Journal Entry 01.01.2016 – Happy New Year!


DSCN0382Journal Entry 01.01.2016 – Happy New Year!

Blessings of the season to all my dedicated and new readers!  Thank you so much for your continued support and comments through the last three and half years.  It has been an amazing and at times, unexpected journey.

I may not be writing a lot in the next couple of days as I’ve come down with a traveler’s bug, fever, sore throat, stuffy head and fatigue kind of thing.  I kinda of knew this was on the horizon once I began to relax while taking some vacation.  You can’t imagine the stress that is entailed in my job setting… or perhaps you can, as some of my readers have had medical experience.

I have a wonderful excuse to rest and recuperate, while eating fruit, drinking fluids and sleeping a lot.

The journey does include moments when we have to acquiesce to the needs of the body temple and this is one of them.

I enjoyed my trip to South Carolina, but am content to be in familiar surroundings with my furry companions at my side.

Enjoy the unfolding moments of this new energy as it presents.  I’m sure there will be bound to be many surprises in store for all of us.


Eliza Ayres

12 thoughts on “Journal Entry 01.01.2016 – Happy New Year!

  1. Rest, cuddle with the furry ones, and be filled with Love ❤
    welcome lull before things get.. well, even faster 🙂
    Happy new year, and again much gratitude for all you do and write ❤

    • Maria told me that I have vibrational flu… big downloads. Might take a while to sort things out… Meanwhile, lots of food and liquids… and rest. Furry hugs all around. I have a very attentive furry nurse watching over me.

      • Oh yes, I know what you mean ! that “flu” ! Do whatever makes you comfy, same with food 🙂 The furry nurses are great, mine follow me even to the loo 😀
        Sending you more soothing hugs ❤

  2. Happy New Year, Eliza!
    Interesting ;looking kitty! No wonder you want to curl up with her!
    Rest well – you deserve it!
    Much love, Akankha

    • Akankha… that’s Ivory, 1/2 apple face Siamese and torti mix. She squeaks instead of meowing. My other cat is a dark tortie with golden eyes. Both are beautiful and loving. Lilly, the dark one, is the nursemaid, curling up on my lap when I’m up and sleeping on a pillow when I’m in bed. And they take turns…

  3. Blessings to you, Eliza. I’ve renamed vibrational flu… rock ‘n’ roll flu. One dizzily rocks and rolls between bathroom and bed! You amaze me that you are able to balance so well your 3D work life with your 5D knowing. I retired this past year and one of the big plusses was having a lot more ease to rock ‘n’ roll. Here’s to rising vibes in 2016. Love, B.

    • Retiring soon, too, Barbara. The taste of freedom is too delightful to waste any more years in the prison setting. I guess I’m one for challenges… which will hopefully ease once “retired”. Thanks!

  4. Enjoy your time off, Eliza. I’m off work for four days. Enjoying a nice long, relaxing holiday weekend. Basking in the energies!

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