and experienced replays of bits and pieces of “past” lives for years, long before most people even discussed such things.  I was born a starseed containing a much higher natural frequency level than most of the people with whom I had daily intercourse (daily life activities).  Being an empath allowed me the ability to adapt to the energy levels of those people around me, but I never truly “fit” in, having few friends and always questioning things as they were presented to me by so-called authorities.

Being an empath also worked against me as apparently I was always adjusting everyone else’s energy levels so I could even function.  I was sickly as a child and as an adult, developed what has come to be known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Despite all my physical suffering, I have still managed to spend many years as an active hiker and backpacker.  In nature I found solace and comfort, feeling more “at home” there than in regular human activities and social affairs.

In recent years, I’ve had more glimpses into “past” lives and have come to understand my feelings in relation to the mistreatment of nature, the rape of the planet and the misappropriation (stealing) of the lands of indigenous peoples everywhere.  These people have been systematically stripped of the right to serve as guardians and stewards of the lands upon which they have lived for millennia and have been relegated to minute portions of their former territories.  This kind of treatment has occurred on every continent and peoples of every race by those who claim to have sovereignty over others by right and by might.

The quaking anger of the planet, the unquenchable rage of the people who are slowly and painfully waking up to the reality of their existence, is growing beyond the sleight of hand and rigid control over the mass media sources by corporate and secretive powers to contain it.  The collective is beginning to shake with rage as it wakes up like a great beast from out of a long, long sleep of forgetfulness.  Mankind is beginning to remember its sacred power.  The collective of humanity is beginning to emerge out of a long dark cycle and to break free from its self-appointed leaders.  This cycle of a renewed thirst and desire for true freedom and enlightenment is only yet beginning.  The full flood is not yet upon us.

Life on planet Earth passes through cycles.  We are now emerging from a time period, called a Yuga by the Hindus, wherein great darkness (which is a lack of information) has reigned supreme.  As the solar system moves into a portion of space that is filled with more light (information) the collective and the planet, alike, respond accordingly.  There can be no holding back the old secrets of the true origins of humanity and its ultimate purpose.  There can be no holding back of regaining knowledge of the true purpose of this planet, our solar system, the existence of a twin sun and even a galaxy that is twin to our own… information that will change the course of human evolution and the life of our planet and all life contained therein.

Change is apparent as the only constant in our lives these days.  Resistance to this oncoming freight train of change is futile.  It is what it is, being neither negative nor positive, simply being a part of the experience we are here to live through.

And we are in the process of re-awakening to the realization that we are God; that our consciousness is without ending, even at the gate of death… a doorway so long feared and misunderstood by mankind.

Decades ago, I came to the understanding that God or Spirit… Source energy… lived in all things.  I knew in my heart, within every fiber of my being, that Spirit imbued everything around me with life-force energy.  I knew that the rocks were alive, that the clouds above were alive, that the plants and animals were aware and contained within a consciousness similar to mine.  I felt when stone responded to my touch, arching like a cat beneath my hand.  I felt a deep, unspoken connection between the life force within and that within the trees of the forest, within the tiny plants below my feet and beneath the soil.  And yet, I experienced disappointment when I could not find or sense a similar understanding and knowing in the people around me.

In the past couple of days, I have recognized that I appear to be suffering from the long-term effects of post traumatic syndrome, of that suffered by all star-seeds upon embodying within such a dense and darkened world.  It has been my burden and that of others like me, to anchor a much higher frequency, a much higher level of light within this world, so it might emerge gracefully and with ease into the coming Golden Age.

In taking upon the Veil of Forgetfulness in entering this world, starseeds have been compelled to struggle through layers of misinformation and conditioning, through mistrust and lies presented as truth by family members, friends and authority figures… finally arriving at a place where they can step into their own power once again.

Cracking through the layers of dross and decay, of misinformation and downright lies has only served to hone the native ability of discernment, the so-called B.S. meter, within.  Each person, each starseed, has had to arrive at their own level of understanding that enlightenment is a process of re-membering what was left behind before embodying here.

Many of us, especially the First Wavers (as defined by the works of Dolores Cannon) have served to anchor sufficient light in order to allow the following waves of starseeds to be able to embody on this formerly super-dense planet.  We have completed our stint and yet there remains a need to continue with the inner work, releasing any still remaining self-doubt and to embrace the change in the atmosphere as we rise naturally in frequency above the level of collective humanity.

We do not turn our backs on our fellow creatures, two-legged or four… creeping ones or those who fly or swim.  We are One; one consciousness united by unseen, but felt bonds of love and understanding.  Daily we learn new things. We relish in the advent of the Light, in the growing understanding of our own ability to change our world if we but change the way that we respond to challenges.

We learn to transmute the feelings that appear to arise within, knowing full well that we share them, at some level, with those around us, whether in human form, in the elements or unseen forces that stimulate change.

We work with the tools that have been given us, the Violet Flame, the Rays, with the crystals, with the elements of the planet, with the messages of stars and moons above and within.

We respond to the feelings that arise within, knowing intuitively that even though they might not originate from ourselves, that we have the tools with which to deal with them… for the sake of others who may never know of our work, our suffering and our struggles.  Never under-estimate your ability to work with energies in your own unique way, as it is up to each of us to discover or unearth what treasures are buried within our own beings.

There is no one way to return to Mastery.  And one does not require a teacher or guru to get there.  Starseeds are Masters and Teachers in the places and dimensions from which they have come… to be here, now, in this time of tremendous change, challenge and transition.  We are here as examples to register upon the Akash of this planetary body what is required to come into Mastery as an individual and as a Collective.  Humanity has a great future before it as it re-emerges from thousands of years of darkness, some of it artificial and forced upon the unknowing populace and some of it cyclic, in the nature ebb and flow of light and dark, as the Sun revolves around the Great Central Sun of this galaxy, the Milky Way.

There is much within to reconnect with.  There is much that each of us still need to release, as we do not do so much for our own sakes, but for those whom we serve.  We are here out of a desire to serve other and to hold to the truths that we hold within our heart, dedication to the Light of Source and the Law of One.

Where once dark was in ascendancy upon this planet, now it is the turn of the Light.  And with this steady change and transition into a more enlightened society comes an ever increasing need for personal responsibility and acceptance of the need to continue expand into one’s own gifts and abilities, to recognize that each person is born with something to offer to the themselves and to the whole.

For me, as an empath, I have become aware that writing assists me in working through self-doubt.  The inner “me”, my Higher Self, my true Solar Identity begins to emerge through the course of putting down words, clearing the energies and moving the stale, unresolved subconscious dark particles that have been stored within the finer emotional and mental bodies… like a course of clear water sluicing through a log-jam of rejected thought-forms.  Whoosh… and they are gone in an instant.

Know within that Spirit is not difficult to understand.  As you begin to understand your Self, as a unique individual, you begin to plumb the length and breadth of Spirit… which in fact unlimited and beyond definition.  So you are, too, immensely powerful, beautiful and limitless in scope, stretching your Presence across dimensions, galaxies, Universes and beyond knowledge.

Rejoice in the moment when you feel pain or uncertainty.  You are alive.  You are aware.  And you have the ability to release and transform your world and your experience as you take on more responsibility… the ability to respond as necessary, intuitively and in the moment.

Last night I couldn’t get to sleep.  I wiggled and squirmed like an unruly child… yet wanted to let go and release into the darkness, into the dream cycle… into another world often unremembered upon waking.  So I took some Melatonin, a natural chemical that many adults seem to lack as their brains atrophy and alter due to the aging process, etc.  Sleeping hasn’t been a problem until recently.  Last night my body felt painful and wired… perhaps the result of incoming energies from our Sun… perhaps from some other source.  Whatever was going on… it was difficult to sleep so I did what I could and was able to fall asleep… for a while.

We do what we can to adjust and adapt.  It doesn’t always work, so we adapt some more.  Our bodies are undergoing a huge change, as they begin to morph into another form, from a carbon-based structure to one that is more crystalline in nature.  If you understand crystals at all you know that crystals have the ability to hold information.  Our DNA also holds the ability to hold information, much of which has not been revealed to our scientists as yet as it is not physical in nature, but quantum; that is… our DNA exists elsewhere and simultaneously outside of Time and Space.  If you have ever felt that you’re not all here, know it as truth.

A tiny particle, perhaps no bigger than a quark of the real YOU is located within your body, within the Secret Chamber of the Heart.  This is an energy center that will be receiving more attention in the near future as more of humanity begins to awaken… as a result of the current changes that are now entering the lives of even the most resistant and reluctant of the human collective.

The leading edge of modern science, much of it still not fully accepted by established scholars and educational institutions, is slowly approaching what has always been known by those who have passed along the ancient knowledge, whether within the confines of mystery schools or through oral teachings passed from teacher to student within indigenous communities.  What has been hidden, stifled or repressed is emerging into the light, once again, to be revealed and displayed… no longer denied or rejected.

So… if you sometimes feel like you have been as a ship battered about by heavy winds and seas, know that a safe landing and secure harbor lie within reach… within your own being, within the secret chamber of your High Heart Center, as you reawaken and reconnect with the Wholeness of your Being and your true purpose in being here, today, in this Now moment, sharing your journey with others.

Namaste and blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

©All Rights Reserved, 2012-16, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, www.bluedragonjournal.com

Photo Credit:  Looking up through the hoary branches of the 2,000 year old Fairchild Oak, located in Flagler County, Florida.

9 thoughts on “Eliza: Are You Feeling It?

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  2. 4/20/2018
    That was absolutely beautiful! I, too, am feeling the ways you are lately somewhat (neck and shoulder pain so bad I can’t lift my head off the pillow in the morning-never had this in my life).. I believe that since my journey started around 1997, that I too was meant to be a “forerunner”. However, I somehow did an amazing job at stifling any and all progress for years with the help of drugs/alcohol. Which has unfortunately aided me in staying at the back of the race. Meaning, I am nowhere near your current level of action and understanding through experience and your superb advantage due to having the required knowledge to be able to make heads or tails of what the heck this is.
    So, Eliza, I sincerely thank you for being steps ahead of me and willing to hold the lantern for me while I’m stumbling my way through-doing my best to catch up. May your light always shine brightly.
    One love,
    Carrie (Divinely Guided)

    • Carrie — It isn’t a race. Each soul wakes up when the inner alarm goes off. Tazjma/Eliza just happened to be awake most of her life. It still took her years and decades to put the dots together. Taz ascended back Home in 2014. I’m here as a walk-in. Cmdr. Sundeelia

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