Eliza: On Adoration



Eliza: On Adoration

When you were a youngster to who were you taught to direct your prayers and salutations? Depending on your religion, if your family worshiped at all, you learned to direct your prayers to a Son of God, a saint or several, masters (ascended or not), an panoply of ancient pagan gods or goddesses, the multitude of gods and goddesses as in the panoply of the ancient Hindu religion and so on.

What is common among all these beings? For most people, these beings exist “out there” in an indefinable “place” called heaven, paradise or perhaps an etheric kingdom that exists outside the view of the common human.

Your attention, your hopes and fears and prayers were always directed away from self by those who wished to keep you under control, stuck within a paradigm or constructed box of belief. You were taught to give your power away to others.

Recently, I started reading a little book, “The Sermon on the Mount: According to Vedanta”. The book was written by a Hindu master, Swami Parabhavananda, and is very edifying in terms of the recognition given the teachings from the Sermon on the Mount. I’m going to call Parabhavananda, Master P, for the sake of brevity in this little article. I mean no disrespect for this wise master and teacher of men.

The Hindu masters and teachers see within the teachings that Master Jesus presented to his disciples as being a distillation of the same teachings presented to their own disciples. In other words, there is a common language or manner of expression to be found in the teachings of a man born into the Essenes and what has been taught for thousands of years by Hindu masters and holy men, and what was taught, in turn, to those who wrote down the first written texts called the Vedas.

Within Christianity and to a certain extent in fundamental Moslem teachings, it has always been the differences between the religions that have been emphasized, not the common teachings that exist as a fundamental basis of all religion, at least at a certain level. As Master P reminds us, there has always existed two sets of teachings, one for the profane or the masses and one for the disciples, those who have dedicated their lives to spirituality.

Looking back through the centuries, especially within the last two thousand years, but even further than that… since before the sinking of Atlantis (if you want to believe that or not) there have been men who have taught their followers about the rightness of their cause, the purity of their race, that their god was the only true God and that all physical evidence that other religions and creeds existed needed to be wiped clean from the face of the earth.

Man was taught to hate other human beings simply due to the color of their skin, sex, their language and culture, their language, but mostly because of their religion or sacred teachings. Those beings that did not follow the chosen paradigm were excluded, excommunicated, even tortured and killed by fanatics of every stripe.

During this time of massive darkness upon the planet during an age that has been termed the Kali Yuga, Iron Age or Age of Darkness, the violence has been directed primarily against women, children, unbelievers, heathens or pagans and indigenous peoples, those who have been considered as less than human or even unworthy to continuing living as they were an affront to God in the eyes of the followers of this or that religion.

Little did these men who perpetrated such violence realize that they were acting upon the orders of other men, powerful men, who did the bidding of non-physical entities, for the sake of engendering massive amounts of fear, despair and anger upon which to feed. Yes, there have been those who have fed upon human despair and have continued to encourage division, artificial divisions between groups of people, between countries, economic systems and most potent of all, between the sexes and religions of the world.

How can this great wound be healed? Who is capable of undertaking such a task?  The answer lies within each man and woman.

What I say next may offend some followers of the more traditional religions, but I must say it even so.

Any religion that places a barrier between god and man or god and woman is a false religion. There is no need to worship a god or goddess within a temple, to do homage, to pray and leave offerings. There is no need to appease God or follow doctrine or the teachings of catechism or that of a priest or mullah or pope or any other person assigned authority over their flock or parishioners. Then to whom do you turn when seeking guidance, solace, support and encouragement?

As Master P describes it, you turn to God; you seek God in all things and turn away from the world of money, material things and outward power. Yet how many of us can forsake the needs of our families and turn to the worship of God on a full –time basis? There is a need to come into balance and a need to choose what is most important. That decision can only emanate from within and is up to each individual to decide for themselves, without judgment against those who choose differently.


I understand that many people have a problem with the word, God. It is a loaded name, designed to elicit both fear and joy. Many fear and hate God or at least the teachings given forth in his (or their) name(s) because they do not manage to follow those same principles in their daily life. Some go further and project their self-hatred and fear of the Lord upon others, seeing their own perceived failings reflected in the actions of others, most especially those whom they have been taught to regard as different or threatening. This judgment of difference has been based primarily on outward appearance, that of skin color, race, language, culture, economic status and religion.

Even the followers of the so-called New Age religion (yes, it has become one) seeks to place judgment on others who appear to be incapable of understanding and living up to its tenets. This new philosophy or movement has become yet another box into which to be cooped up. You see, it has become polluted by the same stream of persuasion has been used through the centuries to keep humans separate from each other and from the planet.

I have found within the followers of the New Age teachings (or as Jeff Brown calls it, the New Cage Movement) a strong desire to be saved by a source outside of self, whether in the form of an Ascended Master, galactic forces or Archangels. This is a classic example of giving power away and thus still remaining within a cycle of fear, desperation and lack of responsibility for one’s own salvation, as well as a continued focus on the desire to obtain more material benefits rather than spiritual attainment. In other words, these people are still on focused in the outward signs of attainment (popularity, wealth, power, beauty, things) rather than focusing on the internal integration of polarities and coming to balance within.

Last year I was encouraged to believe that somehow I was not human, that my consciousness had walked into a human body and that I would be soon walking out as I had by some miracle accomplished my mission here and was a Way-shower for those who would be ascending in waves thereafter.

Last year (2014) when I wrote that I or my higher self, Tazjima, was ascending into 6D (as I was told by others), I found myself the focus of some adoration and lot of anxiety among those who did not want me to go. These people were still focusing on someone outside of themselves and not upon their own divinity. Well, I am still here and still undergoing my ascension process on this planet as many other people are doing. We are here doing what we are doing as this world is the focus of a project designed to anchor the higher vibrational energies of Source into this lower density world so that ALL life might benefit. The planet is ascending and those who chose to ascend also going with Her.

"Cloud Dance"

“Cloud Dance”

I hope within the last year or so I have demonstrated that I am walking the same difficult path that everyone is who has determined to seek the Divine within so that I might enter into Unity consciousness with all Life. My human self is not perfect. I am still working to release layers of fear and self-judgment stemming from lifetimes of living within this dark realm.

Let us face it; the Earth has been a place of great density and darkness. The Light of the Cosmos is only now beginning to affect change within the people because of the willingness of a relative few who have committed themselves to be different from the rest. Some of us, as ancient souls, as Renegades and system-busters, are becoming the leading edge of the ascension of ALL humanity and the anchoring of the evolutionary energies of Source so all evolve into an entirely new species, Humans, a light-filled, creative and powerful being capable of moving through multiple dimensions and frequencies at will.

This is not a plea for adoration. In my present incarnation I am still very “human”, which most people define as meaning weak, faltering and given to making mistakes as they are yet unable to see the truth underlying this species, that humans were designed to be able to transcend dimensions. In truth, originally, humanity was designed to be the keys of a Living Library, that of the planet upon which they live, Earth.  Our controllers know the truth about humans and fear it, for when WE know it in our hearts, they will be unable to control us ever more.

As a human being, I seek only to work on myself, within, doing the necessary acts of self-forgiveness and forgiveness towards all of those who have trespassed against us (me) in all the lifetimes I have spent here, which are numerous. I am working to integrate the polarities that exist within and to be able to transcend them and to follow the path of initiation that is open to all who seek the divine within with all of their being.

While it is good to know that the Violet Flame is an energy that you can use to affect such works, it is not necessary. It is not necessary to worship or pray to St. Germain, the Ascended Master who is, according to metaphysical teachings, the Master of the Aquarian Age. There are plenty of humble people on this planet who speak to God, his Angels and the Holy Mother, in their prayers and meditations and who give their full trust in knowing their prayers will be answered. These humble souls do not necessarily even know of the existence of the Comte le Saint Germain or that of the other ascended masters. These, the salt of the Earth, only know within their humble hearts, that they are loved and that their prayers are answered. They trust and have the faith to attend the quiet nudging of their intuition and place their attention upon the quiet voice within that instructs and enlightens.


In my own search for Truth, I have come upon the teachings of many religions and masters, yet it is within the stillness of my own heart that I have discovered peace and understanding. Yes, I continue to falter and to doubt at times, as I am inundated by the emotions of others, yet I have discovered the tools which can aid in clearing these energies, and returning to center.

Remember, also, we do the clearing work not just for ourselves, but also that of our karmic lineage, our physical genetic lineages and the masses of humanity, as well. Feeling tired? That is why; you are doing a TON of work, on multidimensional levels outside the awareness of your physical brain and current level of consciousness.

Modern quantum physics is aligning with the ancient teachings of the Vedas. Our physical world is an illusion. What our physical senses tell us as being true, that we have form and solidity and permanence is an illusion. In truth, we are pure consciousness, existing as photons, self-aware and creating the world in which we appear to exist.

Stripped down to that level, you may well wonder why men and women have been tricked into hating each other. There is NO reason for it, no reason at all, except to fall for the ancient deception that humanity is separate from God and separate from each other.

I prefer to address God as Prime Creator. This energy was split off from Source and sent into the physical realm to create and experience. We are a fractal, a part of Prime Creator, experiencing life as a human being. Instead of feeling separate from this great source of power, wisdom and love, we are now beginning to sense our own worth, our own divinity, and our own ability to create the world around us, through thought.

Remember, it is thought that comes first, then experience. And actually, it is thought wrapped around a feeling that becomes a thought-form, later manifesting as a set of circumstances in which you find yourself.

Through an adjustment of attitude, a change in perspective on how you view the world around you, you will find your feelings about yourself beginning to shift. As long as you exist in the depths of self-pity, victimization, poor me energy, the Universe will, through the Law of Attraction, present you with more of the same. When you can approach the place where you can begin to forgive yourself for all perceived mistakes and imperfections, then you begin to approach the fragment of “god” that exists within.  And you will be begin to see the world in an entirely different manner, that of acceptance of what is.

Jesus spoke the parables contained within the Sermon on the Mount to his disciples, not to the common people of his age. Yet, now that the energies of this god-man has penetrated through the density of the planet and entered the hearts of all who live here, it is possible for the common man and woman to understand his meaning, if they begin to recognize that the energy carried to earth and anchored here by this one Master, was given to all. It is the pure energy of Prime Creator that is recognized by those who carry it within their own hearts, which is all of humanity.

The Master did not die for our salvation.  He lived so that we might be FREE of the ignorance that has so burdened our world.  So it is the same with every master and saint who has ever walked upon this earth.  They came as way-showers, to show you the way back to the realization that you, too, are worthy, that you are loved and that you are, indeed, love in truth.

Seek not to defend the teachings of the Bible or any other religious tome as they have been edited by those who wish you to follow them, not the inner urging of your own sacred heart. Seek not to deify any person or being outside of self, but seek the Kingdom of God that exists within your own being, as each of you are a Son and Daughter of the most High. Connect with this inner teacher, listen with ears that can hear and eyes that can see, and you will be taught the secrets of Life.

You are Loved more than you know. You are guided through every moment. Through the development of faith and trust, you will discover the way to true freedom and life everlasting even while here living a simple life of humility and service to others.


Eliza Ayres

Photo Credits:  Not sure who took the photo of the Lighthouse.  The rest are mine, taken around Walla Walla.

3 thoughts on “Eliza: On Adoration

  1. To seek a God outside of oneself is folly
    ONE SELF encompasses ALL
    to be offended is a sign that our external environment has been perceived as threatening to a creation of our mind which serves as a witness and scribe
    to defend words is a notice that we are still releasing and still playing the role of victim
    May we ALL open our hearts to the vibrations of creation from which we derive our beingness in this human form.
    Thank you for your wonderful inspiration

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