Eliza: “On Illumination”


Note to Reader:  I don’t often have any idea what is going to emerge when I sit down to write.  It is rather like inspirational or meditational writing as described by Wes Annac.  It just…comes… arriving in a rather large bundle, without much struggle or forethought.  As with channeled messages, take what you need and leave the rest. 

I’ve noticed through the years that I tend to gather “information” from many sources, dissect it, leave it in a pile and then braid it altogether in a more or less original fashion.  My language and style of writing is fairly plain and simple English.  I don’t go in for some of the more technical terminology thrown around by some New Age writers and educators.  I simply write what I experience and what I am pondering.  My insights will continue to change as I continue to undergo my journey, so don’t be surprised if what I say one day is in complete disagreement with what I have written in the past.  With that little introduction, here’s my latest… written on a cold snowy day when at home with queasy stomach and aching head.

Eliza: Illumination

Light is information. Light is stored with the DNA of your bodies as information. This information cannot be accessed save by those who have succeeded in clearing their bodies of outdated thought forms and have raised their vibrational frequency higher than before. At each succeeding level, more information is accessed.

Your brain is a recorder for your Mind. The brain is a physical organ. The Mind is multidimensional and exists as consciousness.

Love is not the same thing as light. Love is creativity. Love takes the information presented by Light, expands upon it, synthesizes and recombines it into new forms.

To become an illumined being, you must cease to rely on outside sources for direction. Many of you are still caught up in the desire to follow or please others. You look to groups, to self-proclaimed teachers and masters, to books, articles and blogs for information. These sources are only as good as avenues of exploration… for a time. It does, however, require that you integrate the information received.  Until that is accomplished, it will do you little good and you will find yourself wandering over the landscape, sometimes quite literally, attempting to “find” that answer that eludes you, when it is within all the time waiting for your acknowledgement in an “aha” moment of comprehension and dawning awareness.


There comes a time when you need to unplug. If you are unwilling to do so, you may create some circumstances where you are finally compelled to rely on yourself entirely.

This morning, my internet is not functioning too well. So I have turned to writing another article. I find myself entering into another mode, linking into that creative well from which writers and artists oft dip their pens. This is a kind of suspended non-place in multidimensionality. Thoughts, images, phrases, visions and the like pop in and out as potential sources of inspiration. Perhaps nothing “clicks” today; perhaps it will. All I can do is to allow the process to play out and see what happens.

Our lives are changing. Our world is changing. To see the extent of the transformation, you need to go within and sense out just how you are feeling in relationship to your own world that you can see around your body.

We create our own circumstances as we create our own worlds. Each person is utterly unique in how they view their world. Each person is responsible for making changes in the manner in which they see their world, if they want lasting change to manifest before their eyes.

Our physical world doesn’t really exist. What we see, touch, feel, taste, hear and smell is all made up of photons and filaments of light flashing on and off. Our minds literally create our world every second that we are awake.

When we go to sleep, we are in an entirely different place. When we wake up in the middle of the night, we are sometimes in a higher frequency space than is available to us while awake during the daylight hours. Is it any wonder that writers, poets and artists sometimes work long hours into the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping. The beast of mass consciousness is calmed then; it is possible to link into different worlds and dimensions more easily, allowing creativity to flow.

Those persons who are ascending rapidly now receive daily, moment to moment downloads of Light, of information. Sometimes it is overwhelming. Sometimes it takes a while for the brain to process all the data, which is delivered in data clusters.

Your brain is like a computer. As the helixes of your DNA reconnect and plug into your twelve chakra centers, you will begin to receive more downloads of Light. You will begin to focus your life more on your inner journey until which time you are ready to fully enter into world service.


Make no mistake about this point, ascension is about service. As a volunteer, you came here to serve. For the first of your life you lived in ignorance of your true being, of your true value, of your real difference from the rest of humanity. Each of you are seeds planted by Creator in order to incubate and ground the Light and infuse the rest of humanity with it. With an increase of Light successfully grounded into the world, more and more people begin to question the way things work.

Light, when not grounded, can create chaos and confusion. That is where and why each of you, as ground crew, is so important, so vital to this project. As you ground the Light into your own body and undergo the internal clearing of your bodies (astral, etheric, mental and emotional) you anchor the light into the ground beneath your feet. Your higher frequency quietly influences those persons who are around you in your daily life.

You may find people reacting to the Light differently. Some will take issue with you, questioning the changes that you appear to be making in your lifestyle. You may find a boyfriend or girlfriend getting angry with you for no apparent reason or a family member suddenly unwilling to speak to you. This kind of reaction isn’t about you personally; it is about the Light.

Where there is resistant to change, to information, there will be friction and upheaval, however small. You may find that you need to reevaluate the value that these strained relationships hold for you. You can always readdress them later, while you focus on your inner transformation.

The world has long been held in thrall by darkness or ignorance. This state of being has been controlled and orchestrated by those who wish to keep mankind ignorant to the significance of humanity and of the planet upon which they live.


Your planet was originally designed to be a living Library, a place where the beauty and diversity of the Universe would be showcased. Humanity was designed by its Creators to be the living keys to the library. You access the Library through the human being. The original intent and design of your world was interrupted by interlopers, who won the planet during a battle in space. They took it upon themselves to prevent humanity from realizing what had occurred by utilizing their genetic labs to unplug your formerly twelve-strand DNA. Humanity, shorn of their ability to connect with information, with the Light, fell into physicality and density, its brilliant birthright forgotten.

As the sun rises each morning and seasons succeed other seasons, there exist cycles. The galaxies move through space in a grand cycle called the Great Year. Your solar system travels through space, entering and leaving different celestial influences. Your planet circles its star, wobbling backwards through the Precession of Equinoxes, every approximately 26,000 years. Your planet is about to enter into a New Age, the Age of Aquarius. As the Sign of the Age changes, there come changes in circumstances upon the planet, reflecting the old maxim: “As above, so below.”

Humanity is waking up from its long induced sleep. The cycle wherein the Dark or Ignorance had an advantage over the Light is ending. This particular time of transmutation and the unveiling of long-held secrets are unsettling to those who have become accustomed to being in control.

There is great resistance and a growing desperation as these beings begin to comprehend that their time of supremacy over the human race is coming to an end. Know that not all of these beings are actually human. Some of them are something altogether different. As your ancient eyes begin to see more clearly through the veils of ignorance, you will see them for what they truly are and it might shock you.

As the Light intensifies the transformative changes in the world, love enters into the mix. While it may suit some to hold onto old grudges and hatred of what is different, you might actually begin to experience a softening of your attitude and a change in perspective. You might experience yourself being able to forgive what was once unforgivable. You might begin to feel compassion, even pity for those who have been misguided by the old energy context of how the world might function.

Love enters into your being through intent, melting the ice jam of old thought-forms, shame, blame, self-hatred, prejudice and division. You have long been separated by your thoughts of unworthiness from your own divinity, your connection with Source energy, with Prime Creator, with the ones who made you in God’s image, filled with light and endowed with the creative power to create galaxies, stars, planets, people, animals, plants and whatever else inhabits the physical realms.  You begin to understand that there is no “other”; there is only One being, Creator experiencing Self.


As a fractal of Source energy, you are a Creator God in potential. You merely have to re-plug into that potential by allowing the Light to accelerate the mutation of your DNA, allowing the helixes to reconnect into the chakra system and igniting the crystalline body of Light. With the influx of Light comes information and suddenly you will be able to access the information that you need to act in the moment.

Knowledge is making way for wisdom, the deep knowing when you connect through your intuition to the higher essence of your multidimensional being. As your physical body can hold the Light within, you will be guided to make changes in your life, changes that may make no sense to other members of your family, friends and co-workers. You will be driven by a deep inner need or desire to know and understand the Source energy that is working through you.

Withdrawing from being in the world will occur; you will require more down time, more “alone” time, more time to reflect on what is important. You will begin to realize that you ARE here for a reason, although perhaps not the reason that you first thought, to make a living. You are actually here as an anchor for the Light, within a physical vessel that has the potential to carry enough light that it becomes a crystalline living light structure, capable of carrying the occupant through an assortment of dimensions and frequencies at will.

Your presence here, even if you do nothing outwardly, affects everyone and everything in your surroundings. As your Light quotient increases, you will begin to affect a larger region. One awake and integrated Lightworker is vastly stronger than the average human, capable of anchoring the Light for an entire city, county or region. And there are millions of you here embodied on the planet at this critical time of transition for the planetary body AND the Universe. In the words of the Pleiadians what happens Now on planet Earth affects the Universe. This is not about just your ascension or even that of the planets; the entire Universe is experiencing an upgrade in vibrational frequency.

While you are encouraged to look “within” you will be guided to books, to articles and other people so that you might hear and see those things that you need to understand. Bits and pieces that at first make no sense at all will simmer on the back-burner of your consciousness until triggered and then, through the process of synchronicity and symbiosis, a pattern will emerge and it all will make sense.


As you go through daily life, pay attention to the messages that life sends you at every moment. Our ancestors, who were much closer to the soil and nature than we are, at least in Western culture, watched the birds, animals and plants in their world and took notice of repeated patterns.

Shamans created a language of trees, plants and animals as symbols to define what was going on within. Your outer world is a mirror into your soul and your inner experience. Thought precedes experience, not the other way around. What you see today is what you thought up a while back, just how far back depends on your vibrational frequency level.

As you begin to ascend, leaving behind the world of 3D, being in the world but not of it, you pass through the deceptive world of 4D, the world of thought. Nothing is real here, but the pause between thought and experience has shortened as the world is less physical, less dense at that level.

When you cross into the lower levels of 5D, you will see that the lapse between thought and experience shortens up considerably. If unprepared for the change, you will regress “down” and back into 4D until you are ready to take responsibility and to take command of your thoughts.  What you “think” in 5D, manifests very quickly.  It can be overwhelming unless you approach this new way of experiencing in a playful manner.

Living in 5D is not about butterflies, unicorns and fairy dust. It is a challenging medium that pushes you to expand your ability to open your mind, to open your heart and to realize that everything you have been taught in 3D is backwards. Your entire concept of the world will fall apart and that is as it should be.

Allow the transmutation to occur. Resisting will drive you backwards and downwards in vibration as resistance creates blocks against the inroads of the Light-driven information. The phrase “let go” will become a daily, hourly and moment to moment mantra for those who are serious about proceeding on the journey to become a fully integrated physical light being.

We are undergoing a grand experiment that has NEVER been done in all the long ages of the Earth, many more than most people are aware. Even at our beginning, the first days after the creation of humanity, we did not have the capacity to be what we are about to become. Many will go beyond the 12-strand DNA reconnection and on to plugging in 33 strands, an accomplishment made once before by the great Soul embodying as Master Yeshua, some 2,000 years ago. He came to prove that it could be done, by anyone. And so it will and is… by you. You, dear reader, ARE the second coming of the Christ in process, truly.


Eliza Ayres

Photo credits:  All photos taken on my trip last May to Costa Rica.



12 thoughts on “Eliza: “On Illumination”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful information. So many confirmations for me as to what I have been experiencing and the messages I have been receiving. I have felt extremely disconnected from any guidance for the past two weeks, so much so that my energy and vibration had dropped significantly. I understand now that I had been experiencing 5D, but as you mentioned, it became overwhelming to the remnants of my old programming and I started to go into fear. I have sensed some unusual reptilian energies around me lately too, which may have been attracted to the fear, as I didn’t get a sense of lightness or love from them. I just allowed and went with it, and thankfully something shifted this evening after I requested help from my guides….and then this post. In deep gratitude for your amazing work. Love Angie 🙏

    • Wow Angie! going through same process. Been getting visuals of reptilian beings/energies as of late. They come across as a bit sinister. A judgment based on how they appear to me.
      Happy Journey To Your Authentic Self

      • Hi Andy, yes I also first thought the reptilian energies were sinister but I believe that may be my conditioning. All souls/energies are experiencing this shift, all to eventually return to Source. Some of the entities I see attached to my client’s energy bodies at first present in a malevolent way, but when I hold judgement, they seem either in pain or fear. Interesting times indeed 🙂 Obviuosly we need to be running our own energy, and not another being. I am noticing that the more light I hold, the more ‘energies’ seem to be coming to have a look….like a moth to a flame.

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  3. So grateful for this journal entry. It’s like you wrote it just for me and the many levels of clarification I was needing. Grateful to my guides for sending me this article so that I might “hear and see those things I need to understand”. Grateful to you the author for being able to provide such amazing work. I am humbled with gratitude on so many levels….thank you 🙌🏻🌎✨💚🙌🏻

  4. Eliza, thank you so much for this piece that was given on another FB I chat with. It felt like a yummy recap of the books I have read, and others I have listened to over the past 10 years of my awakening/remembering journey and I felt so at home. Thank you for the inspiration, the clarity and the confirmations that I feel within, the being here for service, the love and the light and so much more.

  5. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:

    Although written two years ago, this article is even more relevant today as more people are waking up and asking, “Why am I here?” This year, I’m living in sunny (sometimes) Florida but still endeavoring to clear what comes up, viewing the world with curiosity and now asking, “How can I be of Service?”

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