Journal Entry 12.12.2015 – Letting Go


Mazama Ridge, MRNPJournal Entry 12.12.15 – Letting Go

Another day, another portal, another stair-step to ascension, or so “they” say; it is all the same to me, a succession of blah gray days, punctuated by brief glimpses of the sun and blue skies and visits from Family.

I KNOW that I am ascending, as I get visits from “Family” every day now, little acts of encouragement, numerous downloads and encodings, promises of future cooperative work and so on. Yet there are times when I get very discouraged, feel lonely and unfulfilled.

I’ve worked for nearly a decade in a tough environment for a woman, a male, high-security prison. And ironically, it’s only now that some of my male co-workers are beginning to have an inkling of the will and intelligence that lurks behind my dark hazel eyes. Ironic, indeed, because soon I will be leaving.

After a difficult day on Friday last, I have fully determined that my time at the prison and working a full-time job is swiftly coming to an end. Why has it taken me so long to make this decision? Well, I’m a double-Libra (sun and ascendant) so ANY decision-making can seemingly take a long time to come into fruition. Plus, if I’m honest about this… it didn’t FEEL right… as being the right time to move on.

I’ve known for a long time that part of my being here on the planet was to act as an anchor for the Light. I AM a Kumara… not one of the Seven Kumaras, who allegedly came to the planet some 18 million years ago, but still a member of the Kumara clan, from Venus. There are quite a few of “us” on the planet. We come in Peace.

As part of my multidimensionality, I also carry connections to the Sirians and Pleiadians… in fact, as Tazjima, I am half-Pleiadian, so I carry a mixed bag of gifts. In my dream of the other morning, I had a black-skinned “boyfriend”… who represents the Blue Sirian connection. And in the same dream, I met a young golden hair, bronzed and blue-eyed male… which represents my Pleiadian heritage. BTW, the boy looked a lot like my Pleiadian mate as a lad. Many Pleiadians have either white blond or black hair. Andra, my mate, has the more rare golden blonde hair and with his height (over 8’ tall) stands out in a crowd of brown-haired Venusians.

It is curious that I’m writing about my family now as I feel like I turned away from them during this past year. There was a need to continue with the clearing of my human lives, karmic and genetic heritage, which really didn’t involve the Family… although they have been here, patiently waiting in the background lending support whenever I was open to it. And recently, I’ve been receiving visitations during wake-up calls at night. Knowing that I have to get up and work, I haven’t been kept awake for long, just enough to soak up the soothing energies and acknowledge the Being who is visiting.

Sometimes I feel really odd being comfortable with writing about such matters in these journal entries. I know that my co-workers would likely think I’m mad, crazy or what have you… but it matters not to me. And soon… mere months away, my life will take another major turn as I leave the “working world” or term of enslavement for the government.

Freedom. The word reverberates throughout my being. Whether or not I acknowledge the fact, I’ve long worked for the sake of freeing the people of this planet so they would wake up and shake off their shackles. And now, that time has come. The energies support a new way of living and being, in part a return to the more balanced approach of living in harmony with the Earth and her rhythms, as well as incorporating green technology that will enable all people to live in comfort, no matter where they choose to spend their time while physically present here.

There are choices to be made, but I cannot make them for other people. I can only follow my inner guidance, step by step, and day by day. I’m not making choices because someone has written or said that this is the way ascension needs to be done; I’m doing it because it is time to change my pattern of living and I KNOW it to be so.

I’m not going to define what I’m going to be doing in the future, as first I need to heal, physically, mentally and mostly, emotionally. I am bone weary of being in the midst of chaotic energies, especially now as the frequency of planet continues to rise. These energies are presently squeezing out the emotional debris that has been secreted away by a confused humanity who didn’t comprehend the degree of control it was under… until now.

Now anger, despair, rage, a profound sense of betrayal, and many other unbalanced emotions and energies are being flung around. I was ducking them energetically yesterday while at work. People are angry and they don’t realize why they’re angry, but they are truly seething with hostility and it is quite something to observe and feel.

I am an empathic intuitive. Everyone on the planet is capable of empathy or intuition, but for a long time these innate human abilities have been suppressed. Now they are coming awake and it can be a lengthy painful process to acknowledge just how much you have been fooled into believing what is portrayed as truth, normalcy and the American Way of Life. Bullshit. It’s all bullshit… and not the kind that you would use for fertilizer and soil conditioner in your garden, but toxic bullshit designed to keep the people confined to an easily controlled energetic matrix.

In the ascension process, you need to release ALL prior conditioning and limitations placed upon you (through Soul choice) and transcend judgment of self and others. It is a conscious stripping away of all that constrains your spirit from fully merging and activating within your physical being here on planet Earth.

No one can do the work for you. No one can “activate” your DNA. It just happens when you change the way you think and feel about the world around you.  It happens when you can retain calm serenity in the midst of a seething storm.

I’ve known for a long time that this world was a construct, a school room designed for rapid soul advancement. It is a tough place and purposefully designed by US to be so. It is real and it is also an illusion… as an understanding of quantum physics will inform you… a series of interwoven and interconnected holograms. You move from one hologram to another when your perspective changes. The more you can step into an observer mode… an observer of your daily experiences and those of others around you… the swifter comes the expansion of your ability to comprehend the multiple layers that make up our Multiverse.

For me, I’ve been seemingly stuck in a rut of lower 3D… but I am vibrating at a much higher frequency level than most around me, so it can feel lonely. I observe and learn from what is going on in the working environment, during my surprisingly peaceful interactions with felons and my craving for alone time while home. As a result of this immersion into low-density 3D, I’ve actually gained more self-confidence and a better sense of boundaries, which is a gift for a sensitive being such as me. Yet all this comes at a physical price and so, in my new life, my first goal is to allow my body to heal and be renewed by spending a lot of time walking and out in the sunshine of my soon to be new home.

I can feel the inner me pushing against the artificial bonds that have kept me here for so long in this little town with its barren hills and open skies. I have integrated my lifetime as a Native American male and now feel able to leave this place and explore other places and even dimensions. I know that I will expand in levels of consciousness tremendously once I am released from the few remaining bonds that have served to tie me here, at least temporarily.

I’m not going “Home”. Rather I am bringing “Home” here, by integrating and accepting the fact that I am a multidimensional Being, living in a Multiverse. I am an ancient Being, who happens to be visiting this lovely planet for a specific purpose but ultimately it is not my true home. I am home where Spirit calls me. For now, I am here.



P.S. I detest this time of year in the northern latitudes. It is nearly 08:00 PST and only now getting “light”. The sky is covered with thick gray cloud and the temperature in the low 40’s F. It is winter here even if the Julian calendar says it is still autumn for another week. That calendar has to go. It is out of sync with the natural rhythms of the Earth, another artificial construct fitted over a reluctant humanity. I’m not wearing a watch anymore either and seldom find a need for it. Interesting…

9 thoughts on “Journal Entry 12.12.2015 – Letting Go

  1. Re-blogged this on silverangelswings as ‘food for though’
    thanks for the insights, another piece of the puzzle for me…much Love & Blessings on your life change.
    Peace and Love, dear Eliza…
    Sylvia Melaynia xx

  2. I took the plunge to move from the west coast of England to the east coast 4 years ago. Friends thought I had lost the plot, moving to where I knew no one, aged 66. Best thing I have ever done and, yes, my body needed lots of healing too.
    Thank you for sharing Eliza, often it feels as if you are writing my journal for me.
    Wishing you peace, joy and love on your journey.
    Love Ann xxx

    • That was quite a move to make, Ann, as will be mine, although you changed cultures as well as physical setting. Still, the American South is quite different from the Pacific NW where I’ve made my home for most of my adult life. Will take some adjustment on my part. Funny thing is, I’m a natural chameleon when it comes to speech patterns and should flow right into the Southern drawl. As a child, I picked up a Texas drawl while living in Alaska, due to the high percentage of oil people and military from that huge state. My mother was quite appalled being a born Yankee by nature. While in Wales, I was mistaken for a Welsh person by a lieutenant in the British Army while hiking in Snowdonia… and so on. Life here on this planet can be interesting sometimes!

      Thank you for your kind comments and continued support of these writings. ❤ Eliza

  3. Hello friend.

    I rarely comment but rest assured I am a regular reader of yours, I appreciate your perspective and resonate strongly with your words. Today has been particularly difficult for me, so I decided to step away from my stress in an effort to reorient my thoughts by entrainment by with a higher consciousness. I perused a few “spiritually awake” sites, but nothing really took hold. Then I came to your page and your message was precisely what I yearned to hear. I am ever so grateful to you for sharing this. I have taught for seven years as a Special Education teacher to children in low income communities, but I cannot continue to serve a system which takes so much and gives so little. I am trying to envision a life that is rooted in the simple truths of love, nature, beauty and creativity. It is difficult to stay steady when things can seem so chaotic, but as you said, it is our perspective which shapes the hologram. Embracing that power wholeheartedly is so simple yet seemingly so daunting. Knowing others on this path gives me so much solace and hope. Love and light to you.

    • In humility I serve. I am glad that my words have given you hope. I do know what it is to experience struggle and toil in this world. Seek the peace within and let it enfold your tender heart. It will guide you through the darkness and into the Light. A better world for all is emerging.

  4. Thank you for your beautiful posts.
    I recognize a lot of elements in your life story and I so truly wish you all the joy and well-deserved freedom thus you can fully heal on all levels.
    Love & Light.

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