Journal Entry 01.07.2016 – “Spin Cycle”


Journal Entry 01.07.2016 – “Spin Cycle”

The other day when Maria and I were discussing what is currently going on in the grids, inner and outer, I described it as a form of spiritual centrifuge. In case you don’t know it, a centrifuge is a machine that rapidly spins and is used primarily to separate layers of liquids (including blood) so that the scientist can see what is present.

My usage was a little different – basically whatever material spins off through the rapid spin cycle will dissipate and disappear, like the water out of your laundry in the spin portion of the wash cycle.

This past week, I have been personally undergoing my own spin cycle, which created the outer manifestation of an “illness” or vibrational flu, in the process of further integrating the frequency upgrades arriving as a result of my high heart opening on the Solstice. It takes a while for “spiritual” upgrades to manifest into the physical, but it was actually just over a week before I was experiencing nausea, fevers, coughing, headaches and the like.

The fevers enable the body to burn off debris and miasma that is no longer vibrationally compatible with my personal light body frequency (light body including the physical body in its midst). Needless to say, I have been stuck at home, using up some of the remainder of my “vacation” time as well as some sick leave.

The fevers finally subsided a day or so ago. And as my head cleared, I found myself devouring all kinds of information on the Internet, including material from the Ascension Glossary of Energy Synthesis, or the compilation of Lisa Renee, as well as some older pieces of Alex Collier and others. Most of the material was addressing the Negative Alien Agenda and Cosmic History, truly “light” subjects. Keep in mind when reading, watching or listening to any of this sort of material to use your personal discernment to decipher whether or not the material resonates with you.

Some of my questions were answered; others were not. I will say that I’m not a follower of Lisa Renee or any other “Ascension Teacher”. I determine my own direction.

What Lisa does emphasize that no person has the right to tell you what to believe or do unless you acquiesce to them. In other words, you can give your power away. You are giving your power away if you need to listen to teachers, mentors and others to determine what and how you are going to pray, or what you are going to believe in.

Our world is changing rapidly. For example, no more than a few minutes into the trading sessions on Monday, then the world stock markets began crashing, sending panic into the financial world. If you look into the archives of the ES material, money is based on Egyptian Black Magic curses, designed to keep humanity in thrall. So if the markets are crashing and hedge kings are losing their white shirts, I have to shrug. The “little” people can always move into barter system markets to survive whatever comes.

Humanity is awakening. The Divine Feminine has certainly awakened and has said to the Controllers, “No more!”. And the Schumann Resonance of the planet is rising, indicating a real measurable change in frequency levels. Whatever does not resonate or correspond to that rise will spin off, will fly apart, and will disintegrate into its elemental parts to be reformatted into another form. Systems are going to crash, are crashing and will continue to crash. So, if you’re still in that grand crap game called the Stock Market, I would suggest you get out now. I did years ago. You might also remove your money from major banks. Please note that I am not a financial advisor.  Talk to your broker if he/she is not already panicking, as well.

I find myself watching the outplaying of these intense energies with great interest, yet while maintaining an air of detachment and neutrality. No matter who is affected by these changes, inner and outer, understand that at a soul level the choice was made to experience them. Nothing is accidental in this world, but is a reflection of both your thoughts and frequency.

Tomorrow I will attempt to return to work. It will be a physical strain, but I am eager to see just how different I feel after all the changes I have passed through within the last almost three weeks. It seems like years since I was at the prison. My remaining time there will be of short duration, as I have already suggested.

I’ve done a great deal of traveling in the last couple of weeks, physically, mentally and emotionally. Now comes the test to see if I can retain my “cool” when presented with the ongoing stresses of a very demanding job.

The way we are played, bullied, shamed, blamed and manipulated into working for the master are all very apparent to me now… well, they have been for a long time. Yet the time to remove myself physically from the Matrix has arrived.

In the writing of this blog, I often receive comments and input coming from other women who have chosen different routes than mine. I’ve long been single and happy to be that way as it has given me the opportunity to become self-reliant and independent. I’ve been successful in providing a living for myself and my little “family” of fur children, Lilly and Ivory.

These other ladies are usually still married and have children. They find it difficult to express to their loved ones their inner truths. I say to these shy ones, you will be revealed even if you attempt to continue to hide from the truth of your being. What do you fear? If you are in resistance to being open and honest about the truth of who you are, you will prevent yourself from rising further in frequency. You need to exemplify integrity to others, as well as to yourself or you are continuing to live a lie and to what purpose?  To please others?  Be brutally honest with yourself and begin to delineate all possible excuses and then eliminate them.

Those who are still afraid of what others will think or do to you, then is apparent to me that you are still carrying a deep wound within your psyche that needs to be addressed. The hidden wounded child who is frightened of the dark, of being beaten, yelled at or abused needs to discover her courage and step boldly into the light. You’ll probably find that in being yourself you will trigger others who have come to see you one way, but you will be able to breathe more freely and feel good about yourself in the end. It is just the moving through the fear that seems to be impossible until you discover that it is quite easy.

For me, I have discovered the art of journaling and writing as a way to move through some really profound changes occurring just over the last three or so years. Of course, I have been on the Path for my entire lifetime. I planned it that way, although it took years for me to come to understand the beauty of my own inner wisdom of the Heart.

As I have written in past articles, I would encourage anyone who is being indecisive about coming out of the closet and revealing that they are a “spiritual” person or however you want to describe your personal journey, that they experiment and drop little tidbits such as, “I heard the other day that our planet may have been visited by aliens… what do you think about that?” People may surprise you with their answers. I’ve discovered at work that many people can share stories of psychic encounters, visions, intuitions and so on experienced in the course of daily life.

While we are unique, we’re not that different from one another in that we share a common spiritual Source.  Start by telling stories or introducing subjects that may be out of your normal scope of interests.  Develop curiosity about what exists outside your present defined box of existence.  The world is about so much more than what we experience with our physical senses.  Trust your own intuition and feelings; they are your inner guides.

Outside the weather is gloomy. The intense cold of earlier in the week has alleviated a bit, with the temperatures rising into the 30’s (still lingering near 0 degrees C). It’s now less than 12 weeks until Spring and freedom for me.

Blessings and love to all,

Eliza Ayres


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