Eliza: We ARE here!


Eliza:  We ARE here!

When I feel or listen within, I’ll often hear this phrase from my Team, “We are here!” For me, it has been a source of comfort, a way to tune into the channels that I listen to… which has nothing to do with 3D radio reception.

This phrase is beginning to take on greater meaning for all light workers, especially those who are passing through the portal NOW, from 3D/4D to 5D.  My interpretation of this portal is that when we fully emerge on the other side, our multi-dimensional Selves will be fully anchored HERE, within our consciousness.  We will no longer be human.  We will be fully our true nature, although still passing in appearance as human beings for the time being…

I AM a Galactic Emissary and Scribe.  In my various articles written over a three-year period, I have shared some of my galactic ancestry.  This is not a fantasy that I’ve built up to feed my ego; it is real, tangibly real.  We ARE disclosure and we ARE here now.

It is necessary for all galactic emissaries now to take up their mantles of divinity and proclaim themselves to the world.  There is no more hiding or pretending to be something that we are not… and that is human.

I am in no way denigrating the human species.  I am here out of love and in service to assist in freeing humanity… but there comes a time when even an embodied emissary needs to step back and allow humanity to make its own choices and to experience the consequences of its own mistakes.

As the vibrational frequency of the planetary accelerates and rises, as evidenced by the increase in the Shuman Resonance, the time before the Law of Cause and Effect plays out for individuals, communities, nations and corporations is being shortened tremendously.  Those who are not in alignment with Cosmic Law will feel the effects of almost instantaneous manifestation of the blow-back of their miscreations.  If they have stolen from others, they will suffer the loss of what they have taken.  If they have murdered someone, they will die through violence.  If they have willingly and knowingly abused any form of life, they will suffer the consequences.  This is the law.  It can be mitigated when an individual fully surrenders and opens their heart.  That is when the Law of Grace comes into play.  That is the reason the Violet Flame is so present in this time as we move into the Age of Aquarius… it is the Flame of Forgiveness, of Transmutation which enables all miscreations, willingly and consciously surrendered to go into the fire and to be transmuted, transformed and made as new.

This is the time when all hearts will be read by their Higher Self, who removed and neutral from human interaction and drama, evaluates the readiness of the soul within any one individual, whether or not they are prepared to endure the transmuting fires of ascension.  Make no mistake… if you haven’t noticed it before, ascension is not a process to be taken by the faint of heart or by those who wish an easy journey.  It takes determination, surrender, a willingness to accept personal responsibility for one’s actions AND thoughts, an ability to adapt and adjust to the flow of the moment rather than planning one’s life to the minute detail.  It takes great courage as the body is subjected to the pain and discomfort of the transforming process as one’s cells are reconfigured from carbon (666) to crystalline matrix, and expands into Light Body with the activation of the personal “space ship” the MerKaBa.  It took Jeshua bar Joshua 32 lifetimes in which to prepare for ascension.  And he was already a highly advanced being.  Those forerunners who are undergoing it now here upon Earth have already completed the process elsewhere.  They are undergoing a reiteration of the process to establish a pattern or template for those of humanity who will be ready to undergo the path of Initiation now or in the future.

Make no mistake, eventually ALL of humanity will undergo ascension, but many are not making the cut now.  Some will physically die; others will be replaced by walk-ins, who will exchange places through mutual soul agreement.  Over a year ago, I was slated to walk out, but my contract was renewed and so I still remain to complete the work I so wanted to do.  The new walk-ins will be arriving fully conscious and ready to perform their chosen work.  They will NOT identify with the life lived previously by the walk-out, but will immediately go to work adjusting their lives to suit the needs of their chosen missions.  It will be very disruptive to existing families and friends, but in these times, change is coming into everyone’s lives.

Cosmic Laws are not fluffy.  They are immutable and completely neutral.  During this cycle of Ascension, it is expected that those individuals who feel that they want to ascend begin to act as adults and accept the full consequences of their actions and how they treat others, animals, plants and the planet.

Humanity has been conditioned through thousands of years to expect an outside savior to arrive on the planet to save them.  It’s not going to happen, folks, no matter what form you believe that savior will take, whether the Lord Maitreya, as the next Buddha; Jeshua ben Joshua as the returned Christ; the holy Iman to deliver all good Moslems from the evils of idolatry and Western civilization; the Jewish Messiah, to give back the sacred land of Israel and rule as a sacred King; or even Lucifer / Satan to deliver the Cabal members from their folly and tribulations as karma begins to land on their immaculately well-kept lawns.

A mature soul needs NO intermediary between itself and Source.  There is no need for a priest, a rabbi, a minister, a scholar or any other human-created authority to interpret the language of Spirit to the open heart of a fully awake, committed and aligned individual.

However, this is exactly the trap that has ensnared humanity into believing that it requires a savior or perhaps several dozen.  Even… and perhaps with great deliberation, it has been put forth into the New Age community to expect the arrival of ships, that will pick up those who are ready and take them to a place of safety until the Earth shifts and resettles.

The ships are real.  They ARE here as support for the ground crew who is embodied here disguised as human beings.  However, in following the Prime Directive, they will NOT land as long as there is ANY possibility that humanity will panic and fall into stress and chaos as a result of their presence.  What’s more, they will only land when the frequency level has risen to the point where it is as comfortable for them as it is for us.  It is a challenge for the galactic races to maintain a physical presence here in what has been an extremely dense environment.  So, it is up to the Ground Crew to perform the main tasks of Disclosure and to anchor the Light codes that will enable humanity to evolve on their own.

The galactics and angels recognize the sovereignty of human beings even if most humans do not.  They will not interfere where they are not wanted.  When enough individuals rise in frequency to where they can see the ships without fear, with permission they will be transported aboard in light body so they can consciously participate in the various councils who are overseeing the evolution of humanity and the ascension of Earth back to her original spiritual blueprint as the planet Tara, ensouled by the great Soul, Gaia.  Many of us already partake of these councils, reporting to our mentors and sponsors, although few carry the memory of these meetings upon waking .

The percentage of AWAKENED light workers, who are fully aware of their galactic origins, is minuscule compared to the population of humanity, over seven billion souls.  We are here as anchors for the Light, for information to enter through our bodies, to be transformed and stepped down, so that it might be made available for humanity, WHEN they reach the level of resonance where they can HEAR, SEE and FEEL the information, the codes,  the messages.

Read the words of Jeshua… there are many who will not hear what we have to say or accept what we claim to be.  They will accuse us of being liars and quote passages of their various holy books to prove a point, but that means nothing to me.  I KNOW that what is said in The Bible was written and heavily edited by men seeking to control access to knowledge, to information.  They did NOT want the masses to know or to remember or to connect to Source outside orthodox and approved institutions. In fact they do not want humanity to connect to Source at all, but to those false gods who have infiltrated the astral realm and influenced the leaders to keep the masses down and under their collective thumb.  And so the intense conditioning of religious individuals to live in a spirit of separation from those who are “different”, i.e., do not follow “OUR” rules and do not believe OUR doctrine.

I lived for a time within what would be considered a cult by some.  I KNOW and have experienced what it is to have almost every aspect of your life set out and defined by another who deems themselves as being more evolved or holy than yourself.  All religions are cults, my friends, designed to control and divide.  If my words upset you, I will not apologize.  I would, however, suggest that 1) you keep an open mind and read on for obviously if you have found your way here, you are searching for something undefined that you cannot find within the teachings of the religion into which you grew up; 2) decide that this material is not yours and go elsewhere.  Take responsibility for whatever feelings arise within and do not attempt to project your hatred or confusion upon me.  It WILL return to you immediately as I AM a Dragon, a member of an ancient race from another Galaxy and I am FULLY and HUGELY protected.

I know that there are individuals who grow up within a church, within a religion whose hearts are so pure that they are unaffected by the machinations of their religion’s leaders.  They simply love.  I met a few of these individuals while in Costa Rica.  They are happy people who love life.  Despite some of them living in what we, as Americans, would consider dire poverty, they laugh, sing and dance, they enjoy eating and having parties… they are fully into the moment, into the Now.  These dear ones ARE fully in alignment with sacred law, even if they are not consciously aware of its existence.  And they are so dearly loved by the elementals, the Angels… and those who guard this realm.  These simple people will pass without pain and suffering into 5D because they are ALREADY there within their hearts.

There is a FIRE within that is rising.  Codes long locked down and silent are being activated.  Even as I leave this place within the next month or so, I will be also be leaving the Matrix and all that it stands for.  I can already feel the next phase of my reason for being here beginning to unfold.  Maria gave me a phrase for it, “sacred scribe.”

It will be my “job” to write, in part, about galactic history, about the history of this planet.  There are other scribes who are working on similar missions as one cannot do it all.  Our words and stories may be different, but in the end, it is the codes embedded WITHIN the material that are important for the reader to absorb.  And only the reader can tell whether or not the material resonates for there are many levels of understanding possible depending on how advanced in the ascension process one is… or is not.

I’m feeling very fiery right now, my dragon tail twitching, so I need to move.  I will continue on later after posting this piece… when my crumby internet connection allows.

Many blessings to all of whom arrive here!  You are my sisters and brothers, human and galactic.  We are One in Source and some day we will ALL be revealed in the fullness of our divine beauty (which has nothing to do with physical appearance!).


Eliza Ayres

6 thoughts on “Eliza: We ARE here!

  1. Enjoy your comments. I am new to this & I am trying to ascertain the truth of what you are writing. I do think we live in interesting times………if ascension is really possible for worthy souls then this would be the time for it.

    • Thank you, Ed. Just keep an open mind, listen to YOUR feelings as to what resonates to you or not. You have a choice. Follow the little nudges from within and hone that ability to decipher your OWN path. It matters not what I say or what another author says. This new way of doing things is more like that of the Gnostics who were so famously declared heretics by the founders of the Orthodox churches, Roman and Greek. If you dare, join our party, brother. The Divine Masculine is more than welcome. Eliza

  2. Namaste and well said, sister ! Tribes are gathering indeed.
    The beauty of it is we are finally gathering as should be, meaning mixed bunches. Shamans and Scribes and Light Warriors and Meditators and Natives and so forth.
    so happy to see you ending that chapter of your life, and starting a totally new adventure/endeavor.

  3. Thank you Eliza! Powerful words that resonate deeply. Your words have been such an incredible support for me during these turbulent times.
    Much love

  4. Ah, Dear Eliza,
    I feel you’re making a move , and not just physically.
    Please keep writing on…. Oh, sacred one!!!!

  5. Thank you, Eliza, from one Dragon to another. This one has been hiding, hibernating, and is awaking to the Light kicking and screaming in some ways over many years now. Yet in other ways it is all so familiar, home. Thank you for being a part of helping me (and others) find ourselves again, and our roles in it all.

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