Eliza: An Open Heart


Eliza: An Open Heart

My recent journey to the lowlands of South Carolina was an eye-opener, or should I say rather, a heart opener?

The day after arriving to the island, my friend, Maria, who is a talented intuitive healer and ascension guide, gave me a reading using four different oracle card decks. I don’t remember the specifics of the reading, just that it was powerful. I do remember the after-effects, however, as Maria is a powerful catalyst.

As I went to bed, I felt an intense and uncomfortable pain in the vicinity of my heart. Having a little anatomical knowledge from my years in Medical Records, I knew I wasn’t having a heart attack, but the pain was very real and very strong. The pain seemed to migrate just under my left breast and then onto my sternum. Finally, it settled under the left scapular area. It was hard to breathe and I didn’t sleep well that night.

When I finally got up in the early morning hours, I told Maria about the pain. It was just beginning to abate a might, but breathing was still difficult. After a short energy scan, Maria informed me that I was experiencing a high-heart opening. She had experienced one a few years prior, suffering for several days from the pain. I was able to pass through the initiation (for that was what it was) within a matter of hours. By evening, I felt a lot better and when placing a hand over the heart chakra area, could feel a warm golden glow present.

Spiritual initiations affect the body and can hurt physically. You might experience a rush of emotions, which are being released, a flood of tears or physical shaking of the body. My heart opening was rather benign; I had been preparing for this for years. And I was fully aware that putting myself physically close to Maria that I would undergo some sort of alteration in my energy.

Although in my latest channeling from December 24th, the piece spoke of the First Wavers being “retired” the spiritual journey is never over. What IS over is giving up your power to others.


On the flight home yesterday, I read almost all of Jennifer Hoffman’s little e-book, “The Atlantis Legacy”. She spoke of the legacy of the fall of Atlantis that even today (especially today) impacts the psychology of humanity as it once again nears the end of an Ascension cycle. While I don’t agree with the whole scenario as presented, it was an interesting and rather neutral approach to allow healing to occur, as ALL humans were affected by the fall of that magnificent civilization. Part of the legacy of Atlantis is the resulting shame, blame and issues with power and technology that we are dealing with today, for it is humanity’s karma to bring to balance the misuse of power and technology that brought down Atlantis, just as it was stationed to ascend into the fifth dimension.

It has been said that humanity is facing similar issues as that faced by the Atlanteans. It is true to a degree, in that we are either ignoring the power grabs by religion, corporations and governments, or we are blaming others for our problems and pointing fingers at the “bad guys”.

I, for one, feel it is vital for every human to step into their power and to confront those issues that have risen up in their lives as a result of the ancient shame of Atlantis. Many light workers and awakened individuals have done everything to avoid being powerful, looking to others to find the way home or to save them. Millions have depended on people outside of themselves for guidance, willfully giving away their power and dominion over their own lives. The challenges that we face in the modern world have occurred to teach us, to awaken us to the fact that we need to intend and then act on our own behalf, to free ourselves from the insidious clutches of the matrix… not to retreat to a desert island, but to live a life as fully creatively and abundantly as possible, as an example to others to observe.

I live a simple life. I have been doing these writings for over three years now and have moved through and past a lot of fears of being revealed or ridiculed. For us who have perhaps suffered miserably in other lifetimes, subjected to persecution, imprisonment or rejection by family and communities, it is a BIG step to move out of the shadows and lay claim upon your own sense of empowerment, especially for females. It is also difficult for males, to step out of the traditional roles of warrior and provider, to open to being vulnerable, to bringing balance and allowing the inner feminine to emerge into the open.


I have carried more male energy within despite that fact that I am embodied as a female in this lifetime. This is a fact that I have had to come to peace with, to accept and to move towards allowing a more equitable balance of my inner feminine. As Maria expresses it, I’m being encouraged to wear more “pink”! We will all find a way to adjust.

The mere fact that there exists an imbalance of masculine energy in our world today is because of the dominance of feminine energy in Atlantis. This was an unexpected revelation for me as I had always thought of the Atlanteans being highly aggressive and warlike, especially in the latter days. There was a masculine revolt of sorts that sought to bring forth the ascension of Atlantis without the assistance of Spirit, a kind of unbalanced ego-dominated thrust of technology designed to put Atlantis above all other worlds.

More than our planet is involved in our current ascension cycle. And the reason there are so many people on the planet today is the fact that thousands of galactic societies are participating, as well as races from our Universe and even other Universes. Our little planet is being carefully watched as the ascension of the entire Universe depends on the completion of this fourth Ascension cycle on planet Earth. And this is only the latest of cycles upon this Universal Light Library of a planet, our blue-green water planet, Gaia.

So, getting back to my high heart opening, all of us are currently undergoing different stages of ascension, with accompanying symptoms and upgrades. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but my Scottish stubbornness has kept me going, responding to an inner intuitive urging from Spirit. The successful ascension and awakening of each individual contributes to the Whole of humanity and to the planet as a whole Being. No one is walking this journey alone and without purpose.  What’s more, ascension is NOT an option.  The whole planet and all life upon her are undergoing the process of ascension.  There is no escape from the responsibility, but the ascension cycles of Pangea, Lemuria and Atlantis have prepared us well for this current cycle and this time… we’re going to make it.

Set your intent, dream your highest dreams and go for the gusto, dear ones. Move through and release your fears of being seen and known. You can hide no longer and to attempt to do so only works against your own way forward. For the light workers, it is time to acknowledge and live in balance with your power and sensitivity, for you need both. The power, more of a male trait, brings impetus and direction to your life. Your sensitivity allows you to tune into what is going around and how to integrate, transmute energies that are no longer in alignment with what you intend for yourself.

Making peace with power, embracing your sensitivity as a compassionate individual and allowing people to go through their own lessons, will allow you to find more peace in your world. You are not responsible for the welfare of others. You are responsible for bringing yourself into balance so your frequency levels can increase and rise, and radiate out into the world. With one person at a time, we are advancing through this ascension cycle. Each person who is successful in rising to the frequency level of the Fifth Dimension brings a huge impetus and benefit to every other person and living beings, here and throughout the Omniverse.

In my inner and outer travels, I have learned that a simple smile can bring great joy to another who might be feeling sad or separated from life. The separation is an illusion. Together… we walk together, despite the outer appearances and circumstances. We can bring untold blessings simply by being kind to ourselves and to all with whom we meet in life, no matter where life takes us.

And there is nothing more beautiful than having a tiny crystal child look into your eyes and give a huge grin of acknowledgement one soul to another.

We are here to be the love that we are, to be living demonstrations of what a life, balanced and intentional, can be like and enjoyed.

Find it in your heart to discover the love that is there, waiting for you to break through the protecting barrier that has long separated you from the rest of humanity. I can tell you that the process, while momentarily painful, is well worth it, as the love you can pour forth and feel in return is beyond expression.



All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com.


Photo Credits:  Beach scenes of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina; rose taken in Walla Walla, Washington – all by Eliza Ayres




12 thoughts on “Eliza: An Open Heart

  1. Thank you Eliza. I only recently found you and Maria, and I am grateful that I did. Your voice especially sounds so familiar to me, and I find your posts very helpful and I put one foot in front of the other on the Ascension trail.

    • Blessings, Julie, to the “start” of your Ascension Journey. It is a wonder, awe-filled process to re-connect to Source energy and to know that you are part of something more grand than your human mind can comprehend. Much love, Eliza

  2. Beautiful piece, Eliza. I love the part apart about males “allowing the inner feminine to emerge into the open”. Most people don’t realize that androgyny is our true nature. We all have a masculine and feminine component to our psyche. I love being androgynous!

    • I realized today that I had also been experiencing a high-heart opening. I had been noticing a slight pain the last few weeks, just to the left of my sternum. After reading this I was a little worried that the pain would get worse (I don’t handle pain well). Fortunately it never got very bad. The love I have been feeling today is incredible. Beyond words!

  3. Thank you, Eliza. I, too, just recently found you. I love your voice and what you have to say. And I am also a stubborn Scottish soul, so it’s great to hear from another one. Blessings. Natalie

  4. And what 3 years it has been 🙂
    Have a serene evening and “New Year”, Eliza. I am also going to have a quiet yummy dinner with my furries nested around.
    Sending you warm, loving hugs ! It is always wonderful to read your posts, thank you for all you have shared in the past 3 years, and looking forward to the next ones.
    Your sister across the ocean 🙂
    Oh, and of course, may you be surrounded by many, many Bubbles of Joy ❤

  5. Happy New Year Eliza! We’re a but closer to it here in the UK than you guys, but at least it’s probably not raining in Walla Walla (I love that name), as it is here. Much of your latest post resonated with the wonderful offerings I’ve been reading on Jeshua.net. You should have a peek at it when you’ve time. I think you’d particularly like the posts: ‘It is all about you,’ and ‘Accessing the power of the belly’, which, if I remember correctly, is from Mary Magdalene. Love, Cathy

  6. The part about releasing fears of being seen and known has really hit home with me. Went through a HUGE clearing this weekend over this issue (still crying about it as I write this). The fear of being ridiculed goes all the way back to my childhood. I’ve been told that I came into this world a very conscious being. When I started to talk, no one could understand what I was saying. I was ridiculed. Eventually I had to shut down – vocally, emotionally, and spiritually. I grew up very shy and quiet. I am only just now starting to find my voice. Thank you, Eliza, for bringing this issue to my attention.

    • I was also shy as a youngster, at least to some degree. Journaling and blogging has assisted me in rediscovering my “voice”. You’re welcome, Bruce. Self-acceptance is the first step to healing the pain of the past.

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