Journal Entry 01.03.2016 – Upgrades


Journal Entry 01.03.2016 – Upgrades

I’m in the midst of an intense “upgrade” via vibrational flu or as one reader characterized it, “rock ‘n roll flu”.

Maria Bethencourt, with whom I spent a week recently in South Carolina, is a sensitive energy reader. She attributed my very physical symptoms to a continuation of the high heart activation that I experienced, in part, while in South Carolina.

As the frequency of the body accelerates, there is a molecular spin that releases toxins stored in the body as mucus. The body assists by raising the temperature and burning the toxins. So, along with blowing my nose and coughing, I have been experiencing an ongoing wave of fevers.

Part of the reason I am currently undergoing such an intense activation is in the approach of my “retirement” and the end of my mission at the prison system in the State of Washington. I’ve always worked more on stealth mode than overtly, anchoring the higher vibrational frequencies that I brought into embodiment. Nevertheless, I’ve acted as a system-buster in several different industries, including insurance, medical and research science at Universities. And I’m hardly alone in this work. It has been done quietly by many First Wavers, by their mere presence within a community or place of employment.

Maria also told me that there isn’t just one high heart activation, but many, especially as the light body expands and comes online. The heart chakra is the key to the Merkaba and its ongoing activation. Maria’s own first high heart activation lasted a couple of weeks and mine might be following a similar course.

The physical activations will continue, but at least soon I will have the “time” to fall gracefully apart when needed to rest and allow for the upgrades to be assimilated by the physical body.

So, meanwhile… I am experiencing a kind of bronchitis, intense cold, coughing, feverish kind of thing requiring a great deal of rest, fluids and quiet. My furry nurses are present giving me comfort and company. Fortunately, I have a lot of frozen fruit in the freezer when the fresh runs out, which won’t be for a while. Fruit is what I can tolerate right now, so am losing some weight as a result.

I’ll get through this bout. Thanks for your continued support and suggestions. As for vitamins, I have found myself super sensitive to most and so avoid them. I do have some natural cough syrup and Vitamin C, which helps. Mostly, it just takes time and patience to move through this kind of experience.

And hopefully, my experience will ease the way for others to enter and pass through these activations with a higher level of grace and ease.

Blessings for the New Year,

Eliza Ayres

14 thoughts on “Journal Entry 01.03.2016 – Upgrades

  1. Eliza…amazing! I just went through several days of horrendous allergies. I mean I was taking allergy pill every six hours and then sleeping. It was horrific. Now that I have read your post…it all makes sense. I feel really well.

    Thank you,

    • Hope I arrive at “wellness” too… or at least an alleviation of some of the most intense symptoms. Similar to my experience in April 2014, although different activation.

  2. Do you like ginger root tea? (Boil a couple of “coins” of fresh ginger in ca. 2-3 cups of water for 10-20 minutes — depends upon how strong you like it …!) Really good for breaking up congestion and bringing up phlegm. Be well, dear one, be well.

    • I do it by feel, Michael. When I start coughing too much, I take a couple of spoonfuls of cough syrup. It’s a mild natural one and seems to work well. Letting my body do most of its own healing. I also use homeopathic remedies.

      • I thought you probably did. just wanted make sure. Best wishes, loving thoughts, and healing feelings sent!!!

  3. Eliza–this is unrelated to this post, but I just read an old post of yours in which you discuss your time at the Ranch in Montana. I had some school friends who lived there, one of whom was on staff, and I followed the teachings for a while. After a time I understood that CUT was not for me, but I appreciate its role in my spiritual journey.

    • It was an important step in my journey as well. I learned the importance of following one’s own heart rather than the teachings of others. I spent two years on the Ranch and another year in Bozeman, 4 1/2 years total in the teachings.
      My physical health or lack thereof was largely the cause of my leaving the church. It was making me physically sick. Sounds harsh, but that was my particular experience.

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