Eliza: Re-emergence


Eliza: “Re-Emergence”

Funny… I have to look at the laptop’s clock / calendar to figure out what time / date it is now.  Such has been this past month, as minutes, hours and days blend into no time, into Now.

Is this what it means to simply be?  If so, I’m still letting go of years of programming, while working to respond and expect to work within limitations and schedules.  Actually, outside of “work” I never did abide much with “time”; instead I chose to do what “felt” right at the time and let the rest go.

The past couple of weeks have been spent somewhere in Georgia, enjoying the lengthening days of spring, while watching the magic of new life spring forward with the trees and shrubs blooming and bringing forth sprays of a thousand shades of green foliage.  I enjoyed being introduced to an entirely different botanical palette, as the native and introduced plants grown in the Carolinas and Georgia are sometimes very different than what can be grown in the Northwest section of the U.S.

And now… well, now I’m sitting on a balcony located high above the silvery surf of the Atlantic Ocean, in a high-rise condo located on the coast north of Daytona Beach.  I never imagined that at this time in my life, I would be both homeless and experiencing such… luxury…

So why Florida; why have I finally arrived back to this place which is a physical echo of a life that disappeared under the waves thousands of years ago?

Well, I was recently told that I was a priestess in Atlantis.  Years ago, upon awaking one morning, I received a vision of such a lifetime.  The vision was of me and another, a male, standing on the edge of a cliff, watching some of our comrades, followers of the Law of One, sailing off in ships with the precious remnants of the sacred knowledge of our calling.  And then my companion and I left the cliff and returned to the great Temple where we joined our much dwindled ranks to sing prayers until the last moments when the remaining physical fragments of our island home sank beneath the waves.

Understandably just the remembrance of such trauma is painful, with skeins of the pain emerging occasionally as a fear of the ocean.  Being so close to the waves brings these memories to the surface, again, now to be resolved, dissolved and transformed.  I am here partially to re-claim my Atlantic inheritance and to reconnect to the light codes and the sacred knowledge that my soul carries within as a result of being a priestess and experiencing such commitment to the Law of One.

Yesterday, my companion on this journey and I visited the Fairchild Oak.  It is a grand old (some estimated 2,000 years old) Live Oak that stands within a shaded grove of other lesser oaks at the edge of a coastal marshland.  Driving through the countryside, filled with beautiful glistening and grassy marsh land and then through the ancient coastal forest, brought forth unexpected tears of joy, an upwelling of remembrance.  When I approached the great sprawling oak, I did so with quietude and remembrance and ended up patting and hugging a scaly, lichen-covered branch like greeting an old friend, tears spilling from my eyes.

Right now, a pair of pelicans is flying patrol above the bright surf of the Atlantic.  This is such a beautiful place.  I can barely express my gratitude in being allowed to visit such a place.  And then, raising my eyes to the sky, I see the tell-tale sign of haarp frequencies being played over Florida shore, in a bid to intensify any storm approaching these waters.  The long unnatural lines of chem-trails are still being sprayed as well, although they don’t seem to linger as long. Such are the follies of man, whose ego continues to resist the changes and higher frequencies that are pressing in upon our world.

For me, as well as many of my as yet unmet companions, as wayshowers and ascension pioneers, as we move into unknown waters and uncharted lands, there is a new vulnerability and willingness to observe the inner workings of my consciousness.  As I am triggered by things I see… for instance, driving through the evening crowds of Spring Break in Daytona Beach and observing the heaviness of the energies there, I am reminded to look within and to release whatever reaction or emotion is now revealed.

None of us can say that we know all or have transmuted every bit of emotional residue within our DNA and tissue.  This is a methodical and relentless process of release and more release, and yet there is a certain freedom as the layers come off and are given to the sun and elements to dissolve and transform.  It is a sacred journey that we are all undergoing.

Initiation within a physical body, especially one born into a dense 3D society, is not an easy undertaking.  Awakened adults of my generation probably experience more physical pain than our younger counterparts in the latter portions of the First Wave and most certainly those of the Second and Third Wave.  Fortunately, our progeny and future generations will enter a world, while still filled with turmoil, chaos and pain, will be of a higher frequency so that these children of the world can evolve at a faster rate than I have been able to at this point.

I have been told that it is time to dissolve and transmute the remainder of my many remembered lifetimes upon this planet and to reconnect fully with the essence of my multidimensional self.  In so doing, I let the song of the waves loosen the subconscious memories of pain and loss that exist within Soul and Akashic memory to be released and transmuted back to Source energy.  That and reconnecting to the power of the priestess who also exists within, allowing that ancient knowledge to reemerge into waking consciousness for it is Time.


Eliza Ayres

Photo Credit:  Native Azalea blooming in April, central Georgia.

7 thoughts on “Eliza: Re-emergence

  1. So so pleased and happy for you Eliza..
    Enjoy.. Keep on shining.. Sending you heaps of love.. Fiona xxx

  2. Thank you for this. And love for your journey. I remember the first time I read the words “The School of the Law of One” in a book. I had to put it down to cry. Coming to know others who react the same way, or remember; this fills me with hope and joy.

  3. breathtakingly beautiful…including your pictures…wonder if you tuned in at all, Eliza, to the series Outlander…I’m hooked on that time travel show…also just read or skimmed through Shirley MacLaine’s latest book..Above the Line…where she tunes into her life/lives in Atlantis whilst filming her latest movie in the Canary Islands…apparently remnants of Atlantis…my oh my…so grateful to be here NOW !! OX Judy

    • Judy… I devoured the Outlander series via the books… and have watched the first two seasons of the movies. Have read some of Shirley MacLaine’s works, too. A lot of “past” live info is being to flow, but mostly for releasing.


  4. Full circle Eliza, it seems!!!
    “I have been told that it is time to dissolve and transmute the remainder of my many remembered lifetimes upon this planet and to reconnect fully with the essence of my multidimensional self.”

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