The Fear of Losing Love-

Maria’s latest. Many of us came here to learn what love is NOT; now it’s time to remember that we ARE love and to love ourselves fully is not to settle for a relationship that is not fully and unconditionally loving. ❤

Lightlover Journal


One of the biggest fears we carry in our Heart, is the fear of “losing” love.

We find ourselves in relationships with others in which we settle, often times it’s because we are afraid to let that person go.

Deep inside, we are afraid of being left alone.


For in our minds we hear,”Something is better than nothing.”
Regardless of everything…, we have besides us someone we love.
Someone who loves us.
Something in our hearts says,…it’s how it should be…?

But this process of awakening is about SEEing the illusions of what love is not.
For Love does not hurt, and if there is pain it’s not Love.
We THOUGHT it was love, but our human minds cannot comprehend the concept of Unconditional.

This process is NOT about letting Love GO.

It’s about loving another, and letting the dysfunctional parts of the relationship GO, not the love…

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