Journal Entry 11.21.2015 – “Early Winter”

DSCN0304Journal Entry 11.21.2015 – “Early Winter”

Well, I finally have my phone line back and the Internet appears to be working much better; that after a whole week! Our “winter” storm did mess things up quite a bit. And this morning, I read that one of the major east-west highways in Washington State, Hwy 2, was closed this morning due to storm clean-up. Since I haven’t had any access to news this past week, I’m sure there is a lot more that went on or off, since over 300,000 customers lost power in the storm in Washington alone.

Thanks to having more time to read an actual book, I found myself enjoying a little tome written by Vicky Anderson, “The Awakening”. A Canadian from British Columbia, Vicky has done intensive study on the true roots of spirituality. Her deceptively simple writing contains monumental truths, some of which I have also encountered in my journey through this lifetime. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is searching for some answers. She touches on the teachings that are the foundation for Gnosis, sacred knowledge.

Vicky has also written two other volumes to the New Paradigm Trilogy so I have a lot of reading ahead for quiet winter nights. The books are basically about modern or Gnostic Christianity, which differs quite a lot from the belief system set into place centuries ago by the Roman Church. Gnosticism or knowledge was based on the sacred knowledge that runs through all spiritual teachings. There is no sin or redemption. Missing the mark, mistranslated into “sin”, simply means that you have the opportunity to try again, like a marksman practicing at archery.  The books also are a blending of science and sacred teachings, basically a spiritual road map for the lightworker.

Early winter has indeed settled into the area. A thick carpet of early snow is layered upon the higher Blues, above 4,800 feet elevation or so, from what I can see when the cloud layer allows. We had some thick fog this morning and ice fog is on the agenda. Snow is also in the forecast. It will take the right combination of precipitation and low temperatures to get the snow, but we will certainly be getting some ice coverage, as the temperatures are about to plummet into the 20’s F. So much for autumn; the trees are mostly stripped now… let’s bring on the rain and snow!


I had a busy night last night and into the morning. Lying there suspended in the state where the two hemispheres of the brain are working together… Vicky Anderson covers this in her book … a state that I call betwixt and between. There I tend to spend time talking to my guides and spiritual family. I’ve had quite a few visitors in the last couple of days…

The cold months are for contemplation and preparation. I am content to dream and let the dreams take flight knowing that my needs are known before I think them. The Universe has always supported me in all that I do, even when I didn’t always appreciate the circumstances. My ignorance is slowly being replaced by wisdom and light.

This past work week was intense. And there appears to be some “crazy” energy out there, but I am not partaking of it, just observing. Not having access to a news station can be a good thing.

For Americans this next week brings the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a holiday that brings to mind the suffering of those First Americans who endured the aggressive inroads of European emigrants. My mother’s family included some of those early emigrants, arriving on the shores of New England in the 1630’s. Banished from Stuart England due to their heretical beliefs, the Puritans made new homes in New England and ended up destroying another age-old culture in the process. Someday, I hope everyone on the planet can live in peace and harmony together, without the need for competition, greed or aggression.

There will be no Thanksgiving feast at my home or shopping on Black Friday. I’m going to keep a quiet four days, savoring time alone and away from my busy work environment. It will be time to enjoy some books, movies, snuggling with the kitties, wintry walks and perhaps some artwork. Being an old soul like I am means I especially enjoy my own company. It has taken much of my lifetime to get to this place of self-acceptance and it feels good.

In a month I’ll be visiting friends in South Carolina and enjoying a week of slightly warmer weather. I’m looking forward to that.

As a French friend writes:

Amour et Lumière.


Photo Credits:  Roses, all taken on walks in Walla Walla; remembering the warmth of summer as winter chills descends on the city.



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