Eliza: Exposure


Eliza: Exposure

Some ten days ago I arrived on the scene at Hilton Head Island, a low-country community composed of a broad multi-layered cultural mix. There are multi-millionaires rubbing elbows or at least encountering Gullah and Hispanic residents who are primarily working in service industries, as well as assorted tourists and long-term retired residents living in or renting cottages and mansions for the week or longer.

The large island is made up of plantations, golf-orientated communities, gated and secured, as well as ramshackle trailer communities, side-by-side in an astonishing (to my eyes) mixture, butted up against second or third growth low-country forest, marsh and wetlands. Alligators roam through local waterways. Bike paths wind alongside busy avenues and quiet side streets. Long white sandy beaches stretch for miles along the ocean and sound waterways. Salt marshes are occupied by hundreds of different kinds of birds and creatures. Crows are noisy neighbors. Raccoons and opossums make nightly forays into unsecured trash bins, scattering left-overs all over the street and drives.

My friend is in the process of selling her home to out-of-state buyers. In the last week, we’ve discovered things that were hidden from her by her local real estate broker, things that should have been revealed in the original contract. It has become very apparent that she has not been represented by the agent and that others are benefiting from the sale at the seller’s expense. What has become painfully apparent is the deep underlying corruption of the local real estate establishment. While it is disturbing to encounter this kind of thing, it is also a signal to us that the 3D matrix, here and elsewhere, is rapidly disintegrating as things that were once successfully hidden from view, are now being exposed daily to our somewhat astonished eyes.

Why is this happening? My friend and I are catalysts. We serve the Whole by giving souls who enter our lives the choice to change and ascend or to resist and die. This is a soul-level choice that is now facing every human being upon the planet. Many are in the process of leaving, through various means, whether by taking their own lives, through accidental means, disease or violence. Others are leaving out of choice so that they might quickly return in a younger body more suited to the rising frequency levels of the planet and of humanity.

To judge those who are leaving is to miss the point of this soul choice. It is an individual step in a long-term evolutionary path. Not all of humanity is ascending during these next few years; it will take several generations for the entire race to integrate and reach a higher evolutionary level. During this time, each person is taking (or not) tiny stair-step increments of personal development, personal choices are being accomplished, first by those who are the way showers and path builders for the collective.

Those who choose to resist change, to cling to the old corrupt ways of doing things; “it’s the way we’ve always done things” kind of attitude will find their lives becoming more chaotic. It is the way of cycles. What first is pure and focused, matures and then begins to disintegrate and break apart. The old way of doing things, coming from a service-to-self, “I’m in it to make as much money as I can” kind of attitude is no longer effective when confronted by the new, intensive high vibrational energies of the New Earth.

When these two energies come into confrontation, it is like the waters of a river encountering the incoming waters of a tidal surge. There is an inability for these energies to blend; one will give way eventually, but meanwhile there is a push / pull between the two currents.

The “team” who is still resisting change and stubbornly clinging to the old way will find ways to test the boundaries of those who are stepping free of the matrix. This is also a test for those who are making the shift from one energy level to another. What arrives in your life is both a test and an opportunity to continue to clear the energies that are coming up for you as experience.

Both of us have been mutually triggered by the revelations of the corruption in the real estate industry, as well as returning to center and releasing the ancient karmic ties to these old energies for the collective. Through our ability to come into a neutral space, we are establishing and grounding our own sovereignty and continuing to expand into our embodiment of higher self, grounding heaven on earth, in the now, as we live daily life. And we do this for the collective, for those who are not able or aware in this moment of the changes that are arriving on our shores.

I am grateful to be here, to be free of the matrix, to be expanding in my personal development and interacting with beings who are Family.


Eliza Ayres

8 thoughts on “Eliza: Exposure

  1. Very interesting post, dear Eliza, whose content beautifully matches the tile of this week’s radio show, “Change starts within Us.”

    So, if I may ask, is the next destination for the two of you?

    Love & much Light

    • Our tentative next destination is Lafayette, GA, to stay with a friend who has a huge house. We will rest there, recuperate from the stress of packing and moving… and dealing with real estate bullies. And then, we have tentative plans to visit Florida, Australia and Bali… no time set as yet. Exciting new times and adventures in store for all. Also, will dive into art work while staying in the Atlanta area, as Maria’s friend has a studio space specifically set aside for art projects. Nice.

      Catch the irony of the Georgia town, soul brother? Much love to you and yours.

      • Thank you, dear Eliza. I will send you a copy of the invite then.

        Am planning to use one of your paragraphs, towards the end of your post.

        As to your GA destination, yes, I get the not-so-much of a coincidence name, and who knows what might happen there?

        I thought, while asking the question, that you would be aiming for a permanent destination, but it doesn’t look like it; busy travelling bees that you might/will be!

        Enjoy the journey!

        Interesting to notice the number of people who are either relocating and/or moving locally at this time. Looks like the energies want us to resettle to the right place…

        And that includes us as well! We have to get out of where we are by July 1st.

        Love & much Light, dear Sister

      • We are in the look out for a beach cottage and possibly another part-time residence, eventually. Meanwhile, going with the flow. An entirely new experience for me!

        And if you’re getting set to move, it is a good opportunity to review your belongings and lighten up!

  2. I may quote a portion of your post in the details section of invitation and will mention your name. I assume this is OK with you. Please let me know if it isn’t!


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