Thank You!


La Ballena Playa

Thank you to all my readers for the tremendous response to my article, “We ARE Disclosure”!

As noted, this piece was written in the pre-dawn hours spontaneously, channeled from Higher Self.

I want to welcome new readers.  And to most sincerely thank those who have been with the blog from its beginnings.  I love and appreciate all of you!

It looks like I am entering a new phase in the work that is emerging.  Since I will be “retiring”, I will have even MORE time to devote to my writing.

We are ALL entering into a new adventure as we open to who and what we truly are, an amazing species, one that is currently undergoing an unprecedented leap in evolution called Ascension.

As we venture further into unknown territory, where no human or for that matter, other species has gone before, more and more will be revealed.

I fully intend to share what I encounter as I open up more fully to Source Energy.  There is so much that has been hidden and suppressed.  As we open to an awareness of what and who we truly are, we will meet our Galactic cousins and friends who are eager to share with us as equals and sovereign beings.

This is an amazing journey!

Namaste:  I bow to the divinity within you!

Eliza Ayres

5 thoughts on “Thank You!

    • Thank you for asking, Sarah, however I’ve actually never done a reading on anyone except in the midst of conversation. I would suggest that you contact Maria Bethencourt, who does offer such services. It may that I choose to do this kind of thing in the future, but right now am not in the proper frame of mind to heal or read any clients. Blessings. Eliza

  1. You rock, Eliza! One read of your “Thank you” and energies go zoom, up and up and away. I am so with you about meeting our Galactic friends and family. So be it. Love you, B.

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