The Light Collective: The Return of the Light


Eliza, Maria and the Light Collective:  The Return of the Light

Note to Reader:  This piece started out with a personal note and quickly transformed into a channeled piece.   

How does one express in human language the joy of meeting a true sister in the flesh.  For lifetimes, we have walked apart, each playing our roles.  We have come together and left each on the shores of the River, shedding tears for remembrances shared and dreams half-remembered.

Reunited we stand together to anchor the Golden Light of the Christ into the planet, along with those of other lightworkers and starseeds.

Now, finally, we have reached the end of our commitment to this planet.  The Light is anchored.  Now is the time for the people of this beautiful planet to take up the mantle that we have carried throughout the long centuries.

We are not leaving, but have transcended our humanity.  We are walking, living breathing Angels, living demonstrations of what it is to carry the Light, to be the Light, to live in the Light… for ALL Life, upon this planet and into the stars beyond.

We anchor now the depth of compassion emanating from our mother planet, Venus.  Straight from the hearts of her people, whose voices we hear in our dreams, we anchor this great love that has bonded our two worlds together over the millennia.

The energy of the Cosmic Mother is being anchored now, to bless all life, to free those who have suffered pain, loss and grief.  She gathers to her breast all who have felt lost and bereft.  Her tears are violet drops of transmutation, drawing up the pain and transforming it into the energies of the rainbow.

Each of us, as Way Showers, Star seeds, and Galactic Emissaries have had to walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and out, again, into the Light of the dawn, to demonstrate to the generations of this planet that it can be done… and done by those who are indigenous to this planet.  Whether your galactic heritage is Lyran, Andromedan, Pleiadian, Sirian or of another race, you have walked the path of the human initiate as a living experiential process to set a pattern that can be followed by those who make the choice, in the future, to ascend.

On this planet, there are 151,000,000 who can claim a starseed inheritance.  You are a tiny percentage of the present population of the earth, but your Presence here has made all the difference.  And now, having moved through your own clearings and ascension, your influence has extended to include whole regions, in some instances, whole continents.  And as each of you connects successfully to the Crystalline Grid, your collective energies expand.

The time of completion is now upon the Volunteers.  Your contracts, are, for the most, complete.  You can choose now whether to go or to stay.  Your job is done and has been done well.  Now you can move into a new level of being, releasing the compulsion of mission and simply enjoying the life that can be lived here when one is in synch, in the flow with the energies that continue to arrive on this earth star.

Yes, when you look upon life, it would appear that there still exists great strife, but you have risen above it and can view the playing out of the collective subconscious energies of humanity.  There is a collective clearing going on.  All beings play a part in it, all who contributed to its creation.

We do not ask that you forget all that you have passed through, for the lessons learned here will serve you in other places, where Spirit sends you on another mission.  For some of us this is a way of being; we are the Renegades who break up stuck energies in places that have become too dense for life to thrive.

As with the coming of spring break-up in the North, the waterways clog up with debris and it seems that chaos reigns.  The sorting out and cleansing to the energies that come for transmutation must now be done by those who live here.  You have a choice to continue with your work or to retire and play.

We see our children taking themselves too seriously at times.  We also see our children as getting stuck upon certain ideas of the way that things should be.

Things are as they should be now.  In the purity of your Heart, you can feel this if you listen within.  When all seems lost and darkened, the Light is still present.  It just takes your acknowledgement of its Presence to make the connection.

We have never left you.  We reside within the sacred heart of the Presence.  We whisper to you during the days and walk with you while you dream.

We ask that you have faith.

We ask that you have trust.

We tell you that it takes both faith and trust to know and feel that you are love, that you are loved and that you are Love, embodied within an earthly vessel.

The energies of angels, fairies, elementals, of ascended masters and galactics swirl around you.  Know that you have the ability to re-connect to these parts of your extended self at any time, even when you feel most lost.

When you have come to the end of your human road, the one you were taught to follow in this lifetime, for a time it seems that all is lost.  Yet this the moment when you begin a new birth, an emergence and re-connection with those parts of Self that you left behind when coming here into embodiment.

If as a starseed you do not feel that you have fulfilled your mission, this is a feeling that you are incomplete, possibly stemming from the chaos in the world.  This chaos is not of your making.  It is simply the clearing of the dark energies that have kept humanity subjugated for centuries.  Now the fiery light that exists within the Divine Blueprint of Huemanity has been anchored and these people are being prepared to take up the mantle of resurrection for their world.


Huemanity is meant to be the Keepers and Guardians of Gaia, not her conqueror.  Huemanity must re-learn the sacred ways of living in the flow with the rhythms of nature.  All that does not resonate with these rhythms will be divested and released, but it is the responsibility of these people to do the work now.  The Way has been carved and paved and is easy to follow once one has surrendered to the holy energies.

It is not necessary to believe in any particular god or to practice any religion or dogmatic teachings.  Embrace and follow your own intuitive urgings.  Be adventurous and release your daily concerns.  The Universe provides for those who trust and have faith that they are always loved and protected.

It is our purpose here to speak to both the seasoned Light worker and the ones who only now awakening.  You can teach each other by listening to your stories.  You will hear your own lessons echoed in the words of others and know that you share bonds with all you meet.  Know the reality of your connections for they are real.

We go now, as our scribe tires.  It has been a time of many revelations for her and her sister, revelations too private to share openly for now.

Know that you are beloved by those you cannot yet see.  They stand with you throughout your tribulations.  When you seek guidance, when you surrender, you will meet them in your dreams.

We are the Light Collective and we greet you in the dawn of this New Year, as the light returns to the northern latitudes.  It is the Festival of Lights, shared by all religions and by people who hold to no religion.  The Light is within all and it is the Love of your Mother / Father God that embraces you while you sleep.


Eliza and the Light Collective.


12 thoughts on “The Light Collective: The Return of the Light

  1. Wonderful, Eliza! Which one are you – on the right or the left – I’ve never seen a photo of you!
    Merry Christmas, and Light!

  2. “these people are being prepared to take up the mantle of resurrection for their world.”
    “it is the responsibility of these people to do the work now.”
    So “these people” are us puny humans? That sounds so condescending … just because you’re not a starseed, does that mean you’re a lower life form? I thought it was all about unity consciousness …

    • Short reply, Zarah… ALL humanity are star seeds; we have thousands of races participating in this ascension cycle. No, I do not regard humans as a lower life form nor does the Light Collective, whose ideas I was channeling as I wrote. If you read carefully, there were several voices braided through that delivery; I was barely conscious while typing it. If you were offended, you need to look inside and see what is being triggered. We EACH have to take responsibility, but your interpretation and reaction to these words (any words from a writer) is YOUR responsibility. And if mine do not resonate, I beg you to go elsewhere and find what does. Whining never solved any problems for anyone — it is a form of self-victimization, something that all people need to grow out of.

      • This is such a powerful advise: growing out of victim consciousness has been the most transformative experience for me.

        I will also add that in that transformation we are not alone. Each one has a full team who dedicate their existence to you, in unconditional love. You can ask them for help to evolve, and if you can’t perceive them you can ask them to help you “feel” them.

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  5. May All That Is expand in peace, harmony, joy and goodwill to All. Thank you, Eliza, Maria, Starseeds and Light People around the world for a job very well done indeed. Love, B.

  6. Thank you, Eliza. This message really resonated with me. It has been a long hard road. For some time I had thought that there would be more for me to do, but after reading this I do feel that my main job was to hold the light and that my work here is done. There aren’t words to describe all that I’m feeling right now. I am crying as I type this. All tears of joy!

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