Journal Entry 12.03.2015 – Chinook Wind

DSCN0011Journal Entry 12.3.2015 – Chinook Wind

This morning’s commute was a white-knuckle affair.  We were in the midst of a huge freezing rain storm that lasted several hours making the roadways rather treacherous for driving.  Since few cars are out when I go to work, it wasn’t too bad, although I did go quite a lot slower than the posted speed limits and kept a light foot on the accelerator and brakes.  No slippage today, although I heard that there was quite a bit later on when other folks were coming in.

The breezeway between buildings was so slick that Major Control shut them down as people were falling and hitting their heads.  Quite a day here in Eastern Washington!

Later on, the temperatures began a slow ascent, reaching above freezing in mid-afternoon, before I drove home.  What a pleasure a wet road is instead of one that is iced over!

Ah… feeling a little energy today?  I have the same pressure on my skull as I did last night.  I went to bed early and managed to sleep most of nine hours despite the cats cuddling, purring in my ear, and kneading my hair.

I had an interesting dream just before waking.  I was going to go to a little tea party with three youngsters.  They were related but didn’t look anything alike.  The boy was brown-haired and average looking.  The oldest sister was almost as tall as me, but extremely thin and narrow-shouldered, with dark brown or black hair and black eyes.  The youngest, another girl was short, slightly plump with blonde hair and green eyes.  All of them were mischievous.  In the dream, I focused on one child at a time, like I was memorizing their appearances…

When I woke up, I got the intuitive message that these “children” were actually galactic emissaries or even “family” testing to see how I would react to their appearance.  Well, I want more…

The dreams are quite colorful and long.  I wake up in layers, aware consciously of my thoughts or inner conversations, but not aware of my body.  The body is the last to come online (pain, sensations, awareness of the room, etc.).

I think I prefer my dreams to so-called “reality”… being quite aware that none of it is “real” according to how we’ve been taught.  It’s all a series of holograms.  What a thought!  I’m in a computer program… a vast and mightily complicated one.

When driving home, I noticed that while the rolling hills around the prison were still coated with a light layer of snow, there was no snow on the Blues below about 5,000 feet.  It looks like the valley received snow during a temperature inversion which kept the clouds low… just enough to dump their load on town and its surroundings but not in the higher slopes of the Blues.  Very odd.  The landscape is all black, gray and whites… typical of winter tones.  I could do with a little blue sky, but a rack of Pacific storms are aiming in our direction, most from the tropics which means rain and winds.  It’s winter in the Pacific Northwest and there is a Chinook (warm) wind a’blowing.



Photo Credit:  Stormy Skies, April 2015

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