Karen Bishop’s Long Absence

A piece by Karen Bishop, one of the forerunners of the forerunners. Posting to my blog as it explains a lot of what I, too, have been going through although not to the degree (physically) as has Karen. Blessings to all the First Wavers. Job well done!

5 thoughts on “Karen Bishop’s Long Absence

  1. Thank you Eliza for sharing this. It was good to touch her words and feel her energy and to listen to her acceptance. Made me take a deep breath…it sure has been a long trip indeed….I will be 61 next week, and I was 38 when my journey truly began….and what a ride it’s been….and as she said, we lost it all…homes, family, friends, finances, even at times…our sanity …and I went back and read where I was energetically at the Lions Gate and indeed such an immense time for me and many…seemed to echo well beyond the bend of my light…..this post felt like a nice conversation at the table with a great cup of elucidation..amongst old friends…..Namaste’

    • Yes, indeed, Soulspeak. I know that I read this letter when it first came out, but I got more from it this time. These sharings by some of the forerunners are timeless in their wisdom and meant for those who find their way to the message contained within. Namaste.

  2. Indeed thank you so much for this link, Eliza…I’ve shared it “around” and others have said the same…oh wow…glad to reconnect with Karen…I look forward to delving into her blog…Grateful…Judy

    • Yes, Judy… I got a lot out of this letter, more than I did when first reading it. As we grow and change, we understand more at a deeper level than before. Pretty amazing.

  3. Thank you for sharing the great information. I myself have met a car accident and have been in lot of pain and unable to sit or do anything much. I am writing my experiences when in less pain and seems to me that I might be one of what you called Fore runners. Lot of love, hope you feel better.

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