Journal Entry 11.25.2015 – “Snow Day”


Journal Entry 11.24.2015 – “Snow Day”

This morning, Walla Walla woke up to freezing rain and light sleet, which translated into wet snow later in the morning. It’s the first snow of the now wintery season, at least here in town. There has been snow in the mountains now for a week or two. Damp leaves were now buried under a thin layer of icy snow. Fortunately, the roads were just wet, which made travel easier.

Below are a few photos taken in my yard. I find that even simple things look magical in the snow and plants take on an entirely different look.

Thanks for the interest in my latest channeled pieces. There will be a French translation of the message from the Marquis in a day or so. Two French-speakers, both long-time readers of this blog, have graciously volunteered to make a good translation available. I want to add, that if anyone wants to translate these messages into another language, feel free. The unfortunate thing about living in the United States is that foreign languages are not appreciated much. I do have a bit of Spanish, but have never picked up any more languages outside of English. Someday, I hope to learn the Language of Light. That should be fun and very universal!

Happy Thanksgiving to all those readers who live in the United States; I hope you enjoy your vacation time, if you have any. It is a time where many will be coming together with family and sharing large meals. Those days are behind me. I’m going to have some quiet time, perhaps write a bit and hopefully break out the paint brushes after a long hiatus.

Blessings to all,


P.S. Could not immediately post this as the Internet was playing up, once again.



Journal Entry 11.25.2015

Snow day, again, as it is 30 F outside and going to get colder tonight, down into the 20’s. That’s pretty bitter for this early in the year.

Didn’t go to work today; my body is processing a lot and I feel exhausted. With not feeling well and the potentially icy roads, I thought it best to add onto the Thanksgiving holiday a little. It’s time to give myself a bit of a rest.

I’ll make some hot soup and maybe some oatmeal scones; that sounds delicious if not very seasonal.

I’m also feeling rather emotional today. It is perhaps yet another layer of clearing. I’m just allowing it, feeling the emotion flow through and releasing it.

My little cat guardians are at my side; I won’t be alone…

Amour et Lumiere,




2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 11.25.2015 – “Snow Day”

  1. Enjoy your holiday of coziness, Eliza.

    I’ve been emotional of late, too, with tears coming at unexpected moments. Not tears of sadness . . . I’m just finding some things very moving.

    Your kitty is beautiful!

  2. Your photographs are magnificent as always!

    Wishing you for a peaceful and healing Thanksgiving. I don’t often have time to comment, but I appreciate that you chose to keep this blog going as a true journal of your insights, as well as a forum for channelings.

    Many Blessings, Eliza. Be well!

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