Energy Grid Report-1/20/2016

Maria’s latest Grid Energy Report, 1/20/16 – Going Gold!

Lightlover Journal


Blessings as we go through and anchor this LAST  massive Gateway and Portal.

The Lion Awakens Within All.
We have done it.
It is done.
Divine Feminine and Masculine has unified.

Our planets have aligned as our solar system is aligned completely to Source Light, collapsing ALL planetary timelines of descension in our system.

This affects ALL planetary systems in this galactic Milky Way galactic timeline and expands through ALL of creation.

All earth portals and gateways are open, sealed in GOLD.

After this gateway, my job as gatekeeper will end, for my beautiful gateway here is fully anchored and I no longer need to physically be here for it.

I tried to to make an video report but my brain is not working, and electronics go nuts around me.

On the other side of this portal are BILLIONS of twin souls waiting to walk in, be born or spontaneously…

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