Journal Entry 12.02.2015 – Another Snow Day

009Journal Entry 12.2.2015

It was a snow day, again, this time with 3 – 4” inches atop my car. Fortunately, it was fluffy dry stuff that was easy to sweep off. No photos; it was too dark. I go to work at 06:15 or so and it is as dark as midnight, especially with low-hanging clouds.

This afternoon, I felt a headache coming on. It felt like a vise on the side of both temples, squeezing. Later, I developed a stomach ache. There must be another solar flare / CME in the works. I’m getting sensitive to them.

The snow switched to sleet and then freezing rain in the early morning, after I made it to work on crunchy snow-covered roads. This afternoon, it had warmed up and the snow was turning to soup. Our climate goes through a lot of changes just in a matter of a couple of minutes or hours. It’s best to be prepared for anything, except a heat wave.

Not feeling particularly inspired right now. We’ve been really busy at work due to being short-handed, so I get rather tired towards the end of the work day.
The other night I had some visitors, a frequent occurrence, but these were Dragons. They introduced themselves as being aligned with the elements. I visualized the Water Dragon as being black in color, but a black like that of a black bird wing… filled with scintillating purples, dark greens, blues and even a bit of crimson. The Fire Dragon was a golden red with glowing amber eyes, very handsome. The Earth Dragon was Green, gleaming dark green at his spine, with lighter greens on the belly. The Air Dragon was blue, a light sky blue on the belly and darkening to a deep rich indigo on his spine. I didn’t actually “see” the Dragons, but upon feeling back into the visitation can visualize them now. All things happen in the Now moment; it’s easy to step back into a remembrance to see what happened there if you give it some thought. Or perhaps it’s just the storyteller in me…

My Southern vacation is coming up soon. I’ll be visiting friends in South Carolina, who live in the Low Country, near the ocean. I’ve never see the Atlantic Ocean in this lifetime. It should be interesting also to visit nearby Savannah and Beaufort. I promise to take some photos while there! It will be an entirely new environment for me. I’ll have to watch out for alligators for one, and snakes, chiggers and sand flies for others…! Still the warmer climate should be relaxing after suffering through a frigid November.

For those who live in the Northern Tier, winter is arriving. Be safe while traveling and put the cellphone down while in the car. I actually have one now, but leave it at home. I’m still adjusting to the technology but reluctantly. BTW, my last watch battery died the other day and until I figure out how to open it up and exchange batteries, I’m without a watch. I find I can actually tell time pretty accurately without one as my routine is pretty regular. And when traveling, I can use my phone!

I’ve had a huge amount of computer issues of late, with the internet coverage being spotty, so I’m going to be staying off-line more than on. I still hope to write some articles if any inspiration comes through.

In Joy,


Photo Credit:  Pioneer Pond, Winter of 2013.

2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 12.02.2015 – Another Snow Day

  1. We are still having beautiful warm days thank goodness I hope they last.I have been seeing things lately,which is very exciting for me (but not for anyone else) the most wonderful was a face appearing over mine when I looked in the mirror,a male with red long hair and a small beard who said I am inside you and will work through you.I did see a golden dragon one night he floated above my head and peered down at me.Take care on those roads and in case your computer is not working have a lovely Xmas xxx

  2. Remember the artist Nalinee, she sees many different elementals and dragons.
    Savannah is a rich southern feeling town. Lots of plantations around!!! Charleston is another one close by wonderful eateries. I unfortunately did my visit last June, it was so hot you could fry an egg on the hood of your car( realfeel 112 degrees)!!!! This is the time to go!!!!
    Have fun!!!

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