Journal Entry 01.22.2016 – “Cycles”


Journal Entry 01.22.2016 – Cycles

I’ve handed in my resignation from my job at the prison. I will be “retiring” at the end of February. It looks like my move to the East Coast will be facilitated… which means it is meant to happen. Folks at work are coming forward to buy and claim the bits and pieces that I want to get rid of or sell, including my old car; it’s just working out very nicely. In prison lingo, I have my “release” papers and soon I will be walking through the gate never to return.

I’m still in the process of recovering from the bout with bronchitis. It is apparent that I’m going to have to concentrate on strengthening my immune system. The reduction in stress levels with leaving work will help, too. Maria was pretty blunt – she said I would die if I remained there much longer. I’m not afraid of “dying” knowing that it is merely a passage or doorway with which to go through, but I wouldn’t mind a few more years of quality status post-work living.

As a First Wave Volunteer and Grid-worker (mostly unconscious!), I’ve been holding the balance on the West Coast for most of my lifetime, along with other light workers. Specifically, in these latter years, I’ve been holding the fault line that runs along the Blues from moving too prematurely, but now it’s time to pass on that particular torch. It’s time for the Second-Wavers, the doers to step up to the plate and begin their various jobs in earnest.

This morning I was reading a short piece by Wes Annac about channeling. Soon after I initiated this blog, some three and half years ago, I began some channeling. I was never very regular, usually only doing two or three per month. Now I only do a channeled piece on occasion, usually via my “Higher Self” or an aspect of my multidimensionality. Wes specifically mentioned the recent apology by Greg Giles in which the former channeler claimed to have been subjected to mind control. It is apparent to me that some channelers have come “under the influence” of entities that are perhaps not above 4D and certainly some could be channeling completely artificial messages. I do not feel that I was subjected to the same mind-control methods that were experienced by Greg.

When I was doing my channeled pieces, I could “feel” the presence of the being or beings. The experience was quite blissful, but apparently that part of this journey has come to an end. We evolve and move on. Many of the more experienced light workers and wisdom seekers do not need the messages from ascended beings, angelics and galactic sources as they are now accessing their own inner wisdom. I do know that I’m not reading very many channeled pieces any more, but still read up on the various energy reports to see what the community is dealing with in the moment.

The energies are intensifying and physical results are beginning to unveil themselves in the slow-motion collapse of the cabal-created control structures. Make no mistake though; the controllers will fight to retain power for as long as they are physically able. Focus on your intentions and dreams to see and experience a world that is filled with joy, abundance, peace, civility and diversity for all, rather than ranting about the cabal et al.

With some of Maria’s latest pieces (see: she spoke of the successful reunion of Divine Father and Divine Mother. The process of hieros gamos or sacred marriage is commencing for those whose soul contracts include physical reunion with their sacred Twin. Oddly enough, twins can take many shapes and do not necessarily lead to romance in the human sense. This is about service to others, not lust.

Maria has told me that there are billions… I repeat… billions of souls who are waiting impatiently to re-enter into physical embodiment, either through walking-in, being born or some other as yet undefined means. Billions of souls who do not want to ascend during this particular ascension cycle, will be “leaving” and be replaced by walk-in souls. These newly arriving souls will include some of the off-world galactics and/or angelics who have been holding the balance for their embodied Twin here on Earth. I’m aware that my Twin is Angelic and has not been in embodiment upon this planet. I do not have a sense whether he will be arriving or not. I don’t feel that is a part of my present soul contract.

I am aware that there are still folks who do not understand the Law of Rhythm that rules the cycles through which our world passes. The planet and our solar system just happens to currently be in an area of space that has positive uplifting effects on the mental body of the planet and its inhabitants. We are just leaving a period where the dark energies dominated over the planet, enabling our controllers, human and non-human, to keep the population “in the dark” as to their real origins. Now, that information is beginning to seep out of unexpected sources and through the persistence and work of courageous individuals willing to explore beyond what has been codified and accepted as gospel by Authority.

Most of the Volunteer light workers who are on the planet today are system-busters. The First Wavers worked to re-build and establish the light grids, breaking through thousands of years of interference by off-world sources. I am aware that I have embodied on this planet, periodically, for well over 26,000 years, basically this last complete ascension cycle, although Maria tells me that I’ve actually been here longer. And… get this, apparently the organic ascension cycles of the planet have been interfered with for eight consecutive cycles, basically trapping humanity in a seemingly never-ending karmic cycle of reincarnation. That interference is being dealt with; the grids are now clear and the way is open for those who have soul contracts to ascend in this lifetime. Many of the Volunteers will be returning Home to their other “homes”, dimensions and lives, in other star systems, galaxies and even other universes. This ascension cycle is now a “go”. Still it will take several hundred years for the last human who intends to ascend to do so.

As humanity, we are part of the mental body or nervous system of the planet. Our bodies are flesh of her flesh, vessels for the souls. As we entered into embodiment here we took the Veil of Forgetfulness. That Veil has been sundered. Future generations, even those who are soon be born, will be arriving “full-lit” and ready to plug into their chosen missions, something that will further create chaos in the existing structures of education, etc. The children will not tolerate or allow themselves to be coerced into fitting into society. They will discover their own way, like water running around a choked dam, they will flow as their inner guidance directs.

Another thing that Maria has shared, our Earth is far older than most of us can imagine. There has been ascension cycles long before humanity was created or even thought of. And the cycles repeat, going through the golden, silver, bronze and iron ages and then repeating. The parties involve change, but the scenario is the same. The template is that of a “school for the spirit”. All those who attend this “school” are here as advanced souls on a fast-track for soul growth and evolution. This is truly a hologram of holograms. It is very real and very contained. The dynamics of polarity are at play for a reason; growth will not happen unless there is tension and stress involved, as well as challenges to overcome.

I think that I’ve mentioned I will be relocating to South Carolina this spring… which isn’t very far away. We’re already one month into winter and the days are getting noticeably longer. Maria and I plan to do work together, as well as play and some traveling. It should be entertaining as well as educational for both of us. And we welcome the participation of others who wish to join our “team” which is slowly forming.  My work on the West Coast is nearly done.  I will soon be starting a new cycle or period of this lifetime with completely new horizons to explore.

As an aside, this winter has been a good one for the Northwest. There is a decent snowpack in the mountains, the ski areas are busy and the outlook for summer water availability seems good. This is a huge improvement over last winter.

In the world, there appears to be a lot of drama occurring in geopolitics, especially in finance and the Stock Markets. There is much going on behind the scenes and I would encourage everyone who is motivated, to study and read various alternative news sources, keeping an open mind and watching for trends. Most importantly, keep out of fear and maintain a neutral stance, whatever happens all will be well in the long run. The old systems need to crash and crash they will, as they are far too broken and corrupt to be “fixed”. This is a scary scenario for those who still cling to the old way of doing things, but a welcome one to me, as I’ve never understood the “thinking” of those who have designed these systems to serve a few over the many.

My internet connectivity is having issues, perhaps due to CMEs or other off-world influences, so I may be online less frequently.  For instance, this evening, I didn’t have any connection for over three hours prior to being able to post this article.  Another note, electronics are sensitive to the changes in our bodies.  Don’t be surprised if your phone or computer flips out and crashes.  The crystals contained within the electronics are also upgrading, along with the rest of the planet.  Burps are expected.  Patience is a virtual when dealing with the unexpected changes as we all transform into an entirely new species.  What a magnificent time to experience life in physicality.

Meanwhile, enjoy what is left of winter or summer, depending on where you reside upon this planet.


Eliza Ayres

Photo Credits:  Flowers, from my Costa Rican trip last May


7 thoughts on “Journal Entry 01.22.2016 – “Cycles”

  1. So happy for you having made the decision to make this huge change. We are close in age, facing similar choices. I have been asking for guidence as to the same and was told by a dear friend I would know by March. Looking forward to clarification as options vary. Be Blessed!

  2. Dear Eliza, I am very happy for you that you are now “released”. Enjoy all that now comes and smile and be happy!!!
    lots of love and congratulations..

  3. Dear Eliza.I live in Charlotte N.C. And I work 10 min.away from S.Carolina.Most people I work with from S.C. They don’t have strong Internet connection. But very calm place to be.I am sure you know that. Good luck to you.

  4. I read Wes Annac’s piece about Greg Giles too, and was rather relieved by it, even though I’ve been told that a lot of my work appears channeled. I certainly am able to access information, but very rarely is a “third party” involved whom I can name (I simply get a feeling of peace, light, and “rightness” before I pass on the info). I stopped reading the work of regular channelers when the messages were getting repetitive and disempowering. I feel relieved again reading your take on it and the other content of this post. A system buster sounds a bit of what I am (and I just posted a hilarious photo touching on my tendency to rebel against false authority).

    What I’ve seen of SC is nice; I used to live in the “research triangle” in NC and have been in SC twice for short stays (back when I was married, in the US, and when my in-laws were there). All the best for the move and on forming the new team. How exciting!

    • Thank you, Janet. I appreciate your input. As for “channeling”, all inspirational thought and feelings are channeled; they do not come from ego. It is “god” or “Source” working through us, using hands, head and heart to anchor the frequencies. As Ground Crew, we are a VITAL part of this Mission. Blessings and love, Eliza

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