Eliza: “In Molt”


Eliza: In Molt

Folks who raise birds will know what “molt” is, when the bird’s feathers fall out and new ones appear. For me, it symbolizes a kind of falling apart at the seams, a huge release, and a kind of letting go of all that no longer serves. Some forms of reptiles go through this process, as well, as the skins of snakes and lizards fall off, leaving a shiny new skin behind. I am in the process of becoming something new, as we all are, whether conscious or not. I can choose to be in resistance or go with the flow. I have chosen the latter way.

I am releasing hugely my material goods, everything gathered within the last twenty years of living, symbols of comfort or what I “might” use someday. Objects are energy, too; and can stifle one’s ability to be able to move, act and to be, especially if they have become somewhat a burden. Moving cross-country with a household of goods is expensive, even if it is a small house, so out it goes. It is a familiar theme for many restless Americans; we get rid of the old stuff and buy new. Except here and now, I do not intend to buy much other than what is strictly necessary; keeping what remains of my belongings lean and pared down.

Of course, I’m an artist and so some of those items will accompany me, the paints, brushes, some canvases and drawing pads. And, of course, I am taking my camera, which goes everywhere with me as one cannot predict when the lighting will be extra special during the day. These are photos that eventually end up on my blog.

Letting go of my job is easier. I tend to be a very responsible, hard-working, dependable kind of employee who quietly does their job. And as a quiet person, I want to just leave as quietly without fanfare. My friends at work want to send me off in a big way – some of them are more excited for me than I am at the moment – something that I am resisting a bit. I can sense that these folks are quite aware that they are in bondage and yearn for the courage to strike those bonds themselves. They would leave also were it not for financial considerations and so on, the old matrix way of thinking. I am serving as a source of inspiration for those older employees who may just take it upon themselves to “retire”, too.

Yet as one life ends… and yes, it is a little death… another one is beginning to unfold. Just where and what I will be doing is still unclear. At any rate, I will continue with my writing, photography and artwork and Maria will do whatever she is called to do, as well.

The cross-country trip that looms before me, while a bit daunting, still appeals to a bit of gypsy within. I also love to study geography and maps, perhaps a bleed-through of one of my “past” life-times. When flying cross-country, if weather allows, I have my nose plastered to the window looking at the scenery below and trying to discern “where” we are flying over. Thanks to this love of maps, I have seldom been lost during this lifetime or for very long. I also have a sense of where I am going, what feels “right” and what does not and have learned to immediately respond to that intuitive message. Acting on intuition has saved me from getting stuck on a snowy road in the midst of a snow storm in the Olympics, for instance.

If I have learned one thing in life and that is to “listen” to your gut, that not so subtle warning of danger, it’s time to change direction and go another way. In our busy lives, we have a tendency to ignore this inner nudge, which is a cruder aspect of our intuition, until we get into trouble as a result. This is where a person needs to begin to honor their body, that vessel of infinite intelligence which attempts to communicate with us in critical moments of decision so that we might also prepare for those times when a more delicate tuning inward is also required.

Right now, those who are on the awakening curve are learning to refine their ability to listen within, to respond in the moment to the intuition, to hear their “Teams”, to adapt and expand their ability to see and feel beyond what is yet possible for many “humans”.

Our race… which includes everyone in a human body within this time period bar none… is undergoing an intense period of evolutionary development. We can speak of the small majority of people who have no wish to relinquish their control over humanity at this time and who are well aware of this cycle of transition that is now upon us, yet these ones, locked into their own ignorance and inability to comprehend the nature of the energies supporting the transition… these beings are acting as goads for the rest of us, driving us ever onward towards freedom.

Humanity contains within it the seeds of 22 galactic races, including that of the Reptilian and one that is not quite as well known, the Pal Taa. The latter is an ancient race from another Universe, one that cannot be overcome, one that contains the seeds of divinity within. And even the Reptilian blood, the much maligned Reptilians… this is the blood of the Dragon race, related to but not the same as the brazen warriors that invaded the Orion System and who have destroyed thousands of worlds and civilizations throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Dragons have awakened. Everywhere I go whether in the physical or online I am beginning to meet persons who are identifying themselves as being a Dragon. In truth, all of humanity contains the blood of the Dragon. When you see the Dragon, you will know that the integration has arrived. I have been aware that I had several lifetimes as a Dragon for about seven years now, hence the title of my blog. And Maria, intuitive sensitive that she is, has told me that I AM a Dragon. Apparently, humans come in carrying one or more of their spiritual genetic lines. Some humans are more Angelic, some Dragons and others, well… not human at any rate.

Maria has gone one step further (a huge one!). Maria has met the Dragon. She can see her guardian Dragons; they go everywhere with her. I have yet to meet the Dragon, which is a powerful activation of the Kundalini, as the Dragon melds with your being consciously. This is the conscious integration of one of the highest multidimensional aspects of Self and a phase in the opening of the inner eye, known as the Third Eye or Pineal Gland. It is by this gland that one begins to see and experience worlds and dimensions that our physical eyes cannot penetrate. It is by this “eye”, the first eye of the human vessel that was developed long ago, by which early humanity was able to “see” and experienced, albeit unconsciously, the connections between self and other.

Humanity, as a collective, is entering the phase of evolution where this third eye begins to open (actually re-open at a higher spiral of evolution), as the individual gains mastery over thoughts and emotions, as the seeing can be sometimes startling, even frightening to those who cannot maintain a neutral stance. It is when all is revealed and the presence of very strange beings, physical and non-physical become apparent. It is a realm where few but well-trained shamans and mystics or psychedelic drug-users have penetrated until these present times of transition. Those people, who have used drugs to reach the lower aspects of this domain, are ever altered or destroyed, depending on their internal natures and ability to change their lives. When the third eye is opened permanently, you are forever changed and must adjust accordingly, go “crazy” or die.

The Dragons have this to say about intuition (see http://www.eyewithin.com/DRAGONenergy.html ):

“Of course, intuition is the place in each of us that always connects us to our origins. We are all “pieces” of the same puzzle, and our intuition will always recognize that “peace” is knowing that all is Love and you are one with Love. You can access the purest form of Love inside yourself at any moment. “Peace” is knowing. It is knowing that you have a place inside where Light shines the brightest. Following the path illuminated by your brightest Light will always lead you to a place of Peace.”

Through the years, especially while out hiking, backpacking or camping alone, I have come to trust and listen and feel for my intuition and its messages. It is this “training” that is now coming to the forefront of my life as I step into the grand unknown beyond the energy fence of the Matrix.

I can “see” things but more through clairsentience, by “feeling” them. I do not receive clear visions, just pieces and then can focus and begin to form a story behind the vision. These come as downloads, like bundles of laundry, to be sorted out over a period of minutes, hours and sometimes days. Pieces of information arrive sometimes without the rest of the puzzle. It is up to me to take the assorted bits and synthesize them into something intelligible. That is what happens with my writings… bits and pieces of “information” garnered through years of reading and exposure to stories, lectures and teachings, are gathered up and sewn together in one delivery. It’s not something that I do with great deliberation as the words typically come out in a flow.

These past few days, I was experiencing some difficulty in writing down my thoughts and experiences. Occasionally and sometimes quite often, the tap is dry or turned off. It is those times that I need to rest, let go and allow whatever is brewing within time to sort itself out. I was experiencing some difficulty writing this morning, but finally the tap has turned on…

This last week, I started to consciously become aware of the waves of energy coming in. I have been somewhat aware of their presence, but now a correlation with the inability to sleep has occurred to me, with the arrival of yet another wave. There have been two this week, so far, that arrived, with me waking up in the middle of the night, feeling like I had consumed several cups of Turkish coffee, unable to sleep. There was a general feeling of being “wired”, with nerves on fire and tense, and a subtle (or not) feeling of anxiety, not all of it being “mine”. One night I’ll sleep quite hard; the next, I’m wide awake and then exhausted as I still have to go to work. When I retire, in a couple of weeks, I will be free to adjust my schedule to allow for cat naps during the day when I cannot manage to sleep all night, allowing for my body to more quickly accelerate the process of change within, which has been somewhat slowed down due to the demands of my presence in the prison.

Maria spoke of the grids being out of whack. I’m not yet sensitive enough to their presence to “feel” that deeply, but I trust her feelings implicitly, all the while checking how I feel, too. I know that I am beginning to pick up on the subtle changes in atmosphere, which are registering in my changing body.

As I have mentioned in the past articles, I am a First Waver, one that has gone deep into the Matrix as a system-buster. Maria was describing to me what I have been doing these past few years, basically clearing the collective karmic energies of thousands of people throughout the prison system, my town and the region in which I live. I’ve been anchoring the energies and restraining the grids so they would not shift too soon or too violently as Mother (the planet) expands and shifts during her transitional period. When I leave, big changes will happen. Just what I don’t know, not presently having the foreknowledge, but change will come; I’ve seen it happen to other industries in which I have worked. When the Light penetrates into a system through the physical presence of a Lightworker, that system is forever altered in ways we cannot yet predict. We must simply observe and see what happens.

The other day, I received a comment from a troll who mocked my declaration that I was a “sacred scribe”. I was told that I am a Scribe, sacred or otherwise, by others, for several years now. It has taken a while for me to come into acceptance of that office and mission, but I have now in declaring myself thus, whether or not other people are comfortable with this declaration. Their opinion is not important. It is how I feel about myself that is important here, in accepting the gifts given to me by Spirit and remembering that I am more than what appears in the mirror.

As per usual, in keeping the sovereignty of my space and the atmosphere clear, I chose to delete this comment. I find it amusing to think that I’m a target for trolls now, but the popularity of my article, “We ARE Disclosure”, probably has made that inevitable. Still, those who are intent on causing self-doubt by attacking me know that I will delete your comments. This blog is a creative endeavor upon my part not a forum for discussion on the validity of my claims. You have a choice to believe or not, to suspend belief or simply leave. Your comments do not affect or lessen my lifelong dedication to the expansion of my consciousness and the sharing of that process, my journey, with others. Be warned, though, dear trolls, you will face the consequences of your actions. It is Cosmic Law that overrides anything that can be created by regressive humans.

Okay… I’ve written enough now, at least for this article. I tend to ramble as different aspects of what I am experiencing come to mind.

Go in joy, go in peace, and go in love, as you are all those in Truth, my beloveds.


Eliza Ayres
© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

3 thoughts on “Eliza: “In Molt”

  1. I really feel like a ‘follower’ because I so admire your profound describing of your Path and feel so attracted to the multifaceted nature of your sharings….Before I can at last take my own big step you are my wayshower of the highest order and forgive me for saying but these days your articles take such another beautiful turn that it is almost like reading a continuing story piece after piece which are in itself cliff hangers…….thank you so much! Love!

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