Journal Entry 02.22.2012 – “Passages”


Journal Entry 02.22.2012 – “Passages”

What a plethora of “2’s”!  Angelic energies.

Today is the Full Moon in Virgo, called the “Snow Moon”. It is a full moon with a lot of earth energy opposed by the more ethereal Piscean energies of the month. In other words, the energy is telling us to have dreams, but get real and get to work on manifesting them. The task will not be completed without doing the work.

On Thursday, I go into the prison to turn in my badge and keys. It will be a huge turning point for me energetically as I am disconnecting from the Matrix in the form of the entity, the Prison System. This is a very low vibrational entity as you may well imagine which I have endured for the last eight and half years. Unwinding from its effects will take some time but with rest and refocusing my energies on projects that bring me joy and satisfaction should do the trick.

Right now I’m working on cleaning up the house. The moving truck is partially filled up, my general cross-country route chosen and just a few other details needed to be clarified and then this project is a “go”.

As an ultra-sensitive, I’ve been feeling the energies quite intensely these past couple of weeks during the build-up to the full moon. This report from Tiffany Stiles lists many of the effects that one might feel during a full moon period (three days before, day of, and three days after)

Most especially, I’ve been feeling the anxiety (surely heightened by the massive changes that I am undergoing) as well as sleeping poorly. Periodically (every couple of days or so) I’ve been waking up in the wee hours of the night, unable to sleep any more. And go through the day managing things, but feeling wired and tired.

I am also undergoing a major period of releasing old energy symbolized by letting go of most of my parent’s belongings that I still have, as well as items that I have bought and collected during the last 30 years. With every move that I have made in the last 20 years or so, I’ve shed a bit more each time. This move is major for me in so many ways.

I’m still taking my art gear and gardening tools as art and gardening will be two major focuses in my “new” life. The area where I’ll be moving to, Beaufort, South Carolina, is an “art” town, with lots of galleries and a lively art scene, as well as inspirational scenery and gracious old Southern architecture.

As I continue to disconnect from the Matrix, I will also be undergoing a huge transition spiritually. Life will not be the same old same old as it has been in droning repetitiveness the last few years.

Last Friday, my official “last” day of actually working, I received many hugs and well-wishes from co-workers. One lady even commented that I’m showing the way free for the rest of them, especially ones in my own Baby Boomer generation. Aware that I am, indeed, a way-shower and First Wave Ascension Volunteer, I smiled inwardly at the appropriateness of the comment and the sentiment it represented.

Letting go of the familiar has never seemed so effortless to me. I find that once treasured items contain no emotional charge any more, no sense of attachment. It is a good feeling to realize that I’ve stepped into new energy territory where it is possible to share generously with others rather to have to defend and hold onto belongings. Everything that I release is finding a good home, including food-stuffs and clothing, whether to friends or charities.

I still have much to do so probably won’t be writing very frequently during the next week or so. If I have good Internet connection on my trip, I may post impressions of my journey across the United States, as well as anecdotes about traveling with two felines. I should be passing through approximately twelve states on the way south and east, depending on weather conditions. As I am driving a moving van, I will not be doing any sight-seeing, but marking places of interest on the way for possible future explorations. After all, my time will be mine and at least short trips will be on the agenda once I am fully settled.

From the wide-open spaces and wheat fields of Eastern Washington, to the deserts of Nevada, the mountains of Arizona and New Mexico, and through Texas and the Gulf States to the lush lowlands of South Carolina, this will be a passage to remember. The Spanish Moss draped live oak-lined avenues and shining waterways of the Low Country are calling. See y’all there!


Eliza Ayres

17 thoughts on “Journal Entry 02.22.2012 – “Passages”

  1. Thanks for sharing, dear Eliza.

    I wish you a beautiful move, and an exciting new life “down south.”

    Very interestingly, I got the message Saturday evening that this Thursday would be a / the turning point.

    No idea why, but I couldn’t help noticing the similarity with your “turning point.”

    Love & much Light, my dear


  2. The practical side of my Capricorn nature prompts me to write this note, and as a result of my own travelling with two cats on a long journey, though admittedly it was not as long as yours will be. Perhaps you already know this, but I made the mistake of thinking my furry ones would be happier if they shared the same large carrier during the trip. No, they weren’t, not at all, and thus I quickly learned that one carrier for each of my beloved felines was the answer and they were much more settled when I arranged same. Safe, calm and beautiful journey vibes to you and your feline friends, Eliza. Love from me and mine, B.

    • They have two smaller carriers and one large one, where the cats can take turns. And fluffy washable beds and old towels for each. Should be an interesting journey accompanied by a kitty chorus. I do have some Calm for Felines. Thanks, Barb.

  3. Safe journey! As if you needed any help letting go of stuff, I found the “does it spark joy?” question from the Japanese woman to be very useful. And if you belong to AAA, they have these very 1950’s type road trip things called triptiks (spelling?) where they map out your route and then make a little bound book where the route is VERY easy to follow (and large enough to read, for those of us with old eyes!) — but best of all, it tells you how far it is between gas stations.

    • I was wondering if AAA has those old style map books, LOL. I went and bought a Road Atlas which will do fine. That and my magnifier glass! I’ve picked out most of the route already. Mostly on main roads that should be well marked for gas stations, restaurants and the like. The truck will guzzle a bit more gas than my old Toyota! I’ll keep the AAA books in mind if any other long-mileage trips come to mind. Thanks!

  4. Pleasant trip Eliza….
    and when you get to looking around…. a larger tree then your pictured one is called Angel Oak. Very very old I’d say maybe 900 years, and very spiritual.
    You are moving with the weather patterns…. ride them well.
    Much love and light!!!!!

    • Angel Oak, near Charleston, just to the north of where I’ll be in Beaufort. I’ll go there to see that majestic oak, which is estimated to be 1,500 years old. I’ve actually sat upon the limb of a similarly aged tree in the New Forest, Great Britain, at one time years ago. Huge old thing. I love old trees.

      Yes, I’ve been observing the weather patterns. The winter has been difficult in some places and overly warm in others, creating great spring / summer-like storms. I’ll be watching things as I travel, too. Thanks, Michael.

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