Eliza: Embracing Your Power


Eliza: Embracing Your Power

As a woman growing up into a male-dominated world, it has been an “interesting” process of discerning “who do I believe?” In the end, I’ve come down to the conclusion that you need to learn to trust your inner guide, your intuition, despite the fact that it often leads you in directions that can frighten and intimidate the “nice little woman” inside.

As women, we have been taught to take a second, usually lesser place than males, even if we have managed to “make it” in the “real world”… which isn’t real at all. A woman who becomes like a man in the business world or any other male-dominated institution including the church, often has to do so at the cost of her femininity. I am not talking about the social niceties here, like wearing good clothing, exhibiting fine manners or swearing like a teamster.

It takes great strength of character to BE a powerful woman in a man’s world. It takes even more strength and determination to break through conditioned reflexes pounded into your brain and body since childhood.

When I first took up blogging some 3.5+ years ago, I was encouraged by a male pen pal. We exchanged emails furiously for over two years. I was spontaneously channeling answers to rather obscure questions that addressed things not well known in current historical documentation… or rather suppressed or hidden knowledge. My friend had been a mentor in a “past life”, as a Druid. I had re-experienced portions of that traumatic lifetime previous to “meeting” him online through a forum group. We “knew” each other, recognized our mutual energy signatures immediately. Although not an official mentor this lifetime, this man encouraged me to find my own voice and to write about my journey and so I have.

Both women and men have remarked on the power and flow of my words. I can tell you quite readily that they flow THROUGH me from other realms, especially pieces like one I wrote recently, “We ARE Disclosure.” I wrote that piece in less than two hours, with very little editing. I am a scribe for Spirit, as many of those who write honestly in blogs are as well.

I would encourage anyone, especially women, to take up journaling if you have any interest in writing. It is an excellent way to reach clarity and understanding about what and who you are within. You can express your TRUE feelings without holding back. It is not necessary to share your writings with others through mediums like Facebook or blogs, but be completely honest with yourself.

I’ve been avidly reading books since I was eight years old and fortunately received fairly decent education growing up in America. Those who are from younger generations will have to exercise more self-determination to break through the conditioned ignorance into which the educational system has fallen of late. Read, read, read… explore, question and do. Don’t simply become a receptacle for someone else’s thoughts and methodologies or regurgitate really tired philosophies; think and feel and determine what fits YOU!

Through my writing and in reading the various comments of my readers, I have come to realize just how powerful the written word can be, especially in reaching those who tend to be shy and sensitive, yet at the same time, deep thinkers and feelers.

The words that come through me, like those of other writers, are encoded with light frequencies, which are designed to activate, simulate and perhaps catalyst those who are on the edge of being more aware of who and what they really are. None of us are as we seem on the outside. Humanity has the potential to reach divine heights, as well as profound depths. We are energy beings and respond to each other intuitively through our feeling (emotional) body, whether or not we acknowledge this process.

Currently, humanity has reached a point in its collective development where there exists what seems to be extreme manifestation of polarity… a kind of “never the twain will meet.” There will be people with whom you cannot communicate due to the fact that they are shut down… meaning their hearts are closed down usually in defense mode due to fear. You have to respect their unwillingness to open and allow them the right to experience the consequences of their choices; this is free will and respect for personal sovereignty. At the same time, you need to be able to stand your ground, defend your space and simply say, “NO!” to those who would attempt to bring you over to their “side”. To defer to others at this point is to give away your own sovereignty and power. This is exactly what women have done or have been forced to do through centuries of overt subjugation by the male of the species. That time is OVER, ladies!

With the advent of the Age of Aquarius, there is a corresponding return of the sacred Divine Feminine energies. These energies are carried within both genders and find the greatest degree of balance within those often stigmatized individuals who experience themselves as wanting to be the “other” gender or transgender in nature. Feminine energies are simply more intuitive and can be extremely overwhelming to the unprepared. Observe the strength of “mother love” in animals and devoted parents. It is intuitive, it is powerful and you better respect it.

The reason behind the confusion of genders is that we are NOT our bodies; they are vessels for Spirit, vehicles for expression while in physicality. For so long, humanity has been conditioned to believe that it was the body that was important, its appearance, vitality and so on OR the body was to be denied, punished and brutalized because it was inherently dirty and evil. Women have been confused about their bodies, uncomfortable with their shape, and unfamiliar with the powerful feelings that can surge up due to hormonal shifts.

The body is a sacred vessel, to be honored and listened to carefully for it carries within an inherent wisdom, communicated through the intuitive powers of the cells and especially the heart center. The heart carries more electrical impulses than that of the brain and it is through this feeling center that you connect with Source energy… from which we have all come.

In attempting to reconnect to this internal power source, you need to allow for the clearing of all that is not yours. This broad category includes thoughts and beliefs inherited from family, friends and culture, emotions that you have willingly or unwillingly taken on for others, unconscious motivations stemming from “past” lives (all lives are lived simultaneously in the NOW moment). Those who are sensitive in nature are especially vulnerable to the manipulations of those who would utilize or feed off their “good” vibes for their own selfish benefit.

Women and men do NOT need to be victims to be socially acceptable, responsible adults. And they do NOT need to victimize others in order to be successful in the world. If you choose to consciously hold your ground and step into your power, you will encounter some forms of confrontation, but mostly confusion and disbelief from those who have siphoned off your energies for years, consciously or unconsciously.

Sensitive folk also tend to internalize guilt, blame and shame, projected upon them by those who prefer to be dominant in any relationship they participate in… mainly due to a fear of being rejected, a fear of being “seen”, a real deep fear of being vulnerable.

Another issue with sensitive folk is their conditioned belief in their unworthiness or inability to be powerful. The plaintive phrase, “What will my family think of me if I speak up about this or do that?” seems to come to mind. I can say through my own experience, it doesn’t matter what they think. Do what suits you. You can be kind, but be firm. Give definition to your boundaries, what you are willing to participate in and what you rather not. You have a right to decide for yourself what is right for YOU. I’m not going to tell you what is or I would be in violation of your free will and incur instant karma. What has been done before by those who were quite aware of their manipulations was to get their “victims” to take on or assume the guilt over some behavior and so take on the resulting consequences of the particular action or thoughts.

When you draw the line and say, “No more!” you are denying the ability of others to manipulate you into taking the blame. You can say this nicely or not, depending on your mood; just take responsibility for your feelings and yours alone. What the other person or persons thinks or feels is entirely their responsibility.

By acknowledging your personal power and right to exercise that power to make decisions for yourself, you are acting as a pioneer and system-buster in opposition to a well-established paradigm that has existed for thousands of years and has been extremely successful in keeping humanity under the collective thumb of its so-called leaders. Be a rebel; be different. Do not assume that anyone has a right to tell you what to do.

Suggestions are okay, but learn to think and feel for yourself. Question everything, research and learn to discern what resonates or “rings yours chimes” inside. And do it with a gentle smile and kind, “Thank you!”

The return of the Goddess energies will bring back balance to our world. It is no longer suitable for one gender to dominate another… or to dominate those who are “different”. The old ways of divide and conquer are dissolving quickly. The pioneers and way showers of the New Age are learning to work together, as sovereign and free beings, learning to benefit from innovative ways of thinking and doing, allowing for creativity, spontaneity and flow to move projects together. Cooperation comes when strong individuals work together in peace and harmony through respect and unconditional love. We can rebuild our communities and heal each other and our world through the process of becoming more honest, vulnerable AND powerful in our expressions.

I woke up this morning or rather in the middle of the night as the energies are quite unsettling to the nervous system at the moment. There is a lot of anxiety present in the ethers, readily detectable by sensitives such as myself. It is a time to commit to self-care, to honor your process and listen to the needs of your body. Only YOU know what is best for you and only if you, yourself, acknowledge that it is so.

In joy and service,


6 thoughts on “Eliza: Embracing Your Power

  1. Eliza,
    Beautifully said. I have been reading your blog for the last few months and i always resonate with your words. This piece in particular strikes a cord with me. As a young girl who grew up in the sixties, it was hard to find the right footing between societal expectations and what i held as truth in my heart. I was a confused little rebel who wanted to do the right thing but that was always at odds with family and society. After a while, i shut down my heart because it was too painful to feel.
    It took a long time but i finally found that nugget of truth in my heart. Im far from perfection but I am comfortable in my own skin.
    Thank you for sharing, your words are a gift!


    • Your journey has been a reflection of mine and that of other women, Sheryl. We survived, but it was a miracle. And gained a great deal of soul wisdom in doing so. Blessings to you! Eliza

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