Eliza: Admonishment

Eliza: Admonishment

Recently, I was admonished by one of my readers in the following manner. (Note, the text has been slightly edited; the intent of the content is intact.)

“Sounds like you’re way ahead of me too, so be patient. As you know, everyone awakens at a different time and rate. Please take that into account.

If you are going to post your channeled messages you must assume a varied reaction. I’ve been dealing with peoples’ reactions to non-orthodox truths for over thirty years. Most people range from indifference to opposition. Only a few really “get it,” i.e., those who are awakening. The surge in energy from the universe and the galactic centre is changing that at an exponential rate, but it is still at the low end of the curve. I am trying to take that into account in order to be patient with a population influenced by empirical materialism and various negative influences or mind controls utilized by the media. Since the dark forces are losing ground and desperate, they are using every devious method at their disposal to maintain their control of humans.

If there are any errors in this material, please reply with corrections and/or further insights into this present situation that gives a positive direction for the near future. That would be helpful for encouraging patience, especially for Light workers like me, and the population I have the mission to work with.”

I guess what prompted this email was my perceived reaction to his sending me a copy of a recent channeled piece. When I said that it was my own material and thence didn’t think it was “out there”.  That long, erudite reply was a reaction to my simple explanation of how I felt.

I understand that I appear to be somewhat advanced in my thinking outside of the box than other people. Many would probably consider me as being delusional (yes, I’ve been called that, too). Yet, to others, I am quite limited in my thinking and manner of expression. It is all a matter of perception. My manner of expression is not designed to denigrate the efforts or abilities of others, simply as an expression of my own. What the reader feels is their own concern and problem, if seen as such, to deal with as they desire.

To attack the messenger is to lose sight of the fact that you, as a reader, are responsible for, first, your choice to read the material; second, your reaction to it or not; and how you go about assimilating the material or wisdom contained wherein or not. It is a matter of personal taste, ability and interest, something that I cannot control as a writer.

I fully understand that many are the people who will view my work as a channeler as being “out there”. I have accepted this and yet persist in writing as it is the Spirit within that compels me to do so, not a need for personal recognition, fame or acceptance.  I also understand that not all who attempt to read the material will “get it”.  Somewhere within, however, the energy behind the words will penetrate the shields of protection and denial.  Just when is entirely self-determinate, for not all individuals will awaken to the Light in this lifetime.

As for channeling being something different or strange, it isn’t. Everyone channels to one extent or another. As human beings, our physical bodies act like antennae picking up on the thoughts, emotions and feelings of our fellow creatures. Why else would everyone “feel” the grief of such moments as the death of Princess Di and the collapse of the Twin Towers during the 9/11 attacks.  We share a collective unconscious.  Just some of us are aware that we do.

It is simply that we have been methodically taught not to trust our own inner promptings of intuition or the messages that we hear in our own minds.

My own telepathic abilities opened up as a result of a traumatic experience that covered several weeks of my life some 21 years ago. As a result, my telepathic channels opened up. I could “hear” non-physical voices.

For a long time, I didn’t pay much heed to the voices, although they offered me no harm. I was afraid, as anyone who has been taught to question and fear that which appears outside of them.

As channeling became more accepted, and as I was urged by a now former mentor, to write down my impressions, I found my own ability expanded almost overnight. Yet that same ability incubated for a period of nearly ten years.

In truth, ALL human beings have the capacity to channel, which is the using of your inner “ear” to hear a portion of your Soul that exists outside of physicality. Some people claim to channel other beings, masters, or Archangels. They are really channeling an aspect of their multidimensional being.

As a writer (I think I can call myself a writer now) I naturally have the ability to tune into what doesn’t exist in the physical, in front of me. This is imagination… although what cannot be perceived by our currently limited five senses does exist, whether or not you “believe” it does. Your belief does not matter to anyone but yourself.

I have come to understand that “I” exist as a fractal of Source, a tiny fragment of physical creation that exists as a photon, self-aware, apparently an individual consciousness, yet united to Prime Creator… those who have “made” me. I am their child, their daughter, their mother, themselves.

I use what God-given talents have been granted me to utilize within the limitations given to one incarnation. Perhaps my service has been longer than most. Perhaps I appear to be more “awake” than some, but I am no different than my neighbor or co-worker, in that I am housed within a physical vessel and live in an apparently physical world.

I will exhibit patience with those who do not yet understand a word of what I write. I have learned a great deal of patience while inhabiting a world far denser than the ones from which I come. Yet, there are times when I would enjoy just sharing those things that grab my attention, in a manner that gives me joy.

Yes, I am different, a sensitive, an introvert and an empath. Yet these are all labels, something that humans are very fond of assigning to each other and themselves in an attempt to understand from an intellectual basis, the truth of being. I am all of these things and so much more.

My true being is boundless, without limit. And so is yours, gentle reader, whether or not you can comprehend this truth in the now moment. Your own potential carried within would astound you, so evolution is given forth, step by step, so it can be assimilated and integrated, first by those who are on the leading edge, then followed by the masses.

Those who are on the front lines of evolution are currently grounding the energies of the Cosmos into their bodies and into the planet. As beacons of light, they emanate this Light into the environment. Gradually the entire population integrates the Light, which is information, and a paradigm shift occurs.

In the past, these shifts have taken place in small doses, within certain enlightened cultures. Today, the shift is taking place world-wide.

To anchor the new information that the Light carries, it takes volunteers, willing individuals who are dedicated to change, to transformation and transmutation of old, outmoded means of expression. Change is the only constant in the Universe and most humans have been taught to fear change. Yet it is occurring daily in the lives of all, despite any apparent resistance on the part of those who seek to still control the masses through fear.

As an individual, I have chosen to embrace change. So I live differently than most, with no family, no ties to place, no allegiance to anything outside my own inner divinity and those who teach me. Yes, these beings are non-physical, but to my awakened senses they are more real than most human beings, more authentic in their essence, more loving in their expression. So, yes, I am different.

If you wish to continue to expand, you need to come to an acceptance of these differences and to embrace them all, in those who are in disagreement with what you know as truth and those who seem to be in agreement. It is all an illusion after all, as there is no one else here save the One who is experiencing Self as a human being.

So, if I appear to be impatient, I am not. I am merely stating where I come from and what I am experiencing. That is all I can do. It is up to you, the reader, to determine whether or not anything that I write resonates with you. If it does not, I will not attempt to violate your free will and thrust it upon you. I totally accept the fact that many will not understand, and yet, as more people awaken, my words will carry some modicum of understanding and resonance to them, and it is to those I direct my writings.

And as a responsible reader, it is for you to find those writings or expressions of creativity that DO resonate with you, as an individual, entirely unique. We cannot all be copies of one another; what would be the fun in that? We are unique fractals of Source, parts of a divine Hologram, an expression of spirit made flesh. Go in peace and discover those means of expression that bring joy to your heart if my humble words do not resonate.


Eliza Ayres

11 thoughts on “Eliza: Admonishment

  1. I appreciate your style of writing and the content and intent in which it is shared. I read the materials of others as well and find myself often giving up before finishing an article because the writer uses verbiage that to me in incomprehensible. No need to impress others with your intellectual skills. I doubt many of those people actually think in their head the way they write. Mahalo for being straightforward.

    • Thanks, Sharon. One of the best books I ever studied was one on business English, designed to help the writer express themselves more precisely and therefore, to lead to better comprehension. So… no flowery text, no high-fluting terminology or incomprehensible metaphysical mysteries… Just plain English. My words do not reach just English-speakers, but are translated into a variety of languages world-wide, especially the channeled pieces. So the simpler the presentation the better. Look to authors like Ernest Hemingway as an example on how to express yourself clearly. Each word, each phrase is laden with meaning. That is mastery. If I can attain a modicum of such mastery then I’ve accomplished much. I could be more brief! Blessing and Mahalo.

  2. I absolutely love your style Eliza, it is energy from a heart that has broken, a voice from beautifully tattooed bare bones…and your dance has a courageous rhythm.I have enjoyed your style for many years now…and appreciate your views…they are spectacular…Namaste’ dear fellow traveler…

  3. “It is all an illusion after all, as there is no one else here save the One who is experiencing Self as a human being.”

    Thank you, Eliza, to me you are a gentle writer, not an overbearing teacher, and in your words I find myself, and in that finding I learn of my own gifts, which are at this particular moment in Time, and I’m smiling here, to be a cleaner. I’m a great cleaner, I clean my house to perfection and my yard as best I can and while I do, I ‘image-in’ that I am doing that cleaning for each and every little bit of the One who might like to have a good scrubbing and a weed or two pulled, and recently, my sense of humour is returning, and I’m glad of that. Love to you, Eliza, you are a bright light on the grid of Gaia. B.

  4. Hello!!!!
    Eliza, what you write is an invitation to reflection. Her writing is fluid, engaging and authentic
    Gratitude for sharing!!!

  5. There is always someone ahead of us I think; you Eliza, as if my older sister, are definitely ahead of me, showing a way, describing something I had no words for or even didn’t know was there and now I do, and it feels so comforting to have someone like you as a living and shining, glowing, beautiful example of what can become of me too, that is so exhilarating! and, you give me the feeling I am not alone, ahhh
    Thank you so much,

  6. I love your commentary Eliza, resonate with what you say, I feel, yes friends in the unseen world, I do not worry about what others feel or say about what I say. Those who need to hear will understand what is being said. Messages are not for all. Thank you, for being you!
    Om shanti!

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