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Note to Reader:  This is a lengthy piece, so make some tea or coffee and sit down… you won’t be able to read this on a cellphone.  Sorry, I get in the flow and it all comes out in a swiftly flowing stream like a spring I once saw on the side of Mt. Rainier…

Journal Entry 12.06.2015 – Re-Entry

While attempting to do some massive downloads of software this morning, while my Internet connection blinks on and off, I’ve been listening / watching some of Bill Ballard’s “pearls4u” on the YouTube network.  Got to keep you occupied somehow… might as well be something useful.

Bill speaks from deep inner heartfelt wisdom remembered through this lifetime and connecting it to our original purpose for being here on planet Earth, this duality school room.  If you have time enough to watch crap on television, I would suggest you watch Bill’s videos instead and learn something about your Self.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve come to realize that I’m most definitely a First Waver.  We’ve been “working” on reintegrating those parts of self that have been left in other places, times, events and with people through past lives.

This morning after listening to one of Bill’s videos, I asked my “Team” just how long I’ve been working on my ascension this lifetime.  The Team, who are always present in my consciousness when I focus on them… funny how that works… replied, “Since you were born!”

Ah… yes, I’ve always questioned things that I have been taught, whether in school, in church and certainly with other people.  When I reached third grade, I found reading.  I dived into other worlds and places and explored them with my mind.  It wasn’t enough.  I wanted to find meaning, the answers to my questions.  I was reading about Edgar Cayce when I was a young teenager.  I loved the science fiction and early fantasy novels, reading Tolkien when I was 10 years old… and always knowing that there was something missing from the puzzle, something that I couldn’t connect to via the intellect.

Bill phrases it so directly… ascension is all about losing your mind and getting into your heart, raising your frequency and reintegrating ALL levels of being, from Harmonic One (1st, 2nd and 3rd Dimensions) of your Ego Self to Harmonic Two (4th, 5th, 6th Dimensions) of your Soul or Angelic Self… and so on.  At each level, your perception of the world around you changes.  At each different level, you understand more, but NOT in an intellectual manner.  You simply KNOW what is true.  The knowing comes through the Heart Center, which is a direct energetic connection to your Higher Selves.

The interesting thing about physical ascension that we are actually going farther than our higher selves can be reintegrating ALL levels of being, all the way back to Source.  The reason we descended into this lower frequency world in the first place was to aid those who had lost their way.  We’re here as volunteers, holding a certain level of frequency within our bodies so that humanity can wake up and cast aside fear and realize that they, too, are divine in nature.


So why do “bad” things happen to people?  They happen so that person has an opportunity to wake up.  Sometimes they don’t; they go out of embodiment.  What you focus your intent upon, what you focus your energy on becomes what your experience.  Depending on your level of frequency and consciousness, the turn-around time on manifestation varies.   If you vibrate at 3D, it could take years, even lifetimes for the energy to come back and tap you on the nose.  If you vibrate at 6D, it can take seconds.  As you rise in frequency, your responsibility for taming your thoughts grows.  You ARE the Creator of your world.  That is why you are here… to learn or relearn how to BE a Creator of Universes, Galaxies, planets, animals, and people.  In truth, we ARE Creator Gods learning how to be Creator Gods.

Planet Earth is a school room.  Everyone on the planet, which includes Team Dark, is undergoing the lessons of Duality.  Right now, Team Dark is presenting humanity with repeated opportunities to wake up and throw off their shackles by continually playing out false flag scenarios.  These things are staged! Yes, some people get killed, but the scenarios are staged.  Every time another shooting occurs, especially in the United States, check to see whether or not there was a drill going on at the same time.  Why do these shooters have professional weapons and skills?  Because they are trained militia, special ops, trained to act like assassins by our Secret government.

Being a First Waver who has been actively reintegrating past lives for years, I find it fascinating to observe just how resistant people are to seeing the truth of what is happening in front of their eyes.  They are more concerned about their cellphones and the latest gossip than wanting to be free from tyranny.

Government isn’t here to “save” you.  Government is here to keep challenging you, attempting to control you until your sole desire is to transcend the control frequency and become totally free.  This is what Team Dark does… it is their modus operandi, their reason for being… but that is about to come to an end.

As Bill explained so well in his latest video of 12.5.2015, the seven years of Tribulation will end in 2016.  The End Times are upon us when the lower frequency controls of the 3D Matrix are transcended.  Now we’re in the process of purging all remaining remnants of fear, doubt, dark energies from our personal energetic fields and reintegrating our past lives and coming into Oneness once again.

The Heart of Yellow

The Heart of Yellow

Those people who are unable to rise in frequency will be removed to another 3D world or worlds where they can continue to experience their lessons as needed.  We, who have done our work, will hold the space for those who have made the conscious choice to move into the journey towards ascension.

It is a choice that you must make, on your own.  Ascension is NOT going to “happen” to you.  Things happen to you when you are not taking responsibility for what you are thinking, focusing on or intending.  When you are in control of your thoughts, working through your Heart and Divine Mind (NOT the ego mind or intellect) you are working on your ascension.  Not making the choice is making a choice.

Ascension is a process.  It takes years to process and to arrive at an understanding of these things.  For some of us, it has taken a lifetime.  For others, it is taking years.  The body needs time to slowly integrate the energies, to transmute the darkness within, to release the fears, the old outdated belief systems, the resistance that comes with fear of the unknown.

Our world is part of a quantum universe.  If you understand quantum physics you will have no difficulty understanding the mechanics of how energy works.

Our consciousness is a part of the ALL THAT IS, was broken off by Prime Creator, so that it would know more of itself through experience.  Our experience of the Duality Game is a part of that service we are giving to Prime Creator.  We are the Ones who set up the Game.  Now we are the ones who are playing in the midst of the game… and the game is changing.

The Dark has had power over this world for untold centuries.  According to different sources, the length of time differs.  I’ve read 300,000 years… or since the time of the Fall of Atlantis, some 14,000 years.  No matter… time and space have no meaning to our eternal beings.  We are here, now, performing a job for Prime Creator as it is time for the beginning of the In Breath.  As Prime Creator sent us out into the universes to experience, now we are being called back, in the process of return, which is ascension.  We move through each of our former stages, the ego mind, the angelic self, the archangelic self, back to the Elohim or Avatar stage then into the Ascended Master or Melchizedek Galactic stage and so on… and hence onto Prime Creator, of which we are, ultimately a mere fractal.

There are many individuals who would prefer to remain in the worlds of experience, playing in the fields of the Lord… still playing and not deciding to undergo the discipline necessary, the focused intent to return fully to Source.

"In the Pink"

“In the Pink”

The churches, schools and your governments teach that authority is “out there”.  You need a God to watch over you.  You need authorities to decide what is right for you.  You need laws to guide you towards “good” living.  You need a government to keep you safe from terrorism.  This is all false.  Your divinity is within.  The authority, the power and wisdom come from connecting with the inner Christ that dwells permanently within your own Heart Center.  This is the source from which all wisdom flows into this world.  Connect with Source within your own energetic field and you will no longer require teachings or laws.  You will know what to do and when to do it.  You will understand with every ounce of your being what is right for you, despite whatever comes through the medium of so-called “experts”.

Bill delineated for me an understanding of just where my particular consciousness level is coming from. For most people, it is the level of ego mind, limited, fearful, judging anything that appears to be “different”, easy to control by outside authority and laws.  When people start waking up, they enter the stage of reintegration with their Angelic Self.  It is at this stage when they become geopolitically awake and concerned about what is happening to others, including animals and the environment.  This is the stage when the heart becomes awakened and compassion begins to take precedence over their lives.  Then there is the stage of the Archangel, where you can look at the world with dispassion and unconditional love.  It is at this stage when you transcend the need to judge others and simply observe everything as energy.  I am there, but there are further stages of integration that occur as ascension is continual process that keeps going on until you become reunited in fullness with Prime Creator.  And you will have left physical form long before that occurs.

Yes, I still have stuff to transmute.  It comes from where I have been during these years of tribulation, working in a prison, holding the energies there to prevent any huge physical clearings in the way of physical disasters from occurring.  I have been aware that I and many of my fellow First Wavers located in the Pacific Northwest have been holding the balance for the region, preventing or keeping at bay some of the more destructive predictions given by scientists.  It is a volatile region, where the Pacific Plate is slowly moving under the Continental Craton.  There are many volcanoes located along the Pacific Rim of the United States, including ancient dormant ones that are becoming reactivated as the plates continue to grind upon each other thinning the layers of rock between the magna chambers lying below and the surface.  I’ve lived from California to Washington and even next to Yellowstone Park during my adult life.  Soon, however, I will remove myself from this region as my time as Guardian is ending.

Bill stated in his video of 12.5.2015, that it would not be until EVERYONE left on the planet has reached AVATAR level of consciousness before our world would shift into the New Earth crystalline form.  That isn’t going to happen in a day or a month or even a year.  It will take some time for the integration process to happen within those individuals who CHOOSE the path of return.  Make no mistake, ascension takes work and time.  There is no magic wand and your galactic relatives aren’t going to do it for you.  They are waiting for YOU to do the work HERE.  That is the purpose of this school room.


I’m anticipating great changes occurring within my life happening during the next year.  I’m leaving the particulars up to my higher self, but focusing on what I want to see and experience:  more freedom to create, to enjoy, time to focus on those things that I enjoy, as well as continuing with my service to humanity as a way shower.  For me, it will be moving out of being alone and separate to being WHOLE again.

You do not “heal”, you WHOLE.  You become whole when you reintegrate all the parts of the fractal that were broken off and left various places during your past lives.  Now is the time to gather up the parts, learn the lessons that were experienced in those life times and to move towards the reintegration with the wholeness of Self, through all the various layers of existence and back to Source.  That is my focus that is my goal and what my intent will be for the remainder of my physical existence upon this planet.  And I will continue to share my journey in the hopes that it gives other people, especially for those of the Second Wave, who are just in the process of waking up, the needed strength and encouragement to step out of their pain and despair and to embrace the Wholeness that is theirs by divine right.

Each of you is an ambassador for other civilizations, other GALACTIC civilizations.  The reason there is so much attention on THIS planet is because each of you is doing the work for your PEOPLE here, going through the Duality Game, getting the experience and the understandings that come from doing the work.  As you ascend, they ascend and the entire GALAXY is in the process of ascending because of the work that YOU are doing here, so don’t EVER underestimate your value to the Whole, dear ones.  You are loved, valued and embraced by those who you cannot see… but will, when you rise up in frequency high enough so that you might experience the whole Universe at your energetic feet.

Without the dark, you cannot define the Light.  The dark energies are the stimulus by which you are choosing or not to ascend and to transcend fear and despair.  Be grateful for the presence of the Dark forces on this planet for it is through their work that you are now awakening and beginning to sense that you are greater than you ever realized before.  And the next time there is an obvious false flag event; send a wave of gratitude to those who are participating, as they are, too, your brothers and sisters.  They are not the enemy as there is no one else “out there” but the ONE, acting out as fractals for the sake of experience.  It all comes back to Prime Creator in the end, the dark and the light.  And duality as an experience is coming to an end within this upcoming year, 2016.  Be prepared.  Be aware and do not go into fear.  You have the power, love and wisdom within to overcome anything that comes your way.

We are integrating “them” our higher levels of being and anchoring those magnetics HERE.  It’s not about “bugging out” and going elsewhere.  We are here to anchor heaven on earth and transcend duality, creating a New Earth for another level of experience while being in a physical body.  Be here NOW, awake and free to create and be all that you are at higher levels of consciousness, to experience just how life can be, blissful, fulfilling and magnificent beyond anything you have experienced for a long, long time.

Amore et Lumiere,

Eliza Ayres






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    • Thank you, Janet. I took a little peek at your blog. You are a wonderful complex, intelligent, creative Being, dear one. Kudos and much love to you. Eliza

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