Journal Entry 01.28.2016 – New Horizons


Journal Entry – 01.28.2016

January is melting away. Mercury has gone forward and the energies are still increasing. Merlin, through Meline LaFont, advises us that an even bigger tsunami wave is about to hit our solar system with more cosmic energies. 3D is breaking apart and those who are unprepared are experiencing assorted difficulties.  Even those who are awake and have been awake for a long time, like myself, are faced with challenges, mostly physical.  And yet, there are moments when I also feel an incredible amount of inner peace.

At work, I see some people beginning to fall apart, unable to keep their center, their emotions overcoming them as they confront the opinions and egos of other co-workers. All I can say is that I’m glad to be leaving and heading out into the open world beyond.

Exactly where and when I will land is not quite certain at this time, but all my life I’ve been guided from within, so I’m not going to cave in to fear now. Going forward into the unknown is the only option.

I’m in the process of giving away material goods. Right now, they have little meaning to me and I’m glad to let them. Things like old china, tables and benches will bring delight to some, but to me they’ve been just a burden. It is good to let go.

My health continues to slowly improve, but I still tire easily. I’ve come to feel that the air in this valley is very bad for me. In the summer, we deal with the smoke from forest fires and burning wheat fields. In the winter, we often have icy fog, smog inversions and dust storms racing in before Pacific fronts. And to the west are the labs where atomic energy has been used and studied since World War II. It is no wonder that many people in the valley and surrounding areas die yearly of cancers. I don’t plan to be one of them.

This past week or so, X-files returned to television, bringing a glimpse into disclosure, perhaps not to the extent that some would have it, but on mass media? What is the agenda now?

And gas prices here are plunging. From $2.49 at Christmas, they sunk to $2.11 this past weekend. Still higher than the East Coast, where I saw $1.79 per gallon, but better than last summer’s $3.49 per gallon. International oil prices have sunk to $20 per barrel, unseen of since the 1970’s. This oil war is ripping through the oil shale industry. Oil shale is expensive to produce, so that industry has come to a cold stop… a blessed development as far as I’m concerned. The rape of the planet has gone on long enough and this is but one example.

Change, rapid, sometimes incomprehensible change is occurring, crashing through people’s lives. In the past two weeks, co-workers have informed us of several family members who have died suddenly or are in the process of dying. Those who can go no further are leaving us. Bless them and let them go. They will return if it is their soul’s purpose and journey.

Letting go continues to be theme for all of us to pay attention to these days. So I am doing my part and letting go of a lot of things, a job, a home, bits and pieces of my life that I’ve built on my own over the course of some 20 years or more. I long ago let go of my extended family, but many who are just awakening are going through this painful process. It is a little death to leave people behind and we are leaving so much behind, but healing will come.

Grieve, let go, release and bless the ones that you leave behind or who leave you for sharing in your life and being a part of the lessons you came to learn or be a part of teaching.

This past weekend, there was a huge snowstorm in the Northeast… probably the target of weather manipulation.  And then a 7.1 on the Richter Scale earthquake occurred near Anchorage, Alaska.  Maria warned me that the West Coast might become a bit unstable as the Earth’s Kundalini began to move southward along the Pacific Ring of Fire.  The grids are shifting.  More light workers are being called on inner planes to move to the East Coast of America to bring more balance.  People are moving in response to inner guidance and feelings.  It is hard to explain to someone who still relies on “rational” thinking.

Lately, I’ve been wondering whether or not I can really consider myself to be a way-shower, as I have no idea what is happening on levels that some people seem to be able to discern… yet, I keep on, in my own way.

This afternoon I was told that I have courage. I just shake my head… if they only knew the half of it. I go, I do things that many would not. I’ve hiked on my own, camped on my own, backpacked on my own. I’ve moved to strange towns on my own. I do not have a family to fall back on, but have come to reply on my own intuition and stubbornness to keep me moving forward.

The times I have spent out in the woods alone I have never felt uncomfortable. The wild animals do not frighten me. I rather sit listening to a forest stream than walk next to a noisy street. The lifetimes that I’ve spent in the wilds come back to me in those moments and I discover the peace within, once again.

Soon I’m going to be hitting the road, crossing the entire United States, heading east with my remaining household goods and my two fur girls. Maria told me to aim for the ocean… which one she failed to mention… but, of course, the Atlantic lies to the east. It’s a big target and there are lots of roads that I might take, depending on weather conditions since it will still be winter.

I feel like The Fool of Tarot, stepping out into the air, having trust and faith that he will be carried and protected. It is a huge adventure that lies before me, in a rapidly approaching future.

I will leave behind all that I have been to others, becoming but a memory in their minds, especially as their attention is seized by the latest daily challenge. It is okay. It is my choice to move on and step into the possibilities that lie ahead.

It is all we can do each day… trust in love, the love that brought us here, the love that binds us together, and the love that we are, within.

Namaste, dear friends: I bow to the divine within each of you.

Eliza Ayres

7 thoughts on “Journal Entry 01.28.2016 – New Horizons

  1. You are immensely loved are indeed a courageous and fantastic Soul…You are creating a most amazing adventure in which to journey..Namaste’ dear Star Sister and may Blessings abundantly flow for you always..

  2. A road trip with cats, now THAT’S an ADVENTURE! ❤ What a great opportunity to re-invent yourself!

    I cannot begin to express how much I have enjoyed your insights and images over these past few years. Thank you, and Happy Trails!

    • Yes, a road trip with cats. I just hope the little darlings don’t “sing” all the way to the Atlantic! I drove 350 miles with them from the Pacific already several years ago. One day, quite the adventure. Even had a flat tire outside of Walla Walla in 90 something degree heat! Road angel to the rescue, then Les Schwab, local tire company.

  3. Thank you, Dear Eliza, for sharing your life and adventure, wisdom and art with us more conventional (I should speak for myself.) earthlings. I do hope you keep up your blog! I want to follow your journeyings, both inner and outer!
    Love and blessings to you,

  4. Thank you for this. Mmmm … I did a road trip from upstate to downstate NY on the thruway with two Siamese kittens who wanted to crawl out the window and greet the nice toll booth guy! … You’ll have a wonderful trip. And, as always, I l*o*v*e your photos of WA landscapes — they always capture EXACTLY what holds such allure for me in this state!

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