Journal Entry – 12.11.2015


Journal Entry – 12.11.2015 – What a Day!

Sometimes work is a bitch. What can I say? Today was one of those days. There was a ton of emotional energy flying around and a lot of short fuses. Molehills were quickly made into mountains and fingers pointed, tit-for-tat. Okay, already… get off the ego trip, folks. Except it comes down to how I can handle or not the energies and whether or not I react…

Most people are unaware of that their emotional outbursts create more of the same to experience in their “future” as the lessons are clearly not being learned.

I was there, listening to all the goings on and responding to disclosure requests for things that were needed yesterday. Doing my best given the circumstances which I intend to change soon.

Tonight I feel exhausted and have been for a couple of weeks. The level of unbalanced energies seems to be rising within those who are not aware of what is taking place on the planet.

Everyone’s emotions that have been suppressed for CENTURIES are coming up for clearing, so you tend to get some rugged days like this one I experienced today. I will be able to center and clear any energies that I picked up because I’m aware of the tools… the Violet Flame, the Pink Ray (unconditional love) and grounding, plus Golden Christ Energy to strengthen the Heart Chakra. I feel for those individuals who are unaware.

It’s really important now to hold your own space as well as you can when out in the midst of the mayhem.  Use your tools, and keep as non-reactive as is “huemanly” possible!

I work in one of the most dense energy fields outside of inner city slums or war zones that exists… a high-security prison… and let me tell you, it isn’t always the offenders who are the culprits in having unbalanced energy fields. Often it is co-workers, partially due to the stress levels inherent with working in such an environment.

Another development – I’ve been noticing a LOT of repeated numbers today, including 11:11, 222, 555 and so on. Given that I work around numbers (every offender has a number as identification) I still noticed these repeating numbers in addresses, phone numbers and on the computer’s digital clock, as well. Crazy! Think I’m receiving some downloads and encodings? Oh, yeah.

This morning I came awake feeling quite blissful. I was “receiving” a visitor… it was Sanat Kumara, who is one of my Venusian family and of course the now “retired” Lord of the World. He’s family to me; what can I say? His energy is wonderful, embracing, warm and gentle. Yes, my Team is ever present and making themselves known to me more often these days. I am grateful for their presence in my life.

In one week, I’ll be making my way to South Carolina for a holiday visit. Hopefully, flight connections will be smooth. I’ve never been to the East Coast. I have been kind of to the “South” by visiting Arkansas, but that’s not really Deep South. I’ll take my camera and will post photos upon my return. Since I will not be taking the laptop, I will probably on be off-line  for at least a week.  BTW, someone will be watching the house and taking care of the fur girls.

I’m glad that I have this blog for a means of catharsis and creativity through writing. It really helps me; I hope what I share also assists others.

Namaste and Holiday Blessings to All,

Eliza Ayres

6 thoughts on “Journal Entry – 12.11.2015

  1. Have a wonderful trip, Eliza. I trust you will come back feeling muchly renewed – and with some good photos! I look forward to those and your thoughts whenever you send them.

  2. I’m so glad you have this blog, too, Eliza. Have a fun holiday adventure in that exotic place known as the American South!
    Love and blessings,

  3. I have been noticing a lot of emotional distress in self and others as well, especially 20 something age group…
    After nearly a 2 month health hiatus I will be headed back to work on the 20th…
    Have a blessed Journey and enjoy the HolyDays…might be nice to be out of the
    E WA freeze for a bit!

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