Impressions from a Salt Marsh

Scenes from a couple of walks in my new area…

I have arrived in a very different world.  There are so many things to learn and enjoy… the rhythm of the clouds, sun, moon and stars.  The choruses of the birds.  The feel of the wind on my face.  The endless horizon of the ocean holding secret worlds upon its bosom.  The scent of salt and marsh.  The new, craggy tough trees that grow on the edge of the marsh.  The vast intricate chains of islands, marsh and seaway that make up the lowlands of the Atlantic coastal waters.






11 thoughts on “Impressions from a Salt Marsh

  1. Dear Eliza,
    I’m glad you’re safely “home” on our East Coast. Wonderful photos, so different from you last habitat! I enjoyed your travelogue, but I’m sorry about the loss of one of your furry friends. How is the other one now? I’d be interested in any comments you might have about Tuesday’s upcoming eclipse.

    • Little Ivory the cat has taken to sleeping between the legs of an artist easel in my temporary bedroom. She is getting used to her new surroundings as am I.

      In regards to the upcoming eclipse… others address these “energies” better than I myself. I do know that I feel invigorated and healthier than I did just a few days ago. I have stepped up to a higher frequency place where things look and feel different. Still adjusting and opening to the changes that will inevitably arrive with this next stair-step portal… for those who are ready to embody more of their full selves.

  2. Dear Eliza. You are an amazing woman! Traveling on your own to start a new phase of your life. I admire you! Welcome to the East Coast. I live in Connecticut, not too far away. Looking forward to your posts and your thoughts of your new surroundings. Love & Light to you. Jan

      • Didn’t get there last summer, when I brought my daughter to Georgia. Hit every other beach up to New Jersey, though!!! Happy to see your happy.

  3. wow….you’ve moved…and we didn’t get the chance to hug…’ve returned to my old stomping grounds, the east coast…so beautiful….i look forward to hearing more of your discoveries! Did you have an Other to ‘go to’…or just exploring..?? (we haven’t been in touch for awhile) Back here in good ole beautiful Washington, an early spring and everything is greening up gently….best to you, my dear!

    • Hi sweet Su,
      Moved to S.C. to be with a soul siStar, Maria Bethencourt. She’s selling her house and then we’ll be in between permanent addresses for a short time. Going day by day right now. Got most of my stuff in storage. Own camping gear and can for a driving tour if the urge strikes. I’m retired now so can do whatever, whenever. Sweet. I could see signs of an early spring in W2 before leaving it… the buds were swelling and grass greening up. It’s spring here, too, although very different than Washington… with the palm trees and evergreen oak trees. Have been enjoying early morning walks on the beach nearby. I drove a rental truck across the continent. Quite the adventure. Did my own navigating… not all on Interstates. I don’t do GPS! Google maps, Road Atlas and my own excellent memory. Good to hear from you, sister!

  4. Hello Eliza! I love your writing. The strangest thing….I have a similar website, I am a psychic-medium, talk with Angels, my favorite is Ezekiel who recently started communicating a lot. I started researching him and found your site. I too began in 2012. A fun little hello from the universe that I wanted to share with you!
    Renee Van Tol

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