Sky and Sea–at the Edge of the World

DSCN0618Sky and Sea — at the Edge of the World

I’ve been in South Carolina for over a week now.  The daily experience has been rather intense and relaxed simultaneously — a profound sense of duality leading to deep inner changes.


At the beach, there is a daily ritual of an early morning walk and sometimes an evening one — avoiding the day tripper crowds at mid-day.  So we catch the early birds attentively hunting their early morning snacks at the edge of the tidal waters as they come and go over the sands.


The sun emerges above the horizon, first as a golden glow, then as a silvery ball of light filling the world with illumination and beauty.

The gulls, the sandpipers dip into and out of the gentle waves and suds.  Formations of white pelicans fly by skimming the waves, on their way to the local estuaries.  Crows pick at the clams and tiny crabs abandoned by the waters as they recede on the lowering tide.

DSCN0606 (2)

DSCN0607 (2)

As the sun rises into the sky, colors and textures become ever more vivid as the divide between sea and earth and sky is defined.

DSCN0625 (2)

Forms of life, clumsy on land, thrive in the warm waters of the estuary and sea marsh.

Dolphins swim by, seeking the abundant food sources available as the brackish water of marsh enters the ocean waters.

I’m loving this new experience… for me, a long-time mountain girl, hiker and backpacker… just to wander along the edge of the world, my temporary world, at the edge of the sea and sky.


Eliza Ayres






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