Adventures in Dreamland – 12.10.2015


Adventures in Dreamland – 12.10.2015

This morning I had a long involved dream. I was attending a school, just returning from somewhere and was greeted enthusiastically by one of my teachers. Apparently I was very good in mathematics and he was looking forward to teaching me some more.

I was sitting with a group of friends, kind of lounging around. My boyfriend was sitting next to me. He was a black man, just slightly taller than myself and looked a little uncomfortable with the setting. I was lounging on the floor in front of his knees, leaning back on them. I was quite at ease and felt very sensuous. Then we got up. I looked around and noticed that I couldn’t find my books or my purse. I looked again and found the purse, but not my books. I shrugged it off knowing I could get some more.

We walked through a corridor filled with other people. Then a child walked up. My boyfriend introduced the child as his son, even though the child was a golden blonde, with lightly bronzed skin and large blue eyes. Like his father, the child seemed ill at ease. I opened my arms to the kid and spoke to him quietly, encouraging him to talk to me for a while. I rarely feel motherly, but did towards this youngster. I gave him a hug and promised to talk more later.

Then we went outside. I was excited to be in Scotland. There was a crowd of people coming towards us, but I went against the flow and continued heading out towards the edge of the grounds where some huge towering oaks were standing. The oaks had brilliant red and orange foliage high up on their long branches. They didn’t actually look like any oaks that I’ve ever seen, but were quite beautiful.

As we walked further, I saw the landscape slowly taking shape, green and with low mountains, forests and meadows stretching into the distance. It was quite beautiful and I was happy to explore.

It is said that every person in a dream is a part of you. I guess I’ll have to do some more inner child and sacred masculine work to let those parts feel more comfortable with upcoming changes…


Photo Credit:  Maple Leaf, not an oak, but similar coloring as the ones in the dream…

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Dreamland – 12.10.2015

  1. Really enjoyed reading about your dream, Eliza, thank you for posting it, so many symbols and all good. The dark and the light unite and produce the Golden Child? Love, B.

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