Journal Entry 01.05.2016 – Choices and Changes


Journal Entry 01.05.2016 – Choices and Changes

Maria called this morning via Skype to inform me that her son had been in a head-on collision. He is now being taken care of at the hospital on Hilton Head Island. Unfortunately he wasn’t treated with respect or compassion by the officers who came upon the scene of the accident. The other car had left the scene. The lad was questioned and then sent home without being checked out at a hospital.

I’ve known since childhood that if someone experiences a loss of consciousness, which is what occurred here, they should ALWAYS be checked out for further injury, primarily concussion or traumatic brain injury. One of my father’s cousins died in the hinterlands of Afghanistan back in the 1960’s due to an untreated concussion and brain aneurysm.

My soul sister, Maria, is a grid-worker and has been working quite consciously for at least three years to my knowledge. She works primarily with water energies and is currently stationed near a huge water portal located off the South Carolina coastline.

This morning, Maria also shared with me the news that the tectonic plates of the eastern edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire were in the process of shifting massively. She specifically mentioned the Los Angeles area that will be shifting dramatically. The potential is certainly there as that particular area has a lot of “dark” energy that needs to be shifted physically and energetically.

The planet is releasing all of the darkness foisted upon her by the misuse of energy, the inhumanity of people towards each other and towards the rest of life upon the planet. There is no return, no going back to the way things were. Sudden abrupt changes will and are occurring, whether big or little, creating opportunity to exit or change.

We’ve known for a long time that this choice would arrive at people’s doorsteps. It is up to each individual to decide, consciously or unconsciously, whether to stay or exit this world and enter the next. There is no judgment, as all is experience in the All That Is.

It is imperative for those who are awake to remain in the highest frequency possible depending on your physical location. Be aware that when you leave your sacred space, your heart space, you lower your frequency and make yourself vulnerable to the attacks of those forces that have no desire to see change come into the world. Be out of fear, but be awake and aware of your surroundings.

Maria’s son was leaving a bar after dinner and one beer. As he described to the local police, he saw bright lights and didn’t remember anything else. The police made a crucial mistake, in my humble opinion, in not seeing that the young man be checked out immediately at the Emergency Department since he had a loss of consciousness. There is a good sized local hospital available. As it is, the lad has a concussion and does not appear to have suffered any permanent brain damage, which is a miracle to me, as his car was totaled.

Maria also shared that at least two other sons of friends have suffered severe accidents or have been mistreated by medical authorities recently. The divine masculine is under attack. The dark does not want the divine masculine to awaken and shift into the new. If you are in a male body, be alert and do your best to remain in an open heart unconditional love space to keep your energies high and keep good care of yourself.

For those of you who may not be aware, Maria and I are soul family. We are both Dragons and have a long mutual “history”. We found each other last spring when I went on my trip to Costa Rica. When we first met at the Atlanta airport, it was immediate soul-level recognition. It is the time for soul families to reunite and to begin to work together, either physically or through the Internet and energetically, in a more conscious fashion.

I’m not as conversant on grid work although Maria tells me that I’ve been doing it for years, too. I do know that I’ve been an anchor on the Pacific coast for most of my life, but have to step back to allow the planet to make her adjustments. As Maria put it, the Kundalini of the planet is moving down along the Pacific coastline. It will make its presence known by series of earthquakes, as adjustments to the grids. When a stuck area is encountered, the earthquakes have the potential of being big. Be prepared, be out of fear and be clear on your intent, to remain or to go.

For most of the First Wave of Ascension Volunteers, the primary mission of anchoring higher frequencies into the planetary grids has been accomplished. Now the Second Wave is taking up the mantle of working with the light (information) that has been anchored, opening the opportunity to make new choices and changes in the way life is approached on this planet. The old, stale energy matrix cannot be fixed. It is dead, dying, done. Step out of the carcass and embrace the fresh air of change.

This is not a time to regress, suppress or retreat. If you need to make decisions, attempt to do it from the level of the heart, not your egoic mind. Proceed as much as possible from a place of neutrality and acceptance of what is.

While my old “job” is mostly accomplished, I will continue to “work” here (on the planet) and will be relocating in the spring to somewhere… the exact final destination undetermined as yet. I do intend to work with Maria as we make a good team together and have fun doing it as well.

Pray for those who are undergoing severe and sudden losses, those who have chosen to endure deep trauma in a bid to open and change, as well as those who are choosing to leave. All are greatly loved and watched over by their light families.

For my part, I’m still at home, slowly recovering my strength, but still dealing with some fevers, eating lightly and holding the balance for my more emotional sister who is attempting to keep in her heart space while her fierce dragon mother’s heart leaps out to protect her son from further harm. I wouldn’t want to mess with her. Those who live with dragons know of what I speak. And the love of mother is universal.

If so inspired, please send prayers and healing energies into the grids, visualizing the golden and white rays to balance and protect and purify so all might come into divine balance for the good of the Whole. And so it is and will be.


Eliza Ayres

15 thoughts on “Journal Entry 01.05.2016 – Choices and Changes

  1. I live in Michigan, I’ve been feeling humming and howling mostly at night, I know it’s not the animals most are well asleep when I’m outside late in the evening or very early morning usually between 12 am -3 am. Now even though I mostly surrounded by farmland and there is a main interstate that is very close by, I know the difference in the noises.
    I’ve been hearing the humming for quite sometime now about a year or so now,but the howling is new. The Owls are very vocal as well. I live not far from the Grand River, which runs West from Grand Rapids,Mi all the to the east to Detroit,Mi.
    These noises I feel them through my feet and hear the vibrations in my ears, lately it sound like mores code like tinging of metal. Some of the noises are very high pitched that know one else hears if their outside with me which is a rarity by itself since I’m a night owl of sorts.
    If you or Maria have any information or insight on what is going would you respond back to me please.
    Karen Arnold.

    • Karen – I’ll have to refer this onto Maria. Right now, she’s in the midst of family dealings… Very curious those sounds and vibrations…

      • I have been through what she going through but it was me that was hit head on, so I totally am sending prayers to her and family.
        I’ve been following your Journal for a couple of years, as I only resonate with site and the person or some of the people whom are on those sites.I’m a bit of a loner,even though I’m married and have children. I like to watch people as they talk and their body movement tells alot of who they are along with there facial expressions, I’ve been this way for decades so it was easy when I knew when my kids where lying to me, yeah I know to much information at times I ramble on.
        I talk to the stars late at night as they flicker knowing they are really ships talking back at me as I have no idea what they are saying back to me though. Just turned 60 on Dec 31st never thought I’d make it this far. I’m not computer savy would like to know if these comments are public if so it’s okay. But would like to have a conversation not so public if possible this is up to you as I know that some negative emotions go through the airways so we have to keep ourselves safe.

      • Your comments are public after I approve them. If you wish to communicate more privately, send an email to: and we can continue the discussion. Negative or abusive comments made by other readers are spammed or trashed on this website. I am sovereign in my space. Blessings.

  2. My love and prayers go across the grid to Maria and to her son. Thank you, Eliza, for letting us know. The energies have been intense since Solstice, and today as I took my walk across the main park of my small town anchoring love/light into the grids and into Gaia, I kept hearing, “Don’t look back, don’t look back.” No fear, all good. I’m being strongly guided to leave this area and to go inland. I will follow that guidance as it comes. Love, B.

    • Same here. Best to follow guidance and not move into panic or fear. Yes, the energies are intense although I’m sequestered in peaceful surroundings at home right now due to my “illness”. Can feel it in my heart chakra… Blessings and love, Eliza

    • Ah, another SiStar. Well met! Thank you for the prayers. Maria appreciates and feels the energies being sent forth with love.

  3. Hello Elisa, very grateful for your reports energies and congratulations on finding Maria, hope to go adding more awake beings and manage to give more light to our lives. Grateful to Maria for their report earthquakes, I’m Chilean and that is to watch them, I ask you please if more information comes to continue reporting about. Light a big hug and I join in soul also to his friends on the path of ascension. Greetings from Chile.

    • The reports and updates by Dutchsinse on Facebook and his private website are good for watching possibilities for near future earthquakes. I know that your country has suffered from very disastrous ones in the past years. The Kundalini is going to settle in South America, which is a positive development as the Feminine nature of that continent will come forth as a result. The feminine nature, I might add, that has been so gravely repressed by the Europeans who settled in those lands. There will be a new balance for the people who live there now.
      Buenos suerte and adios, mi hermana.

  4. Dear friend. I thank you for this information. I am not afraid. It is has to be done. My son lives in California and even if I told him about this he will not believe me. So be it! And again than you….

    • The need to detach from directing other people’s life is seldom understood. Thank you for your courage in following your heart, April.

  5. IF you hear the call, see the truth, and FEEL the shifts energetically now and throughout your life, then you clearly are part of the SOLUTION. KNOW your time here was chosen by you. You made this choice knowing you would give up many many things in this life in order to fulfill your Divine Purpose. It doesn’t make it less painful to know this truth, but it does make it all so much more meaningful and worthwhile. Stay the course. Now is not the time to back down and dim your light, that is exactly what the Darkness is counting upon. SHINE SHINE SHINE ON ALL YOU BELOVED RADIANT BEINGS OF DIVINE SOURCE! Be what you chose to BECOME. In the love and illumination of Christ Consciousness, I am yours in mutual service, William ❤

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