Eliza: On Automatic


Eliza:  On Automatic

This transition has been “interesting”.  That’s my cover-it-all word for things / happenings that are a bit out of sync with how I would like to feel.

First step was getting into an automatic drive rental truck.  Mind you, I’ve been driving a stick shift station wagon for the last 23 years, a little Toyota Corolla.  The old girl was still running great, but I decided that I didn’t want to tow her cross country on this new adventure of mine, so I sold her to a friend.

I rented a 12-foot GMC Penske truck through Home Depot and promptly named it, “Buttercup” since it was very “yellow”.  When I first climbed into the truck cab (a chore on its own) I sat there awhile looking at the controls.  I turned the key, but didn’t “see” how to shift it or where the parking brakes was located.  Eventually I found things and moved forward, slowly, through the parking lot and made it back to my rental house in Walla Walla via Highway 12.  This was the beginning of my long trip, crossing 12 states on the way to South Carolina.

Friends helped me to load the truck during the next week, until the last day when I completed clearing out the house and putting the cats into their carry-cases.  The animals were understandably unhappy and started a kitty chorus that was to accompany our travel some 100 miles or more down I-84 through NE Oregon and into Idaho.

Driving automatics is easy and so I got the hang of driving Buttercup along the highways.  She moved smoothly through the traffic, picking up speed when needed.  With the help of Google maps and a paper road atlas I marked my course of travel cross country keeping in mind that it was still winter, so I didn’t go through Colorado this time.  I dropped south through Nevada from Twin Falls, Idaho, following US 93 and then cutting eastward towards Carter City, UT and into a brief drive through of the Canyonlands… a place to which I would like to return soon.

The second day was a difficult one because my older cat, Lilly, bolted, somehow escaping from her cat carrier and disappearing off into the sagebrush fields surrounding the little town of Wells, Nevada.  I have it on good authority that she’s made new friends and a new life there with an older couple.

Ivory the cat and I continued our journey, starting the third day from Flagstaff, Arizona.  I drove 8 to 10 hour days until reaching Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.  The 3,300 mile trip took four and a half days.  People have asked me why I pushed so hard to get to South Carolina.  I can’t really explain it in 3D concepts that they would understand, so just shrug off the questions.  I have new “work” on the East Coast.  What and where it is to take place has just not quite manifested yet. (Plus, the rental “period” was limited).

Hilton Head is a strange place, a conglomeration of extreme wealth and poverty, of golf course gated plantation communities side-by-side with trailer home / modest ranches primarily inhabited by the local Gullah population and the newer Hispanic population.  Three or four storied houses crowd stripped down shoreline next to salt marsh and marshy forest strips.  A six-lane avenue plows down mid length through the island passing numerous shops and businesses, as well as assorted neighborhoods and tourist resorts.  Hilton Head Island is a popular and expensive tourist destination for many starting around Spring Break and on into the summer months.

My destination was a friend’s beach cottage, which she had under contract to sale, but the sellers and real estate agents were acting very, very weird.  It took another two weeks to get the house emptied out and for us to leave the island, heading for a Georgia destination.  The closing still had not gone through as the buyers kept on insisting on getting one more “walk-through”.  Since we were no longer on the island come the Monday after, the closing attorney said “no” to any further walk-throughs and somehow the sale went through.

Now we’re in a holding pattern, betwixt and between, recovering from a difficult move and closing and beginning to figure out our next move.

Meanwhile, I’ve been observing the lifestyles of one of the wealthiest communities in Georgia, Peachtree City and being thoroughly boggled by the mindless consumerism.  My friend informs me that I’ve been living in a protective bubble by not being in a real “city” for several years.  Yes…Walla Walla is a fair-sized town, but there a collection of some 20 cars is considered a traffic jam.  In Peachtree City, the lines of vehicles are never-ending.  There is a lot of building going on, anticipating the arrival of “Hollywood” into nearby areas.  I really don’t care; I don’t like being in a place with so much traffic.  And I prefer to shop online rather than walking through a 10 acre parking lot to a bunch of boring corporate cooker-cutter shops.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of physical pain, from all the moving of furniture and stuff out of my friend’s house… and from a fall that I experienced in a parking lot.  I kind of did a slo-mo fall, landing on a wrist and knee, somehow not breaking any bones, but giving my lower back a bit of a jolt.  After a few days of rest, I’m finally feeling more flexible and the stiffness is wearing off.

Still, I’ve also experienced some solar plexus discomfort, probably associated with all the intense energies that are affecting sensitives right now… as well as the more numbed down asleep population.  And I’ve been sleeping long hours, sometimes 8 to 10 hours solid sleep.  Yesterday morning, I slept after a restless night struggling with a stomachache and ended up sleeping most of the morning away, missing a hair appointment.

In reading the latest blog post by Denise LeFay, as well as the most recent channeled material from Cosmic Awareness, it is apparent that the energies are extremely intense and that this particular time frame is one that has been intended to be the culmination of centuries of plans within plans by our so-called controllers, the Cabal, the Illuminati, et al.  Unfortunately for them, the plans have fallen apart; however, it is a time to be mindful of the role(s) that you may be playing elsewhere outside of 3D. https://highheartlife.wordpress.com/2016/03/22/keep-it-light-keep-it-love-keep-it-steady/

We were discussing how it feels like we’ve been in a loop or holding position for a while and although physical changes (like moving) have taken place, we’re not being allowed to move “forward”.  It is apparent or becoming apparent that our energy, our primary focus is actually directed elsewhere, in fighting the big battle to save Mother Earth and to bring the Shift into being.

When I feel like I can’t concentrate or create anything, I need to keep in mind that most of my energies are being utilized elsewhere and that it is okay and beneficial to rest the physical body.  Fortunately, currently I have a pleasant place to stay and have been meeting a few new people and seeing another state.  As dissimilar Georgia is to Washington State, it is still a pretty place, especially in spring.

In summation, during this transition that I have yet to complete… not having a permanent residence as yet…I have been letting go of one thing after another, especially expectations and belongings.  And it hasn’t ended yet.  We still don’t know where we’ll end up, so are exploring possibilities.  I just would like a place where I can rest, re-set and begin to explore my creativity in various ways.  Things have a way of working out unexpectedly, so I feel I need to focus on resting, observing and enjoying spring as it unfolds before my eyes in this new “neighborhood”.  I do love the birdsong in the Georgia woods!

Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres


4 thoughts on “Eliza: On Automatic

  1. Thank you for your up-date, Eliza! And please keep up your beautiful photography. It’s a wonderful way for us to join you in loving Mother Earth.

  2. Dear Eliza,
    I left the country where I had lived for nearly 17 years at the same time as you moved on. When I read your blog today I was comforted, I have been so lost not understanding why I could not make any decisions or even find any energy to look at areas, houses, or learn any of the language. I was sure this was the place for me, now, well it seems not. Though like you I am in a good and safe place – oh but all of those cars! Denise le Fay yesterday, and you today, how grateful I am to you both. Love and thanks, , Silvia

  3. Hi Eliza, thanks for the update. Its nice to see you are getting accustomed to the east coast.
    You are close to a friend who has a new / old technology that’s being tested with some great results. Maybe a trip there would be a good adventure for you. More info at
    Theraphi.net or on Facebook at Theraphi community / Thomas A. Geckler

    All the best, David

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