Eliza: Release

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Eliza: Release

When something or someone seems to be preventing your dreams from manifesting, look within to see the connection with something as yet not cleared, released or accepted.  That is what I have been compelled to do this day.

This past week, I’ve been very quiet, unable to write or concentrate, as packing up my household (what’s left of it) has managed to trigger a huge amount of anxiety for me. Some days, I’ve been unable to move, unable to accomplish much of anything. I had to search within to see what was the source.

And I found it, in the aspect I spent as a Native American upon lands nearby where I have been living for nearly eight years now. Since “past” lives are actually being played out simultaneously in the Now, there has been a constant bleed-through of the pain and hatred felt by this individual as a result of his experiences within this particular life, as well as his sense of failure in his inability to complete his obligations to family and home. The pain was still connecting this man and myself to the archetypes or archons that feed upon pain and suffering.

As the focus of the source of the Matrix, the Astral Plane or 4D and its grids are now collapsing and so the power of the Archons have had over successive generations of humans has also dissolved. Humanity has been freed to reconnect to the fullness of Being that they are in Truth, if it is their choice. We still exist in a free will world. I have made my choice and am now in the process of stepping off the cliff, like The Fool in Tarot. Where I will end up I don’t know, yet I go with the intention to be in service to the ALL THAT IS and all contained within it.

I thought I had successfully integrated this lifetime, but apparently have not, until today, fully and completely been able to release any and all lingering pain associated with that lifetime.

Understand that we are Creators. When we entered the Matrix so long ago, we forgot who we were and are.  We came to believe that we were created rather than the Creator of our own experience.

The greater part of our Self remains outside this Matrix and longs to join with us, here, as we anchor heaven on earth and open up to our full ability to manifest the world that WE choose to manifest.

Now, as the fourth dimension grids are falling and the power generated by the Archons through the use of siphoning off of human energy and life force is greatly diminished, we can again stretch our wings and take flight. Nothing can prevent our expansion now but us and any lingering self-doubt, lack of self-worth or fear we might still be clinging to, unconsciously, because the pain and discomfort is familiar.

The pain, suffering and hatred is so familiar that we seem to be unable to let go despite the fact that we know, in our hearts, that we will be able to live so much more fully when we do let go. In believing that we are merely “human”, subject to pain and suffering, we have come to accept that it is our lot in life, but this is a LIE.

As long as we feel separated, we will create the mirror of being separated in our outer world. So, we must take responsibility for letting go of anything, any feeling, any memory, any person or experiences that we feel is holding us back and realize that WE (you and I) are the only ones in charge of our lives. Only I can change my attitude and outlook and feelings about anything that appears in my life. No one else is responsible for how I feel, not my friend, not my relatives, not my co-workers, not the government or any other authority figure or institution.

I choose to let go completely the pain associated with being wrenched from my homeland and the bones of my father. I choose to let go of the hatred I feel towards the government and their lies and manipulations that even to this day they continue. As I let go of the pain and suffering of my past life, I release and disconnect from the archetypes that have siphoned off my life force and brought me to my knees, old before my time.

Our world is changing. Our world is changing because WE are changing. We are becoming the great beings that we always been, even living within the tight confines of this now crumbling Matrix. We are rejoining the greater portion of our Spirit that exists outside of time and space… which are, in the end, only illusion, only Maya.

In truth, we have no beginning and no end. There is no Big Bang. There is eternal life, infinite life and once more we are re-connecting with the life force that will guide us forth into a new way of being. And yet it is imperative for all who wish to step completely into their power and beauty once more, to take the responsibility for cleaning those closets out, those dusty corners, those dirty windows and allowing the love force to re-ignite the Heart within.

In choosing to release the pain, the anxiety, the suffering, you choose to live free of all encumbrances. In setting those whom you love free, you allow them to be within your life or not, out of their own choice. In accepting responsibility for your choices, your feelings and thoughts, you come into the self-mastery required by those who are reconnecting to the power that they are as Creators. You are a Creator. It is YOUR choice, as well, to decide whether to stay where and how you are today or to step into the great and fluid unknown that is our true birthright as eternal beings.

This awareness that I have arrived at today is a big one for me and yet very insignificant in the greater scheme of things. It is, however, a last puzzle piece that will allow me to move toward on and into the next phase of this “life”, dissolving all ties to this or any other place or lifetime or experiences shared with others. I am no longer connected to the pain or the suffering. I fully release these emotions and all associated thought-forms, as well as all oaths, bonds, pledges, promises and contracts from any and all lifetimes and connections made while embodied within this disintegrating Matrix.

There is only ONE being but until we get past the self-imposed limitations that we have placed around ourselves, we will not be able to fully step into what is lying in wait for us just beyond the horizon, a world of our own making, one that holds the essence and manifestation of our highest dreams. It is a world that is full of love, joy, truth, abundance and freedom.

Let go of the doubt and fear, let go of the sense of separation, let go of the self-hatred. Discover the force within that can dissolve all fear and hatred, all pain and suffering. It is love, a powerful force that can literally move and shape mountains. Feel the fire within your heart and jump.

I am letting go of all that I have known, all that has kept me from moving forward, from living the full and creative life I have always wanted to experience. So I have dug deep and discovered the hidden source of the sense of loss that I have experienced in this lifetime, this culmination, and this “top life” that now serves as the integration focus of ALL lifetimes spent here and elsewhere, in other dimensions, solar systems, and universes and so on.

The hidden parts of self, the parts that seem unable to love and to feel, are those with whom we most need to love and accept and re-integrate to go forward as a healed and whole being once more. You will reap untold benefits if you do the work and do it with joy.

And so it is.


Eliza Ayres

9 thoughts on “Eliza: Release

  1. A wonderful and heart felt testament Eliza…isn’t it simply amazing how as we make movement forward…as we walk edges and cliffs, that the Soul we are, opens the opportunity for further expansion of reviewing and releasing…and then..the great potentials come into our view that have been in place beyond the bend of our light…I too have completed a review of all that came before Now…immense truths pure and bittersweet…and such a glorious gratitude that is in my heart…indeed, the outcome is glorious. Blessings in all ways as you walk with the Sun dear friend…Namaste’

  2. Dear Eliza,
    Thank you for sharing your journey, abundantly.
    I am so happy that I never had to go through the remembrances of those past lives. so that I could forget them as we evolve. but through your writings I realized what I didn’t need to know… to go on. I have learned one thing through this all…….I Am Higher self/selves I Am.
    Blessings to your next steps forward!!!!

  3. Powerful sharing today, thank you. Many words you shared struck right to the heart of what I am also facing. Thank you, and blessings on your journey!

  4. And please don’t forget, when all the releasing is done, to welcome in those simultaneous selves who are experiencing the joy of adventure and newness and so want to be with you as you set out into the great and glorious known and unknown. And even perhaps your Native American self could use a trip across the country with cats in tow. Bravo, Eliza, you are a brave heart, but then all of our simultaneous selves must be to have come here and then forgotten. Love, B.

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